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Fake News.

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(  The ruling oligarchy is having conniptions because their propaganda campaign to enthrone Hillary Clinton failed so dismally. Now they are blaming Trump’s win on fake news and alleged interventions by Russia on behalf of Donald Trump. This mendacity is being promoted by the same corporate media that on an hourly basis serves as stenographers, shills and cheerleaders for corporate interests and their government puppets. Fake news, indeed. What the corporate media is not saying is the US government has a long and absolutely foul history of lying, using smear tactics, and mind control to dupe, misinform and deceive us.

The present campaign to demonize independent media is like the kettle calling the pot black. Let’s review some glaring examples of the mainstream corporate media’s dishonesty and betrayal of 2016fake-news-invasiontrust. Remember how the mainstream media echoed the Bu$h administration’s lies about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction? How did that turn out? Were any weapons ever found? Nope! After trillions spent on illegal wars, millions of people displaced, maimed, crippled and killed have any network talking heads, any Bu$h or Obama administration officials been reprimanded, rebuked, held accountable, indicted or jailed? No, not one! How is that possible?!

Before the Saddam Hussein WMD fabrications we were told 9-11 was plotted and executed by a guy who we know was suffering from terminal renal failure, supposedly living in a cave in Afghanistan!!?  What we weren’t told is Osama bin-Laden was a US CIA asset part of the US,UK, Saudi and Israeli axis of evil. 

Think of all the lies about bin-Laden and 9-11 that have been seared into our consciousness, lies that allowed the ruling class to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Libya and carry on a totally bogus war on terrorism. The fact is, today the US is the greatest purveyor of violence and terror in the world! By the way Osama bin-Laden died in 201 in Tora Bora from kidney failure not the fake 2011 raid perpetrated by the Obama administration and the corporate media.

During the first Bu$h administration Hill and Knowlton a well connected Washington D.C. PR firm concocted a multi-million dollar media campaign to sell the Gulf War to gullible US citizens. The firm even arranged a phony Congressional hearing conducted by several real Congressmen on October 10, 1990 that featured a Kuwaiti girl saying she witnessed Iraqi soldiers killing Kuwaiti babies in incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital. That “testimony” during a simulated Congressional hearing was repeated by the corporate media and shown over and over all around the world. What we didn’t know was the events never happened and the “witness” supposedly named “Nayirah” was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US. Everything she said was a lie at the behest of  Hill and Knowlton to gin up a war!

These are a few examples of the egregious lies  a complicit corporate media tells, but we must remember we are lied to 24/7/365 in the form of commercials, PR campaigns, radio, television, films and video games. Six conglomerates own and control almost everything we read, see on billboards, watch on TV and in the movies. The media’s job is to program us to be like Pavlov’s dogs; mindlessly responding/reacting to their stimuli. For example think about the notion we live in post racial America.  As much as many of us would like to believe this is true, it is not. Far from it! Racial animus and discrimination are alive and well in this country. The treatment of Barack Obama by the Republicans is a glaring reminder as was much of Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

Fortunately we are not totally dependent on the corporate media for all our information and entertainment. The Internet offers the opportunity to study for ourselves, and get alternative and independent sources of information.  Is everything on the Internet true and reliable? Of course not. But it can be a valuable counterweight to the corporate media mind control clap trap.

Now the 1% are trying to undermine the Internet’s independence and openness. They and their minions pay people Internet users call trolls to visit sites, post comments, pictures, videos, lies and disinformation to keep us duped, deceived and discombobulated. You definitely have to use discernment when you surf the Web. You have to cross reference and double check all information and most importantly think for yourself.

Don’t believe the 1%’s  hype about fake news. They are the most egregious purveyors of fake news and lies in the world!

Written by Junious Ricardo Stanton

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