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From Katrina To Harvey – State Sanctioned Environmental Terrorism Against Black People In America.

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( Recently, another form of state-sanctioned genocide that’s been cloaked under the banner of “natural disaster” has once again been inflicted on the black community in the form of Hurricane Harvey.

About a dozen years ago, Ray Nagin was also a neocolonial stooge for The State during his time as New Orleans mayor that waited until the shit hit the fan for an evacuation. That is clearly an act of cowardice and a crime against the people within itself. And once Katrina touched down in New Orleans, many blacks evacuated their old neighborhoods they have lived in for generations and there were more than 1,800 black people that were killed by this state-sanctioned genocidal act that was inflicted on them by The State.

Not only did Nagin waited until the shit hit the fan for an evacuation, but he, like many other black politicians sold out the interest of the people for the interest of big money by profiting off of Katrina by taking in more than $500,000 in kickbacks and bribes from contractors and businessmen at the expense of the people in New Orleans. This is clearly an example of how big money has corrupted the entire political system in America.

There was also a prison there in Louisiana that was deliberately abandoned by The State leaving the majority black population of the prison for dead. That’s another example of the state-sanctioned genocide against black people by the state.

In the days after Katrina had touched down, I vividly remember The U.S. Imperialist Government’s deliberately slow response to helping black people there in New Orleans because they have never once shown an ounce of care or sympathy for the black community in this country because of all the state-sanctioned terroristic acts that have been committed against the black community historically and today.

Also, the black people that were trying to save their loved ones and friends while walking in the very dangerous floods also trying to get resources to survive during Katrina and currently during Harvey are negatively stereotyped as always by the colonial media as “criminals, thugs, and looters.”

Also, the notoriously corrupt NOPD had systemically killed 3 black people and injured at least 10 others during Katrina and have since been found guilty of their heinous crime and have since been sentenced.

There were also white nationalist vigilante groups that also rounded up and killed black people during Katrina.

After Katrina, many blacks that fled New Orleans had came back only to find out that the parasitic gentrifying schemers had literally gentrified their old neighborhoods that they had once lived in for generations while they were away. Many blacks in New Orleans have not fully covered from this state-sanctioned environmental terrorist act.

Fast forward to a dozen years after Katrina, another act of state-sanctioned genocide has once again been inflicted on the black community in Houston in the form of Harvey.

The house negro mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner has revealed himself to be an enemy of the people by telling black families in particular not to evacuate in the midst of the 13-foot flood that’s affecting the people of the city, especially the black community. That is clearly a crime against the people of Houston.

And just today, the house negro mayor had basically lied in a press conference claiming that it was “dangerous” for everyone to evacuate Houston knowing full damn well that he clearly doesn’t have the best interest of the people in Houston at heart because he’s a house negro puppet that’s doing exactly what The State wants him to do: to continue to uphold The Status Quo by any means necessary.

Meanwhile, just like Katrina, The State has their vile hands in also perpetuating this state-sanctioned environmental terrorist act in Houston with the army corps of engineers there deliberately releasing 2 dams of water making this a crime against the people of Houston which makes the floods in Houston much worse than in New Orleans a dozen years ago.

I had also briefly watched a video today of a sister living in the suburbs of Houston who has lost much of her stuff, including her business in this state-sanctioned genocidal act. This sister had said that she had called “the rescue squad” many times and they originally lied to her claiming that “they had no more boats” and then “the rescue squad” came into her suburban neighborhood and rescued all the white people, who the state sees as ideal victims for rescue and they had deliberately went past her house ignoring her calls to be rescued. This is clearly racial discrimination at its finest

These are not the only acts of state-sanctioned genocide being carried out against our community everyday, other acts of genocide carried out against our community historically and today include abortion, mass incarceration, horizontal violence, miseducation of our kids in public schools, alcohol and drug overdose, medical practices and experiments, bombs being dropped on us, environmental terrorism like in Flint, Michigan, and the list goes on.

What happened in New Orleans a dozen years ago as well as recently with the “mudslide” Sierra Leonne and now Houston is clearly no coincidence that these so-called “natural disasters” are actually state-sanctioned genocidal acts against colonized people.

The Conclusion – Whenever people think that “natural disasters” are real, but fail to actually see that it’s more than that because it’s a form of state-sanctioned genocide that has been inflicted against the black community in this country historically and today.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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