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Police Brutality & Racism.

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( To serve or to protect? The very first police were established in 1838. Their initial purpose was to protect whites from the freed slaves, that would come to their former slave masters homes and set them on fire or torture them in some fashion. I feel police brutality is at an all time high because the black community fears losing their material possessions and their white washed job titles. When Rodney King was beaten everything from protests to riots sparked in an attempt to destroy everything in the hood that was not black owned. The white elite realized that then the importance of having loyal, servant minded, materialistic oriented blacks on their side to help carry out their evil schemes.

Now you see blacks being murdered and the excessive and forceful police response is justified by these loyal, servant minded, materialistic oriented blacks. Did our greed and need to excel, ouPoliceBrutality-2016r dream to play in the white man’s world while holding hands with little white girls and little white boys lead us here? Did our strong desire to go to school and get a good paying job versus getting a good education and starting a successful corporation put us in a dependent position where revolting the system will leave us out in the cold to become homeless and without food in less than a month?

Be honest, if all blacks were to picket from work on days versus boycotting a store would you be down for the cause? After each incident the black community boycotts stores, but what if we organized to where, say on Mondays and Tuesdays no blacks show up to work?

Not spending money is different from allowing them to make money with our labor at all. We as the black community are slaves to the dollar, so we choose not to stop police brutality or fight against an oppressive and racist system. Police brutality is not the work of individual officers with personal bias but rather a racist system built to serve and protect wealthy white men. How many more lives will have to be taken from the African American population before we decide to fight for what is right? We can sit behind our electronic devices all day and use the famous hashtag “#BlackLivesMatter” but can they really matter that much when we as a whole are killing our own people?

We have to strive to make a difference in order for their to be a change, we need to support black businesses. Stop supporting Sarah, Dave, Billy and Tom and support our own. I find it damn near psychotic that so many individuals boycotted white owned businesses in order to be accepted. Why would you want to force someone to take your money and service you if they are against it? They can not thrive without or money, think about it if we as a whole stopped shopping at places such as Walmart, Publix, or Kohl’s their demand would decrease tremendously. Marching and tearing up our own communities will not stop police brutality or racism that starts with us.

For as long as I can remember there has been racism and to be completely honest it is a never ending cycle. There is no cure for racism, only a sick individual could hate and envy someone for the color of their skin. The real issue is that they fear the African American race because our people built this country from the ground up, we were forced from our way of lives in the motherland and forced onto ships. On those ships our ancestors endured a long journey of pain and many of the m died or either committed suicide before they reached the “promise land” forced upon them by the white man. Our people were raped, mutilated, beaten, hung, and killed. They hate us not for what we are but because of what they lack.

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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