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Presenting “House Negro” Ben Carson.

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(ThyBlackMan.comTruth, no matter how raw or bodacious, stands the test of time, against politicians who try to make it disappear with pretty words and denials.

For those who didn’t read Keith A. Owens’ awesome commentary on Ben Carson in the Michigan Chronicle, I suggest you go to the website. The article, “Shame of  Detroit Ben Carson Competes for House Negro of the Year Award,” is a revealing glimpse into the Trump appointee’s thinking apparatus.

Owens, senior editor of the African-American publication wrote, “Being appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and being a House Negro are two different things. It now appears HUD Secretary Ben Carson is imminently qualified to be a House Negro, but remains as unqualified as ever to lead HUD.” The comments are in response to Carson defending Trump’s remarks on the Charlottesville disaster.

In shielding the president from what he felt was unfair criticism, the retired neuro surgeon thought the public was  too harsh,  when Trump refused to call out the KKK, neo-Nazis and other white supremacists, at the August 12 rally, where 32-year-old counter protestor Heather Heyer was fatally injured.

With measures in place to recognize Carson’s credentials, what can you expect from a man who doesn’t know whether he’s pissed, shocked, or white washed? Our White House “flunky” is so confused, when confronting racism, he can’t differentiate between his feet and nipples. Oy Vey!

One Republican who thinks House Negro is an attack on Carson’s character is Herman Cain. The same Herman Cain who ran for president in 2012, only to drop out of the race, when allegations of sexual harassment and marital infidelity surfaced. Cain wrote in an essay, “If being called a ‘House Negro’ is what some of us must endure for succeeding in this nation and thinking for ourselves, then let all the ‘House Negroes’ stand up and be counted.”  I rarely agree with Cain, but he’s right, he and Carson are certified House Negroes.

Despite the condemnation, Carson refuses to engage in verbal warfare with critics. Many argue that wouldn’t be a good idea. Since he can’t grasp the concept of racism. Which brings me to the question, am I offended by Owens article? Of course not. Am I surprised, Carson succumbed to the token black syndrome like Cain and Chief Justice Clarence Thomas? Yes!

As a liberal Democrat, I don’t resent Blacks who think  the “world is color-blind”, that is their prerogative. But I do have a problem with African-Americans, who reach a point in life and loudly proclaim, “I pulled myself up by my booth straps.” That’s sweet. But may I remind them, that they arrived at their destination because of the men and women who fought and died, so Ben Carson could have a key position in the White House.  Were it not for Dr. King, Sojourner Truth, Fannie Lou Hamer and other courageous souls, we would still be on the plantation. And let’s not forget, Affirmative Action.

Speaking of  equality, how can Carson defend the man in the White House, whose goal is to Make America White Again?  Thus, that is why Benjamin Solomon Carson is the newest inductee in the House Negro Hall of Shame. You’re Next, Omarosa!

Staff Writer; Peggy S. Butler

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