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Alabama and Auburn Football – The Ultimate Plantations In Alabama.

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( Alabama is known for many things like being the 4th most corrupt state in the country, systemic oppression, mass incarceration, and being the most religious state in the country.

But what most people in Alabama care about more than their conservatism and religion is Football, Football, Football, Football. And it’s the biggest cult to most of them in Alabama.

Alabama and Auburn athletics programs made a total of more than 90 millon dollars last year, but more than 45 million dollars were made by their football programs, but the athletes are still not being compensated for their image, likeness, autograph, & labor. It’s sickening to me

And for those that still continue to say that college athletes and their familes don’t deserve to be compensated for the millions are extremely ignorant and misinformed because a scholarship is Alabama-Auburn-2016nothing compared to the millions of dollars they bring into these universities each year.

We have been so brainwashed into believing that it’s okay for head coaches, administrators, commentators, and other higher ups to make millions each year while it’s wrong for college athletes and their families to deserve a modest fraction of the money they bring in each year.

Derrick Henry, who is considered by many Alabama football fans to be “The Greatest Football Player To Have Ever Played At The Capstone” made 6 million dollars for Alabama in the college football national title game a few months ago and he wasn’t even compensated for his image, likeness, autograph, & labor during his time at The Capstone.

Cam Newton, who is considered by many Auburn football fans to be “The Greatest Football Player To Have Ever Played On The Plains” made 21 million dollars for Auburn in the college football national title game 5 years ago and he wasn’t even compensated for his image, likeness, autograph, & labor during his time on The Plains.

What’s even worse is that most of these athletes come from very rough impoverished inner city communities with single mothers that are trying to suvive being shot in the projects, getting something to eat, and paying rent to avoid getting evicted.

Another thing being worse is that most of these inner city athletes can’t even read or say “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle” and those two universities like many others with big time athletics programs across the country academically exploit these athletes by putting them in fake classes where they’re not learning anything and they graduate with diplomas without learning how to read. The academic exploitation is atrocious.

Many young inner city men have bought one of the biggest lies these coaches tell them is that they will get a decent “free education” in college and many universities like Alabama and Auburn academically exploit and harm inner city college athletes.

These are the same institutions that will gladly pay head coaches 5 to 7 million a year, but can’t afford to help the mother of the inner city athlete who’s trying to not get evicted, but can’t afford to help them pay their rent. It’s also a huge racial issue that many people don’t wanna talk about.

One of the saddest and most infuriating things about inner city people that cheer for these systemically racist institutions like Alabama and Auburn that don’t hire many inner city professors and administrators and they don’t admit many inner city students to their campuses. And they support systems that use these inner city athletes up and send them out into a society that’s hellbent on destroying them. And like an OG once said back in the day, “They’ll find a new guy next year“.

In fact, I made a post a few months ago saying that Derrick Henry wouldn’t last long in the pros because the running back position has the shortest lifespan of any position in today’s pro football.

The worst thing I’ve ever heard an athlete from Alabama say was when Derrick Henry said a few months ago “I was born to win The Heisman” and at that moment, I felt very sorry for him because my thinking was “Here’s a guy who has been so brainwashed to believe that his sole purpose in life is to win a propped up meaningless validation award for that big systemically racist university in Tuscaloosa as their prized cash cow and prized inner city athlete” and to me that spoke volumes because he’s saying that “He’s a trememdous asset for The University Of Alabama, but he’s not an asset to his community” and that comment personally dusgusted me because he is born to do so much more in life than running the football, taking repeated blows to the head and risking paralysis.

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