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Black Republicans Deserve This Torture.

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( You looked the other way for decades as the GOP executed the Southern Strategy. You watched as they used African-Americans as a political football every four years and as a political foil in the years in between. You ignored Donald Trump’s heavy handed discrimination and racism against African-Americans and Mexicans and you voted for him. You ignored his racism in housing discrimination. You ignored his racism in propelling the lie that Barack Obama was not an American.

You ignored Paul Ryan dancing with Charles Murray’s Bell Curve. You ignored how Fox News uses news coons to attack the black community. You looked the other way so many times in my 45 years on Earth that I can only look at you as coons, sellouts, Uncle Toms, wannabes, Oreos, and every other negative name for a black person who identifies more with the racists who hate them than with their own, still struggling to come up from slavery community.

You are the appeasers. You got a little piece of the pie, turned around and took one look at the rest of us, and said F___ Y’ALL NIGGAS, I got mine. You bought the white man’s game of denial. You bought the bootstraps bullshit. You failed to see how they allow some of us to have a little privilege in order to keep the rest in check. They do the same thing to poor white people too, but you should know better.

No, the Democratic Party is not perfect. I left the party immediately after voting in their primary last year. Yes, as long as there are white people in that party then there will be some level of racism, but it is most often unintentional and well-meaning, though misguided. You ignored the GOP gutting Section V of the Voting Rights Act as soon as they had the opportunity and you still went and voted for them.

I have much disdain for you. You are the ones who would tell Massa that we were going to revolt the next day. You are the ones who would take pleasure in whipping the bad niggas in the field if you had a chance. You are the ones who get sick when Massa say he sick and I am sick of you. You are what holds us back. You are the reason that we can’t have any unity among us and in our struggle. You sow the seeds of dissent between our ranks. I revel in your come-uppance. You can’t defend Donald Trump and when you try, all of your arguments against the rest of us and denial of the existence of widespread racism are stripped bare.

I enjoy watching you squirm on CNN as Don Lemon holds your feet to the fire. I enjoy watching Omarosa look more and more like a fool each day. I’m happy that Ben Carson’s agency was the first one to receive a massive budget cut. Simply put, I am enjoying your suffering. In return, I welcome your hate. All skin folk ain’t kin folk. You deserve to have to defend Donald Trump. You deserve this torture (grabs popcorn).

Staff Writer; Asani Akida


One Response to “Black Republicans Deserve This Torture.”
  1. I’d like to proclaim to the world I Jesse Lee Peterson am gravely angry at this article I managed to find whilst building my photo gallery of powerful black conservatives. On the likes of the honorable Ben Carson about 2 years ago “joking” at being a Coon I would like to as well admit it to the entire world. Since I was eight, I knew only I could prosper by my own accord from my drunken negro sharecropper, homeless family

    I AM A COON!

    Thank you almighty JESUS….

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