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Several Legitimate Reasons Why The Sisters In America Have Every Right To Be Angry.

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( Sisters that are honest about their pain and suffering are often portrayed as “angry” by society and the mainstream media as a way to deliberately make them numb and desensitized to their own pain and suffering without being able to truly express them in an honest way.

Sisters in this country are often told that their lives and voices don’t matter and that they should never love and respect themselves. 

And what’s even worse about that is there are a lot of sexist attitudes coming from a lot of brothers in our community especially the fake conscious ones on social media that often stifle intellectual sisters who speak out on real social issues that affect community on a very daily basis and I have personally seen this up close.

Intro: Here are several legitimate reasons why sisters in this country have every right to be angry.
1. Racial Stereotypes – There are many sisters that are personally sick and tired of the very negative racial stereotypes about them that are very common in the mainstream media: angry, bedwench, bitchy, hooker, hypersexual, jezebel, mammy, materialistic, not marriage material, nondesirable, side chick, stripper, and video vixen.
2. Cultural Vultures – There are also many sisters that are legitimately angry about these cultural vulturistic Beckies like The Kartrashians that are basically exploiting their culture for personal and economic gain by getting liposuction to get bigger lips, getting butt injections/implants to get bigger asses, as well as using certain hairstyles like cornrows.
3. Hair Discrimination – Many sisters are also angry at the discrimination of their hair that often gets them punished and/or fired. They don’t even get hired in many cases because of these egregious racially discriminative hiring practices.
An except from a previous article I wrote: “Hair discrimination is when the false standard of beauty (aka Caucasoid woman) wears a certain hair style that is deemed “appropriate and professional“, but when a melanated queen wears a certain hairstyle like afros, curls, or even locs, they are deemed “nappy, ugly, and unprofessional” and are often told to change their hairstyle to one that is “more appropriate” for Corporate America or they get fired for refusing to do so.”
4. Systemic Violence At The Hands Of Race Soldiers – There are many sisters that are also angry at the systemic violence that they often face at the hands of corrupt race soldiers. There are sisters like Sandra Bland that have been killed in police custody and sisters like Korryn Gaines that were systemically killed by race soldiers in the inner city community.
5. Domestic Violence At The Hands Of Negropean Men – There are a lot of sisters that are definitely angry at the physical and verbal abuse that they went through at the hands of these lowlife nothing ass negropean men who have low self-esteem and deep self-hatred for themselves that were never taught on how to properly respect the sisters.
6. Not Being Able To Truly Express Their Pain Without Being Stereotyped – Many sistas aren’t able to truly express their pain and suffering in a very honest way without bigots stereotyping them as “angry” or “troublemaker” and that alone angers many of these sisters as well because I have also seen this up close as well.
The Conclusion – Mainstream America will never truly understand that these sisters do have leginimate reasons to be angry and they (sisters) have that right.
Staff Writer; Joe Davis
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One Response to “Several Legitimate Reasons Why The Sisters In America Have Every Right To Be Angry.”
  1. MY brother the time is late and the day’s of coddling the black woman and telling her how bad things are for her and how we should understand her anger are over, the black woman is angry because she’s a self destructive witch that destroy’s everything she put’s her hands on.

    LET’S not forget the black woman in AMERICA has aborted 17 million children , it takes a lot of anger to do something like that.

    THE black woman is the only woman in the country without man and family and she’s too stupid to even know why, its time for honesty my brother not sympathy.

    OUR black woman has fallen she’s immoral , unethical and godless!

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