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Too Much Sleep is No Good.

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( Sleep is very important to a healthy body. When we don’t get enough sleep, we can easily become ill, find ourselves sluggish, and it is difficult to bounce back from said illness. However, it has also been proven that proper rest is an important part of weight loss, and healthy weight management. Life is so fast pace, and sleep is often treated as a want verses a need. Many people are learning more about health and looking to get their bodies in order. The gyms have seen more memberships, people are questioning their eating habits and traditions, and some are trying to get more sleep. With this push towards overall wellness it may be a shocker that it is possible to sleep too much. Just as not sleeping enough has serious effects on the body; oversleeping has just as many negative side effects that harm both the body and one’s state of living.

Oversleeping could be a sign of depression, and economic struggle. If one can get out of bed they will have difficulty getting to work. When you notice someone close to you is oversleeping before assuming they are merely lazy or lack ambition it is importance to make sure its not a side effect of something more serious. There are many sleep disorders that trigger oversleeping so it is important to see a physician if you suspect sleep disorders or depression.

Furthermore, oversleeping has been linked to heart disease and diabetes. With some illnesses, you literally don’t have the strength to do anything but sleep. You will find that you don’t want to eat, nor do anything else there is nothing but the need for sleep. Many times, this degree of tired can be an indicator to get to the hospital right away as something could be seriously wrong with your heart. Some heart patients have noticed this oversleeping pattern before they have a heart attack. This pattern has also shown itself with diabetes when sugar levels are completely out of order.

Everyone that oversleeps doesn’t have a disorder sometimes it’s the idea that one can catch up on sleep, and that is not possible. Staying in the bed sleep too long will cause the body to begin to feel sluggish. Sometimes you will find that your energy tends to drain substantially when you stay in the bed too long. Oversleeping has caused some to wake with headaches whereby they feel going back to sleep would solve the problem. However, they did not consider dehydration or a lack of food, as a result of oversleeping, which led to the headache. Oversleeping can also cause the body to feel sore to the point of pain without a workout.

The body requires balance in all things. Too much of anything can cause negative side effects. Sleep, in the proper amount, is very necessary for our body to function and heal itself. However, too much sleep can let us know something is wrong with our body, or it can create the problem. When we are awake our body gets the activity, nutrition and hydration it needs to run efficiently, and work while we sleep. In working towards overall wellness be sure not to oversleep.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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