Synagogue Murders in Pittsburgh: How Should African-Americans Respond?

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( A Caucasian man kills 11 people in a Jewish Synagogue, shoots 4 police officers and walks out, gets arrested and gets into a police car completely unharmed. Yet an African American man or boy waves a gun or reaches for a cell phone or drives away from police in his car, does not shoot anybody and yet in seconds he is shot to death.

The recent Pittsburgh active shooter is not the first non-African American mass murderer and shooter taken alive and unharmed. Remember Vegas? Remember all of the school shootings? Remember the young “white” murderer who killed people in the “black” church in the south? Remember the military base shooting by a ranking officer on the base? And the list goes on, all taken alive and largely unharmed.

There is something really wrong with these pictures and all the pictures of those shot by police end up in living color. Or at least they used to be living. So this country is telling us that the life of an unarmed “black” man who kills nobody is still worth less than that of an active shooter “white” man who shoots up a crowd, a school or a synagogue and kills several people? Why? I suggest you take a look at

Donald Trump has unlocked a climate of hate and division, promoted it and let it out of the box. Trump did not create violence. Nor did he pull the firearm triggers, just the mental ones. He has  stoked violence, promoted it, praised it and condoned it through his rhetoric and at his rallies. Remember he said he could shoot somebody and his supporters would still follow him. Remember Trump said in a rally he would pay a man’s legal fees if the man got in trouble for violence against an anti-Trump citizen? Remember Trump praised a politician for body slamming a reporter just as reports were coming out about another journalist who lives and worked in Washington being murdered and cared up in Turkey by the Saudi Arabians? Remember Trump called journalists “the enemy of the people” while crowds of his deranged zombie fans cheered him on.

Now Donald Trump won’t even acknowledge that words and rhetoric matter, especially when you are the president. And Trump supporters who cheer when he promotes violence are just as deranged, racist, immature, dumb and guilty. There response is to avoid the issue and talk about or insult some democrat instead. But those of us with a brain that works are not falling for that.

I am sorry but I have to wonder how many of the Jews who were killed were Trump supporters until the violence climate Trump promotes took a turn for the worse at their door.

Like Trump, this country as a whole lacks the ability to take responsibility for the hate, racism and discrimination it has bred. Then when America’s chickens come home to roost in Caucasian neighborhoods, everybody is shocked, scared and appalled. But Karma and reaping what we have sown applies to us all – including a country. And ironically the way Trump degrades people is the way Hitler started off.

African Americans in this country have been the victims over and over and over again in a dozen different ways. From slavery to racism to lynching after lynching to dogs and hoses to profiling to being shot down in the streets by police when our brothers were unarmed to being insulted for taking a knee to being told our ancestors came from “shithole” countries, the rhetoric has fueled the actions of psychopathic racists and the behaviors have been even worse. But then again a quick look at the foundations this country was built upon and we can understand why.

Hateful rhetoric from Trump to his racist followers continues. Degrading people because of ethnic group and even religion. And fear of people who have never specifically done anything to Caucasian America has infected America. When the parent of one of the African Americans shot wrongfully by police called upon people to take action, law enforcement tried to arrest her for inciting violence. Yet Trump gets away with praising politicians who body slam reporters and offering to pay legal fees for people at his rallies who commit violence?

Now when Caucasian people, Jewish or not, are shot down in schools, synagogues and outside Vegas hotels by Caucasian products of American racism, Caucasian America is losing its mind.  Sad to say, maybe now they understand how African Americans feel every single day in America. So while I do feel for and pray for the families of those killed, forgive me if I don’t cry a river. I have almost run out of water from all those African Americans beaten, hung, incarcerated, burned, falsely accused and murdered in this country for which it stands.

America is not equal for all. It never has been – not for African Americans. And it is a shame that any of us ever have to experience loss to wake up and see that. The alarm is ringing and I wish it would stop. But sadly it probably won’t until people wake up and turn it off. What do you think? How do you respond?

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw