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Stopping The Emasculation of the African American Man.

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( Every African American male should read this article and share it with every person you know. We are about to tackle a controversial issue and confront it with the facts. So if you get offended easily, you do not have a strong stomach or you are in denial about the truth, you might as well stop reading now. Before we stop emasculation of the African American man, we must realize what it is and what is working against us. Emasculation, biologically speaking, is the removal of a man’s testicles and penis, in affect castration and then some. But connotatively, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, emasculation is “to make a man feel less masculine, to deprive a man of his male strength, role etc. “.

Emasculation of the African American man today includes homosexuality, largely because our sons have no fathers in many of their homes and others are or have been molested. With no role models in the home, our young males are falling prey to the culture, perversions, peer pressure and experimentation. While they search for identity, they are attacked by images that have accepted and even promoted emasculation. So for a young boy searching for identity, he can be easily influenced and given a false one. He is a glass waiting to be filled and there are many who would fill him with the wrong things.

Television, movies, videos and poor role models are also culprits of emasculation. Demoralizing African American men by having them wear dresses has become “funny” and all too acceptable. Those who control the music industry, the movie industry and television are not African Americans. They laugh and gain satisfaction from seeing and knowing that African American men can be bought off to the point of humiliation. They also laugh as the role and image of the African American man becomes weaker in the family and in society. This is an attack on our families, our relationships, our God, our careers and our images. And the sad part is that many of our own people support this diabolical foolishness.

Tyler Perry, Wesley Snipes, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Charles emasculated-black-men-2015Barkely, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Dennis Rodman Terry Crews, Chris Tucker, Arsenio Hall, Kevin Hart, Lebron James, Kenan Thompson and Ving Rhames, to name a few, are cowards who send the wrong message and set the wrong example for young African American men.   These are not men, they are compromising cowards who will drop the values and morals they were raised with in order to make a dollar. They are not examples for real African American boys to become men. This is particularly hard to say because I was the biggest Eddie Murphy fan on the planet from Saturday Night Live to 48 Hours, Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cops etc. But the truth is the truth.

If you find African American men embarrassing themselves in a dress for money while they set a bad example for our youth and compromise morals and values as humorous, then you are just as much at fault as they are. And you have been brainwashed as well. The people who control the movie and television industry have discovered that they can damage a culture by damaging the images, role models and examples within that culture. And by the way, hence the vicious and sudden attack on Cosby (whether he did it or not).

Buck breaking has gone hi-tech. I could write my own text, but this writer said it best so I will defer in this case. During slavery, there was a practice called “BUCK BREAKING.” This was a process of emasculating the strongest male on the plantation by forcing him to wear women’s clothing or beating and raping him in front his children so as to lead others to lose respect for him.  It also served as a warning to other strong males that if they do not follow the master’s orders, this was going to happen to them too.”

The tolerated, accepted and even promoted emasculation of African American men is setting an awful and unacceptable example for our young men. What woman looks at a man who wears a freakin dress and yet still considers him a man? Our brothers are not standing up in the community, in church or even in the home – if they are even there. The role as Head of the Household commanded by God is slowly being dismantled in African American families and our women have lost respect for African American men. At least Dave Chappelle took a stand against the plot of emasculation. See for yourself.

For those in our community who are offended, don’t be. You have to understand that the decisions you thought were your own were instead motivated by outside influences with hidden agendas. So now that we know the problem, what do we do to fix it? First we have to admit it. Second we have to expose it. Expose what? Expose the strategic and deliberate plan set in place to degrade African American men in masculinity, credibility, authority and value. Third we have to refuse to support it. This means we must not support anything than diminishes or devalues the masculinity and authority of our brothers – movies, TV shows, job openings, careers etc. The courts must see us as men, the police must see us as men, our women and children must see us as men, our churches, communities and mosques must see us as men and every ethnic group, race or culture in this country must see us as men.

Fourth of all, we must require our women to respect us or we must go elsewhere. That also means, of course, that we men must respect each other, act like men, think like men and stand up like men, refusing to accept anything less from ourselves. We must in turn hold each other accountable guys. Fifth of all, we must hold our young men and boys accountable and set the right examples for them. This means telling them to pull their pants up, dust themselves off when they fall and get back in the game. We cannot accept weak men or boys.

Ladies, you must neither accept emasculated men or sons nor attempt to emasculate them. God has said the man is the head of the household because He said so, not because the man meets your standards ladies of what you think the head should be. Our women are going to have to accept that or they will become part of the problem instead of part of the solution. A real man will never sleep on the couch when he has a bed upstairs just as his woman does.

A real man will never get in the doghouse because he is not a dog. He is not “ya boy”. He is not “my nigga”. He is not to be addressed with “what up dog” because he is not a dog. He is not going to the “crib” because he is not a baby. He must not be a homosexual because such perversion distorts roles in the family, goes against God, presents an awful example, confuses the young male children, decreases reproduction within our “race” and plays directly into the hands of those who want to take our manhood through emasculation. If you were created a man, be a man. I could care less if people are upset about this article or call me intolerant. Am I intolerant of sin, perversion and that which reduces our numbers in the African American community? You bet I am. I am not homophobic because I am not afraid of any man who walks this Earth, especially a homosexual, transgender, bisexual or otherwise man-less male. And thus I am not afraid to speak the truth. Tolerance is approval and I do not approve.

For those who accept your boys and young men being homosexual or emasculated, you have forgotten you can love your child without accepting his behavior. It is the responsibility of a father to place his children on the right path by raising them in the way they should go – not to accept when they go astray. Men must be men, not something somewhere between men, women and who knows what. I love my people and so I am speaking out, popular or not, politically incorrect or not. And we would do well to completely clean out the closet instead of supporting those who are coming out of it. The future, longevity and population growth of our people is at stake.

There is a plot being used against us just like those of the King Alfred Plan, REX 84, Cointel Pro and a host of other schemes to weaken our men and reduce our numbers. Physical slavery ended before it could finish the task so mental slavery picked up where physical slavery left off. But this time the plot is being implemented by using popular figures in the African American community, tricking our women into putting us down and tricking African American men into accepting or tolerating thee redefining of him as anything but a man. Wake up people. Wake up!

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


13 Responses to “Stopping The Emasculation of the African American Man.”
  1. Anonimus says:

    Its true

  2. Nah says:

    More people thinking they can tell a black man what to do because they think they know better. Sounds like the shit white people do.

  3. Trace says:

    This is true and it all started in the Garden of Eden. Just read in the book Turning the World Upside Down that original sin was Adam being emasculated:

    “God had given Adam and Eve every seed-bearing herb and fruit trees to eat. This lets us know that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil did not contain seed-bearing fruit, because it was forbidden to eat it. In horticulture, seedless fruits are an abnormality classified as parthenocarpy.

    The tree of the knowledge of good and evil looked normal on out outside, but was in actuality a mutated life form. It could not reproduce itself sexually, but only through genetic manipulation or emasculation of another tree.

    parthenocarpy: Fruit develops in a plant apart from sexual reproduction (where egg cells in the ovular compartment of the flower are fertilized by sperm nuclei from pollen). While the fruit looksoutwardly normal – maintaining its appearance and taste – it is a genetic mutation as there are no seeds within. Such trees are typically considered the end of their line due to their inability to reproduce. This deformity can occur naturally, but can also be intentionally provoked in a tree bygenetic manipulation (i.e. grafting) or emasculation (removing the male [pollen] parts of the plant).”


    I agree with this article also it’s so on point,
    why is it that who ever’s behind the scene must and has to have a gay scene, most popular gay scene’s now are minorities, like the article is saying we as people and a generation need to wake up,,, the lord GOD almighty said of things that are not to be done…. and such acts are considered to be outcast…..clean up your hearts and pray for the sick one’s that are mentally ill GOD BLESS…..


    I agree with this article also it’s so on point,
    why is it that who ever’s behind the scene must and has to have a gay scene most popular gay scene a minorities, like the article is saying we as people and a generation need to wake up,,, the lord GOD almighty said of things that are not to be done and such acts are considered to be outcast…..clean up your hearts and pray for the sick one’s that are mentally ill GOD BLESS…..

  6. Chase says:

    You just sound like an old man. Identity as a whole is so much more dynamic and different than it once was. What it means to be a man is completely different that the obsolete standards you espouse in your article. Change is a constant my friend. You cannot stop how culture lives and breaths. You can get with it and get left behind in the dust…

  7. DCsOwn says:

    Amen Bro Anthony, AMEN! I don’t watch the show Empire. Only because it didn’t catch my attention enough in the beginning. Anyway, my wife was watching it the other day and I just happened to come into the room where she was and saw 2 dudes kissing. I swear I did a double take. I swear I just don’t get it. Yes, I have tried to understand & be open minded but I just can’t agree to the lifestyle of same sex. My feelings aren’t homophobic nor hatred but more so disagreement because… it’s not right.

  8. Marque Anthony says:

    Real women want and need real men to step up and lead by example. To fulfill the role given to men by the Creator. To be present in the home and protect the integrity of the family. Real women do not need weak, timid or emasculated men who compromise values, morals and beliefs. In the beginning it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Bill nor Eve and Lacretia.

    Our African American community knows this is the truth and so does every other ethnic group on thee planet. I AMM CALLING EVERY READER OF THIS ARRTICLE TO SHARE IT WITH EVERY PERSON YOU KNOW.

  9. Marque Anthony says:

    Ben look at thee stats of when a father is not present in his role. Not to mention that the children who do not experience that actually grow up with a shortage of dopamine in the brain biochemically. I suggest you speak from more than just your opinion. If you need references for the data I can cited or you cannot find the information, simply request it. But you can’t change the facts just because you don’t like them.

    I am a family and relationship counselor, mediator and life coach and I know my field very well. Ben what do you do? Where is your information to refute the claims I have made?

  10. Marque Anthony says:

    Ben you are lost. There are several biblical tests for a real man. There are sociological tests minus the perversion of emasculation or homosexuality. The Quran outlines manhood. Rights of passage throughout African culture and Native American culture outline manhood. Every mainstream religion or spiritual belief system addresses manhood. So where do you get the basis for your comments? I suggest you do your research instead of getting offended.

    As for Taye Diggs, you assume I selected the picture used in this article, but I did not. I agree with the site manager’s choice too use the pic to illustrate my point though. Look at the number of likes on this article and know that these people recognize the truth. You simply don’t want to.

  11. Ben Roberts says:

    The only brainwashed person is you. There is no litmus test for masculinity in this society. You’re arguing against a false narrative created ages ago that never existed. Attacking Taye Diggs for taking on the role of Hedwig ( the first African American actor to play the part by the way, groundbreaking.) doesn’t bolster your point. It actually weakens your position, and insults the role of mothers, both single and married in the raising of strong black men.

  12. hope says:

    Where can I find more pics of Taye Diggs in make-up?
    He looks hot. As a woman I say: my kind of man!

  13. Roger Nasier says:

    You are absolutely on point with this article!!!!

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