Feminizing Black Men In America.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan recently delivered an address to the Afrikan Black Coalition in Long Beach, Calif. During a portion of the lecture, the Minister recounted his battle and victory against cancer. He told the audience he was prescribed a drug that alters body chemistry to the degree that when men take it, they get the same symptoms women experience when going through menopause. And when taken for an extended period of time, this drug can also cause men to develop breasts.

His point was that changes in sexuality could be manipulated by drugs designed to promote such change. “I’m dealing with the chemistry [experiment] of a scientist, now,” said Min. Farrakhan. “He can make you think you’re a homosexual [and] he’s feminizing the Black man.”

That statement caused some members of the LGBTQ community in attendance to get up and walk out. Min. Farrakhan appealed to those who were leaving to listen to his words and know that his heart was full of love for them.

“I don’t want anybody who is LGBTQ to think I’m talking down to you. We’re not going nowhere without you. You are some of the most brilliant of our people, but the enemy is a scientist of evil,” he said. “Have you seen this commercial: ‘Have you taken this pill and you find out you’re developing breasts, stop taking it immediately.’ Just a pill, dang that’s chemistry for you. These are masters of chemistry. Now, wait, then they say, ‘If you take this pill and you find yourself having suicidal thoughts, stop taking that pill immediately.’ You mean a pill can influence the way you think? Another pill with chemistry can create breasts among men,” said the Minister.

He in no way rejected, condemned, ostracized anyone, but was compelled to speak the truth, even if there was a painful element to it. His words went against those who argue gender is meaningless and that homosexuals are born gay. He would later say he was not offended at those who walked out during his message because his role is to redeem Black people, all Black people.

“Chemistry can change the way you think because you are a biological chemical creation. Too much of this will produce that. Too little of this will produce something else. You are the guinea lambs of White experimentation,” Min. Farrakhan added.

“Do you want to build a nation? I heard you talking about it. Do you really want to do that? Do you think they really want you to do that?… Just take this pill and this will stop you from being pregnant. And then with abortion laws, you get pregnant and you’re afraid so you kill the fruit of your womb not knowing that that fruit that you just killed is an answer to some of your own prayers.”

For more than 60 years, Minister Farrakhan has been a warner to Black people in America and globally, exposing just how sinister and deliberate the enemy has been in trying to destroy the Black man and woman.

On Sunday, Jan. 29 at Mosque Maryam, Dr. Wesley Muhammad, a Nation of Islam student minister, set out to prove the correctness of the words Min. Farrakhan spoke in Long Beach. Dr. Muhammad, who holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies, delivered a powerful lecture using factual, documented information that clearly outlined the ways in which Black men in America have been feminized and Black women, masculinized.

“The Minister has been exposing the various aspects of the assault on the Black man, while being mocked and called a drum major for Black paranoia, and a conspiracy theorist, by the mainstream press,” Dr. Muhammad told The Final Call. “But he has also been vindicated in everything he’s said to us because all of the aspects of the assault and conspiracy on the Black male that he’s warned us about, we have the documentation that bears witness to his words. We even have outright confessions.”

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