Red iPhone: Apple is Finally Red To Save Lives. Oh! Really?

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( Red iPhone is taking the world by storm and has inspired many brands to join the bandwagon. With its slogan “Buy Red, Give Life,” Cupertino based tech giant Apple is encouraging people around the world to support its cause against HIV/AIDS. In partnership with Red organization, Apple has recently introduced its Red iPhone 7 Special Edition on March 24, 2017.

However the innovative approach will save lives of many, but is this the only reason Apple introduced the special edition this year? Or it’s a clever marketing move by the company to save its mobile division as the iPhone sales is sinking?

A Noble Cause

Apple has raised US$130 million by selling RED products and aims to take the world close to HIV-free generation with each sale. With a positive impact on over 90 million people, this partnership has been doing the same since last 10 years. So, this is not the first time Apple is working on any such project, but this is indeed the first time when the company has taken a step forward and introduced the first ever red phone.

A Clever Marketing Move

After numerous experiments on size, design, colors and materials, Apple is delivering its range of iPhone products with little differences to distinguish. Last year, the company reported a significant fall in its iPhone sales. However later in the year, Apple witnessed more than expected sales, but it couldn’t even touch the previous year’s sales figures.

This launch is undoubtedly a clever marketing move by Apple, as the phone is taking the internet and the world by storm. Apple launched its low-cost iPad at the same time when it introduced the Red iPhone. But, if you look at the search trends and compare these devices, Apple’s red-colored iPhone is seeing overwhelming response from digital generation. Have a look at this search trend comparison between the new iPad and the Red iPhone.

A Game Changer

Gone are the days when the gold devices were known as the synonym of premium quality and ultra-rich class. With time, this trend no more exists at the level it existed before. The design language is changed and with its new red-colored iPhone, Apple appears to be the game changer. Now, when almost every small smartphone maker is bringing gold mobile phone bodies, the trend is dying rapidly and will no longer be called a ‘hot tech trend.’

Fuelling a Revolutionary Change

It’s not just Apple that turned red, in fact a large number of brands have recently introduced red color inspired products. From Durex to Audi, Toyota and even Coca-Cola have jumped into the game and their advertisements are showing their love for the red.

Obviously, the companies want to sail on the same boat being led by Apple’s now viral content marketing strategy. With its latest move, Apple has proved that businesses do not need to follow the ‘premium’ label for long time, as such trends are temporary and the synonyms of ‘premium’ can be changed anytime.

More specifically for the smartphone makers, Apple’s Red iPhone has a strong message that being premium doesn’t mean being boring and you need to be innovative and unique to rediscover something fresh that people would care choosing.

iPhone Red Features and Specifications

Apple has launched the phone in two variants powered by iOS 10. Featuring great quality, advanced camera, stereo speakers, dust and water resistant design, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus bring redesigned version of Apple’s proprietary applications and enhanced security features.

The official press note by Apple confirms that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Special Edition are available in two different storage capacity options including 128GB and 256GB. Interested fans can buy the products online or from authorized Apple Stores.

If you consider buying the newly dressed iPhone 7 devices, the special edition phones are now available to buy. The shipping for over 40 countries around the world will start from the March end and Apple is also aiming to cover more regions from April 2017.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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