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Floyd Mayweather Jr., Conor McGregor Reflects The Great American Dream.

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Tweet ( Nothing is impossible with God, and little is impossible if you’re a U.S. citizen. Where else in the world is it possible for an illiterate black man and a big-mouth Irish fighter, who stood in the welfare lines of Dublin, Ireland, just four short years ago, to potentially earn a payoff of eight to nine figures in one evening?... [Read more...]

Does It Matter How We Talk to our children?

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Tweet ( The answer is yes. When my girls were young, there were two words they were forbidden to say in our home to each other or others. Stupid and dumb. Why? I grew up in a household where these two little words were said to me over and over until I started to believe I was stupid and dumb. As a child, those toxic words poisoned my... [Read more...]

Four Ways to Bounce Back from Rejection.

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Tweet ( Fear of hearing the word “no” can tempt you to keep your ideas to yourself, hold back from asking for what you want and lead to living in regret. One of the hallmarks of resilience is that it isn’t what happens to you that most determines your resilience, but what you say to yourself about what happens. This is especially... [Read more...]

The sports world reacts to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey.

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Tweet ( Hurricane Harvey has been among the most destructive natural events in recent American history. It has generated a record amount of rainfall and has broken the all-time Texas rainfall record from a tropical storm or hurricane. Hurricane Harvey has already had billions of dollars of financial implications related to its economic... [Read more...]

Black Republicans Deserve This Torture.

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Tweet ( You looked the other way for decades as the GOP executed the Southern Strategy. You watched as they used African-Americans as a political football every four years and as a political foil in the years in between. You ignored Donald Trump’s heavy handed discrimination and racism against African-Americans and Mexicans and you... [Read more...]

Paula White Showed Her Hand.

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Tweet ( It is safe to say some members of the “clergy” in this country have simply lost their moral compass. They have decided they would rather trade their integrity, and devalue those in their congregation, for power and racism. Let’s be honest white Christians had a hand in the enslavement and disenfranchisement of black people.... [Read more...]

Another Perspective on Colin Kaepernick and Charlottesville.

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Tweet ( I rarely write about sports because while it is mostly viewed as a form of recreation and entertainment at its core it reflects the values and consciousness of our society and folks don’t like to be reminded of that. Some say sports is a form of tribalism a vicarious way for males (and increasingly females) to engage in... [Read more...]

Corinthian College Shut Down, Former Students Still In Debt.

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Tweet ( A scheme designed to evade an important Department of Education rule could soon lead to an estimated 41,000 former Corinthian College students and loan borrowers receiving more than $183 million in student loan relief. Aequitas Capital Management, a former financial services firm, is charged with acting in concert with Corinthian... [Read more...]

Sen. Chuck Schumer Political Views Not Good For The Country.

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Tweet ( Who would have guessed that the proper response to white supremacists marching in Charlottesville was to encourage election fraud?  At least, that’s the position taken by congressional Democrats.They apparently have forgotten the lessons of their party’s Jim Crow laws, poll taxes and the like. The good news out of Charlottesville... [Read more...]

Planning For The Financial Surprises Of Homeownership.

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Tweet ( When we begin to make plans toward building or buying a home, we typically think about the down payment, the insurance cost, and of course the monthly mortgage payment. Those are our automatic responses and they form the most common advice we receive from friends and family. But when the time comes to sign the dotted line, we... [Read more...]

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