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The Harms Of Worshipping Money In The Black Community In America.

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( Money is supposed to liberate you, not mentally enslave you which the latter has done to so many of our people in America.

Worshipping money has become extremely detrimental to our community for several reasons.

1. It erodes your ability to make smart decisions (ex. Vince Young blew through more than $30 million dollars by engaging in financial ignorance like “making it rain” at the club and making very bad investments because of the lack of education that he didn’t get in high school and college.)

2. It erodes your ability to support your community (ex: when Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN that “he didn’t give a damn aboutBlackMan-MONEY-2016 what black people think of him“, but he’ll gladly bend, fold, and kiss caucasoid ass when a becky had clearly violated company policy by bashing him on Twitter and then he turns around and acts like a weak punk by apologizing to that becky.)

3. It causes you to buck dance to make caucasoids feel comfortable or do things that benefit them (ex: Clarence Thomas recently supported systemic racism against us by voting to gut The 4th Amendment which now allows us to be racially profiled legally by the police.)

4. It has caused a majority of athletes, entertainers, and rappers to become disconnected from their community (ex: when these athletes, entertainers, and rappers are taught by mainstream media and Corporate America to worship “Money Over Everything“, it erodes their soul to the point of not caring about what their community is going through.)

5. It has caused many of young people to engage in all sorts of financial irresponsibility and conspicuous consumption (ex. Many of our young people are buying Eurocentric brands like Gucci, Kors that don’t hire any black people at all as well as them engaging in this toxic destrictive habit of “turning up” at the club every weekend to “make it rain“.)

The Conclusion – It’s time for us to break out of the psychological matrix of worshipping money and using money instead to build schools, businesses, and institutions that will benefit us.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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