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For Health Sake Unplug.

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( In this day, and age, there isn’t much a cellphone can’t do. Social media has become the primary source of information in many areas. We get the news, sports, gossip, and even live presidential addresses from social media. Social media is on our computers, tablets, phones, and it’s even on our watches. The current state of the world can cause a great deal of emotional unrest, and stress. This stress can have a negative effect on us from our head, thought our body, to our feet.

It is important that we find spaces whereby by we can literally unplug from the world to refocus and center ourselves. Unfortunately, it’s more than just putting down the phone…it may also mean a conventional watch. Having a productive space to unplug can lower anxiety, and we can do this while strengthening the body.

The gym, or one’s time for working out, is a great place to unplug from the world. Grant it many gyms have TVs with various channels on, and many tend to use the phone to listen to music, it is still possible to unplug. The gym can be the place you decide there will be no interruption of peace. You don’t care what’s going on in politics or the rest of the world. You can use that space to focus on you, and foster positive energy.

While working out regularly, and eating healthy, we must reduce our stress levels to be at optimum health. Granted working out helps with stress, but it we are bombarded with heavy topics and negativity while working out we aren’t helping our stress levels. In this sense, you aren’t getting the full effects of your workout if you leave as aggravated, and anxious, as you came. Allowing yourself time to decompress from the world will allow you to deal with everything on your plate with a clearer head.

There is so much going on in the world that requires our attention just to be informed, but we are our best destressed and healthy. Adding yoga and/or a form of meditation to your workout regimen or daily routine will also allow you the space to engage in self-care. While working out, or entering your meditation space its beneficial to allow yourself to actually be there. This means you aren’t taking random phone calls, nor tuning in to social media via phone (nor watch). This is the time where you are fully focused on being in tune with your body, and your energy.

For some, it may be hard in the beginning but you will appreciate the benefits of an unplug space. The saying is you can’t help others if you are not well yourself. Taking the time to care about your wellness holistically benefits you, and all those you love. Gyms and spas tend to lean towards this direction as some of them ask that there be no cellphone conversations in workout areas. This helps you focus on your workout, and it keeps you from disturbing the workout of others. Unplugging at some point of the day, and focusing on your well-being without distraction could be the step that takes your workout to the next level, and helps curb anxiety.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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