How It Feels Like to Be Black in the US Educational System.

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( There are claims that racism doesn’t come as an issue in America any longer. Many citizens of the United States still consider the election of the President Obama to be the best evidence to the given statement. However, as some researchers point out, racism is not eliminated completely, it has simply moved to a “life support” phase. The harsh reality brings plenty of proves that African-American college students are subject to discriminations much more often compared to people of other ethnic and cultural groups.

Surely, custom essay paper writing and other services of this kind help a lot in dealing with stress that is sometimes too heavy to overcome without outer assistance. Yet, they cannot remove a psychological barrier that separates blacks from the rest of ethnic minorities.

Survey Results

According to the study made by the Pew Research Center, African Americans with at least a couple of years of college experience report discrimination on a more frequent basis compared to those who didn’t study at college at all. Considering this survey one may conclude that some individuals strongly believe that higher education is, to a greater extent, a prerogative of white people. Naturally, claims of this kind contribute to the occurrence of a new wave of racial-based confrontations. To add more, they arrive as the key reason of a decreasing number of blacks studying at universities/colleges: they simply try to avoid discrimination this way.

Breaking Stereotypes

The majority of U.S. citizens tend to believe that black men are more likely to be imprisoned rather than enter a college. But in order to explode a spread myth about the life of African Americans one needs to stress out that above 600,000 black men have been enrolled in college/university study over the last decade. The figures demonstrate clearly that human ambitions and desires to succeed in life aren’t bound to ethnicity. This means there should be no such notion as “white privilege” or “white education”. Eventually, challenges that African-American people face as student require close consideration and resolution on a legislative level.

Peculiar Fact

As stated in the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, African-American women show some of the highest grades and academic achievements among all the students across the USA territory. It seems that overcoming racial-based challenges have made representatives of this ethnic group suited to difficulties of practically any kind and capable of demonstrating their unshakable will regardless of circumstances. With this being a strong personality point, one can conclude that blacks more than others deserve to be accepted to colleges to get a profession they want, meaning that a corresponding government program requires an immediate consideration.

In closing, one needs to admit that the problem of racial discrimination in the USA has been discussed since, practically, the times of the American Civil War. As the matter of fact, the progress that’s been achieved so far is ways too insufficient to be taken for granted. While some individuals try to prove otherwise, black students do experience more tension and are subject to much higher stress than any other ethnic group representative living in the United States.

Staff Writer; Peter Ford