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Brothers We Appreciate Your Pedi.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Taking care of ones’ feet is not only a part of good hygiene, it’s a vital part of taking care of an aspect of one’s health. There is a lot of emphasis put on the general care of a woman. Does she keep her hair together? Are her nails together? Is her eyebrows and makeup flawless, and her feet tended to? There was a time whereby women and men, in general, made fun of men that got pedicures. They were considered feminine, or metrosexuals. This was a huge mistake. Men should be encouraged to love on themselves, and take care of themselves.

Ladies we are not the only ones that need relaxation and spa days. Tt’s hard being black in America be it male or female and these small spaces can help alleviate some of the day to day tension. Believe it or not a lot of tension, stress and pain gets built up in our feet on a day to day basis. Taking 30-45min for a pedi and having some of that stress releases, in a positive manner, can do all of us a world of good. Many brothers are working on their feet and need to tend to them.

As a woman, I must say I greatly appreciate a man that takes care of his entire body…including his feet. There is no double standard here. No man wants to look at a woman’s feet and they look broke down…and don’t let her have on sandals. Well brothers, we don’t want to look down and see crusty ashy feel that look like you’ve been breaking bricks. Esthetically that is not cool at all. No women wants to get in the bed with a man whose feet cuts the sheets, and her. So, by all means take the time to go and get the pedicure. Take care of the feet. Ladies we must encourage this foot care, and yes that means buy the gift certificates for your man to the spa. It is not okay to demonize men when you walk in the nail shop or spa and see them getting a pedicure. We have no idea how uncomfortable he may be in this space because he doesn’t want his manhood called into question, and it shouldn’t be.

When men go to the military one thing they constantly hear is take care of your feet. Many men I have come across in the military have absolutely no problem getting a pedicure because their feel takes a beating…especially depending on their job. Getting a pedicure helps with blood circulation in the feet, it helps remove unwanted dead skin, helps moisturize the skin which can prevent heel cracking, and prevent ingrown toenails…not to mention it can be very relaxing.

What was just mentioned sounds like maintenance and upkeep verses something that should only be assigned to women. It is great to see more men taking advantage of getting pedicures both for their health and look. Believe me there are many sisters that greatly appreciate a man that takes care of his feet.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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