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Dog apparel importance.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) “Why do I have to dress my dog when it has a fur coat of its own already?” This is a common question amongst many dog owners and I am sure that you have also pondered over it if you already have your dog clothed. Many people tend to mistake dog apparel as useless fashion statements while they serve many other important purposes.

It is imperative however to keep in mind that dressing the pets needs to be done sensibly.  You have to take into account various factors like weather, size and functionality at all times when buying clothes for your pooch. The best practice here is to ask any of the dog’s apparel companies for advice and consultation as they are real professionals. An example of a brand that really cares about pets is Fluffy’s Pet Shop. They are easy to work with and very helpful. They shared with us some of the major reasons why you need to consider buying your dog some clothes.

Weather buffers

There is a huge benefit that various dogs obtain from having an extra form of protection especially against extreme weather conditions. One of the elements that can cause negative side effects especially on the health of the dogs is cold. When a dog is too young, too old, sickly, and those with hair or little body fat deserve to be clothed with a warm coat.

There are also cases where you may need to go on a walk with a dog on a day that may rain at any time. Staying warm for dogs may be difficult and you will easily notice this by their constant shivering. Just like you, they deserve to have a proper weather shield and you should never feel weird or embarrassed to clothe them.

Maintaining cleanliness

This presents benefits to both you and your dog. You can enhance the level of cleanliness in your compounds as well as on the dog’s body by making sure that they have certain clothes on them always. Less dirt as the dog plays around and rolls on the ground translates to fewer bathing times. At the times that he may roll on or fall into something disgusting, it is the clothes that get the dirt.

Depending on the type of clothes you choose for your dog, they will also drag minimal dirt along as they move around.

Visibility maintenance

This is essentially important when you have a tendency of going outdoors with your dog. They include picnics, hikes, walks during the night, hunting and any other activities that involve the dog being off the leash. Many dogs have colors that easily blend into the surroundings making their disappearance imminent. However, with colorful clothing they will rarely be out of sight and finding them when they do is easy.

Health benefits

Many dogs develop a habit of scratching, licking, and chewing some other parts of their body. This always proves to be risky since they are exposed to various allergies. When they have a piece of clothing on, a barrier is established preventing their contact with such allergens.

Sunburns are also reduced when the dog is basking. Boots are significant since they prevent salt from filling the paws as they walk and also minimize the damage that can be inflicted by abrasive or hot areas. A cooling vest serves the purpose of cooling off the dog.


You should never dismiss the need to make your dog fit in with each and everyone else during the festivities. This can be by them donning the appropriate cloth. You do not have to always get them heavy or uncomfortable clothes. Simple bow-ties and bandanas are also very fashionable. Let your pooch have some fun by putting on the best clothes that you can get them.

Staff Writer; Ron Brown

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