Opposite Sex Friends, How Many of Us Have Them?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Friendships between black men and women can be complex. The mutual affection between two or more people is what makes a friendship.

We all know of the homegirl that was initially the girl that a guy wanted as a girlfriend, but has been stuck in the friend zone for years because the girl proved to be a better hang out buddy, counselor and confidant to him than her becoming a girlfriend would, and pushing it any further would have broken the connection between them.

There’s always going to be the homeboy who protects his friend girl from potentially bad boyfriends, and helps her in her decision making.

Though these two people will never marry, their relationship is something to be envied. People look at them and think they are a couple, but come up with little white lies just to make them seem closer, like, ‘No, that’s my brother.’, or ‘No, we’re cousins.’

It seems that the Universe preserved black love in the form of homeboys and homegirls.

These people don’t bring sex or intimate emotions into the mix. They know better than that. They know that sealing their relationship with an orgasm would compromise the platonic union.

Homegirls would go out of their way to convince their homeboy that her best friend has a crush on him, and they’d make a great couple.

Nowadays, the homegirl is overly protective of her homeboy, so much so that the homegirl will try to take her friendship to the next level it off fear of losing her friendship with him, forgetting the golden rule of friendship: no sex or romance with your friend.

It’s also become common for two people to come together to get their cake and eat it, too. These relationships are called friends with benefits. A friend with benefits, or FWB, is when two people together as friend, as well as lovers.

This type of relationship blurs the lines between camadarie and romance, and sometimes end because one party thought the friendship was more than what it was. Some men call these women side chicks, but what’s neither here or there.

Friendships between black men and women are normally platonic, and either party should be able to cope when the other decides to seek a relationship outside of their fellowship.

There are still plenty of solid friendships between black men and women, and those who are forgetting about the golden rule of friendship should look to the OG’s of black friendship between homeboy and homegirl, and take notes.

Friendships are forever. All of the real homegirls and homeboys know this. There’s no need to ruin a good thing because one of you wants to have a relationship.

Ask your friend of the opposite sex which one of their friends is single and have them slip the person your number.

Don’t forget to have them out in a good word for you. You are after all, a good friend, right?

Have many of us can say that we have great friendships with the opposite sex in the black community, anyway?

Treasure the friendships you have with the opposite sex, and see if you don’t attract a mate based on how you treat your friends.

Staff Writer; Celeste Writer
Official website; http://celestewriter.com/