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The Essential Phone by Andy Rubin is a Smartphone with Potential.

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( The Essential Phone, also known as Essential PH-1, is an amazing smartphone that stands strong against rivals from Samsung and Apple. The Phone comes from the newly founded company of Andy Rubin who is the founder of Android which was later acquired by Google. Coming on September 1 at a starting price of US$699, the Phone is will be one of the best premium phones available in the market. However the phone is not perfect, but if you ignore some of its kinks such as lack of a headphone jack, and poor camera (it’s getting better), it’s really a “smart” phone.

A True Sense of Ownership

It is exciting to see a phone that runs the stock version of the Android operating system. Why it is surprising because these days, a majority of phone makers are adding their own signature style to the software. Different launchers, applications, and skins not only drag the system’s performance down, but such customizations often don’t look appealing. The untouched, fresh version of Android OS looks far better than the customized launchers and it also gives the phone a premium look.

When you hold the Essential Phone, it screams that it is made for its users. It’s a phone without shameless brandings, logos, and printed text. On top of it, there’s a dual camera setup, but there’s no camera bump. Many of us like simple things and when a good-looking smartphone comes with powerful hardware, it becomes a must have. The Phone has that charm and can easily replace the phone you’re currently using.

The Power & Performance

This is the first phone from the company and it comes in only a single model. It comes with a zippy Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage. The device sports a 3040 mAh battery that lasts a full day and a few more hours. As said earlier, the device doesn’t feature a headphone jack, but it does support the cable solution where you have to connect headphones through USB.

Many phones including the Samsung Galaxy S8 feature similar hardware capabilities, so there’s nothing futuristic in terms of hardware in the Phone. If you compare it with the S8, Samsung’s phone comes with a better display and water resistant body. One major difference between the two phones is their weight. Galaxy S8 and even iPhone 7 feels lighter when you’re holding them. The Essential phone is little heavy, but on a positive note, it is more durable, less fragile, and comes with a fingerprint reader which you can actually use.

The Essential Phone & Competition

When the phone launches, it could harm industry leaders including Apple and Samsung. If a company wanted to launch its first phone in 2017, the device would have been like what this phone is. It’s the biggest compliment a newly established company can get for their first product. With titanium and ceramic finish, the phone looks unique and great. The way Rubin’s company is presenting the phone’s design is excellent. You get more screen with the 5.7-inch display that doesn’t look too big in size.

The phone’s camera is not up to the mark. The quality of pictures taken by the Phone is pretty good, but operating the camera sucks. The software appears to be unfinished as shooting images and recording videos is slow and inconsistent. The company is working on this part, and hopefully, things will get better with time. Disappointment comes from the phone’s speakers as well. If someone’s paying US$700 or more on a smartphone, expecting great sound quality is absolutely fair, but the phone disappoints here.

The Essential Phone is more about getting things done while keeping the innovation at the core. Its designers, like every other smartphone manufacturers, are still working on bringing significant changes in the smartphone world. The 360-degree camera which is an optional accessory you can order from Essential Products, is the finest example of how the company is working towards a better future. The most interesting thing about the phone is the two magnetic ports which you can see on its back. You can stick a 360-degree camera accessory here which is an interesting concept for those who don’t wish to spend huge on 360-degree cameras but want to capture their weekend trips with the new technology.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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One Response to “The Essential Phone by Andy Rubin is a Smartphone with Potential.”
  1. Derrick Jacobs says:

    Have only heard good things regarding The Essential Phone. I could see myself purchasing one in the future. Right now I’m ready to upgrade from my Samsung “Note 5”.

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