Give Your Dating Life A Boost.

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(ThyBlackMan.comI think ultimately we hope we can find a great girl to settle down with and start a family. But dating can be tough in the modern world. And it can be tricky to find a new beau when you are so busy in your life with work and hobbies. In fact, it’s easy to end up putting your love life aside if you are not having any luck. But it’s not the time to give up if you haven’t found a great girl yet. In fact, you might want to consider making some changes to ensure you get a date sooner rather than later. Here are some ways you can give your dating life a boost.

Boost your confidence

Girls want a great guy who oozes confidence. In fact, you might be surprised to know how far up on the list confidence is on essential qualities girls look for in men. After all, it can make a guy appear more attractive to a woman. And guys who have confidence can often seem more together than other guys. But being confident is harder than it looks. And if you are a typically shy guy, you might feel nervous rather than confident around girls. But there are some easy ways to boost your confidence to improve your dating life. For one thing, you should consider your good points. After all, if you know your smile is great, or you have a strong sense of humor, use these to your advantage when you are around girls. And then you can put your flaws on the backburner if you focus on these positives things. Also, smiling is a great way to boost your confidence. And it can make other people feel less nervous around you, so you are more likely to be approached for a date. And if you are really struggling with your confidence, there are many professionals out there who can give you some advice.

Be honest

A lot of guys struggle in their dating life as they are not honest with girls. And if you are pretending to be someone you are not, it’s hard to carry on with the pretence for long. In fact, it will end any new relationships sooner rather than later. After all, you can only pretend for a certain amount of time before the truth comes out. Therefore, if you want to give your dating life a boost, it’s time to be honest when you meet girls. Show them exactly who are you, and tell them the truth. They are bound to respect you more if you are honest at the start. And it will ensure there are no awkward situations at a later date. And if they like the real you, it’s more likely that the relationship will go the distance!

Cut out bad habits from your life

Your dating life might be going through a low due to your bad habits. For example, if you are a big smoker or drinker, it could be putting off girls. After all, if you become loud or aggressive when you are drunk, it will stop any date from seeing you again. And any form of drugs is a no-no if you want to get into a relationship. After all, girls will instantly think you are bad news. Therefore, for the sake of your dating life, you need to attempt to cut out bad habits from your life. If drink is the issue, reduce the amount you drink on a daily basis. Switch to some soft drinks instead to ensure you don’t get past the tipsy stage. And if drugs are your temptation, it might be worth looking for some outside help. After all, some time in a rehab could help you to end your drug abuse. And as a new person, you will find your dating life gets a boost.  

Be happy with yourself

As the old saying goes, you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anyone else. Therefore, if you want to give your dating life a boost, it’s a good idea to work on yourself and your life first. For example, if you aren’t happy with your body, now is the time to get it in good order. You might want to boost the exercise you do in your life. And look at your current diet to see if you can make any changes. After all, if you are in good health, it will ensure you are in a better place in your life. Also, you should consider whether your work life is making you happy. After all, work can often be the route of stress for most people. Therefore, it might be better to be in a less demanding job if you want to be a happier person. And make sure you have things in your life that you find fulfilling. For example, a good set of friends and a vast social life can make sure you aren’t reliant on your beau to make you happy. Once you are happy in your life, you might be surprised to find love is just around the corner.

Overhaul your looks

It might be time to make more effort with your looks if you want to give your dating life a boost. After all, if you haven’t been making much effort recently, it could be the reason why dates aren’t knocking on your door. Firstly, you should change up your hair to make it look great. Go for a cut to ensure it’s in good shape. And then you should take a look at your wardrobe. It might be a good idea to get some new clothes in if you haven’t been to the shops in a while. Make sure you get some tops and jeans which will be suitable for dates. And a new pair of shoes can also make all the difference to your outfit. Finish off with some bling to ensure you look on point. After all, you can get some on-trend chains from brands like Frost NYC which will make your outfit look great. And it can be a good talking point when you do get on your date!

Meet new people

If you are not putting yourself forward for dates or going on dating apps and sites, you are not going to meet anyone. And it might mean you are currently meeting the wrong girls in your inner circle. Therefore, it’s time to put yourself out there if you are hoping to meet new girls and improve your dating life. For example, you might want to give apps like Tinder a go to see if you meet a great girl. And it might be a good idea to go on blind dates through friends as a good way of meeting new girls. You might be surprised to find the right girl sooner rather than later when you put yourself out there.

Consider your past dates

If you want to give your dating life a boost, it’s a good idea to look at your past dates. After all, you can reflect on what happened during the date. And what you might have changed if you could go back in time. Looking back on your dates can often help you to get rid of bad habits you might have on first dates. For example, you might go for too many chat up lines. And rather than turning them on, it’s turning your dates off you. And then you never see them again. Therefore, it might be time to change your tactics to help you get more dates in the future. If you are connected with your old dates, it’s a great idea to ask them for feedback on the dates. It might feel harsh, but their criticism could ensure you make changes which help you to get a girlfriend in the future. And even if you don’t want to do this, talking to buddies instead can help you think of some new tricks. They will also tell you if anything you are doing needs to be stopped. You could even go on a double date with them so that they can see what you are like on the date (and give you feedback after!) And having them there can give you the boost you need to have more confidence on your date!

Alter your expectations

Also, if you are struggling in the dating world, it’s a good idea to think about your expectations. After all, we often set high expectations when it comes to the dream girl. And while you can have preferences when it comes to looks and personality, it might be time to lower your expectations. After all, there might be a great girl out there for you who doesn’t exactly meet your criteria. But is actually the right girl for you in the long-run. And the girls you might be going after at the moment might be time wasters. Therefore, don’t waste your time and give all girls a chance to ensure you find the right girl sooner rather than later.

And remember that you should embrace this time you are single. After all, it’s a great chance to spend time with friends and family and focus on your career.

Staff Writer; Peter Long