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Smoking There is an alternative to cigarettes.

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( Modern science is now discovering what smokers have known for a long time: Nicotine has some wonderful medicinal properties.  Nicotine has been found to improve a person’s concentration and short-term memory. It lessens anger and minor depression and it helps boost mood. Nicotine, one of the most potent chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, stimulates dopamine in the brain, which acts as a neuro transmitter of other substances.  Nicotine is also addictive, and is responsible for the pleasurable emotions that smokers experience when they light up.

As smoking becomes a habit, the body’s nerves become immune to nicotine.  Smokers will search for the pleasure brought about by smoking and their bodies will demand an increased intake of nicotine just to get that desirable feeling again. As intake increases, the body may suffer from side effects that can harm and cause permanent damage. It may be as simple as having smelly clothes, fingers anBlackMan-E-Cig-2016d hair, wrinkles and gum and tooth loss to more serious effects. Some of the long-term effects of smoking include respiratory problems, pregnancy complications, cardiovascular health problems, increase risk of lung cancer, and stroke. Many smokers may not feel the severe effects of smoking until many years after they take up the habit, but once the symptoms crop up, they know that the damage has already been done.

Searching for a means to avoid these smoking problems, a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik created e-cigarettes in 2003. E-cigarettes create a vapor by heating an e-liquid containing propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine.  There is no doubt that E-cigarettes are safer to use than analog cigarettes; E-cigarettes lower the risk of cancer and pose no danger to non-smokers since the vapor exhaled by users does not contain the harmful components found in tobacco-cigarette smoke, which include carbon monoxide, tar, cyanide and carcinogens.

Another great benefit of e-cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes is that e-cig users have control over their nicotine intake, with levels of nicotine in e-liquids varying from zero milligrams to high levels like 36 mg. Even better, e-cig users (AKA “Vapers”) get to choose the flavor of their vapor with flavors ranging from banana, strawberry and tropical punch to unusual ones like German Chocolate Cake and Greek Yogurt. Vapers with a taste for adventure can try flavors like Blood, Snake Oil, Gorilla Juice, Truth Serum and Purple Pieman, to name just a few. These flavored e-liquids have much lower levels of toxicity in comparison to regular tobacco cigarettes. The main difference between vaping and smoking is found in the method of nicotine delivery. Since e-cigarettes and vapes do not burn, no cigarette smoke is produced.  A non-smoker inhaling a second hand vapor is not exposed to any harmful chemicals—only water vapor—which also does not leave residue and odors like tobacco cigarettes.  Unlike cigarettes, vaping has a minimal health impact on both the user and bystander.

Vapers have proven passionate the devices and e-liquids that allowed them to quit smoking when other nicotine therapy did not work.  Vaping is also socially acceptable in many places, including bars, offices and even malls. It is a hassle to step out of the office or a bar just to light a cigarette, giving vapers an advantage over smokers since they don’t have to step out and look for a proper place to smoke. Cigarette smokers often report they were motivated to try e-cigarettes when they discovered vaping would give them the option of pulling out a device (even while indoors) and taking a couple of puffs to satiate their need for nicotine instantly, as compared to smoking a whole tobacco cigarette, which is time consuming.

Since the advent of vapes and e-cigs, many vapers who thought that they would not be able to quit smoking have switched sides and tried e-cigs. They discovered that they managed to abstain from smoking for long periods of time or even permanently. With lower health risks, vaping has the upper hand when it comes to bringing in new users and former smokers.  They can stop whenever they want to and have substantially lowered their nicotine intake.  Many former smokers started out at high intake and through vaping have found that they preferred a lesser nicotine intake and more and more flavorful clouds.

While not as important as saving lives, it’s worth noting that vaping also helps users save money. In comparison to a regular smoker spending $10 a day on his or her habit, vapers can stretch $10 into 2-3 days’ worth of all-day vaping.  And, by buying the right device, one suited to their unique vaping needs, vapers can count on a reliable platform for nicotine delivery that will work flawlessly for years. Choosing the right replacement coil, atomizer tank, atomizer and e-juice is equally important, and vapers have the freedom to customize everything according to their preferences. Different styles of vaping demand different types of gear, but ultimately the vaper is in control every aspect of his or her vape.

As anyone addicted to smoking will tell you, it is not easy to quit a vice that fixes minor depression or calms anger for a short period of time. People, whether they are stressed at home, on the job, or just in general, sometimes just want to step out have a smoke. Smoking may lessen the weight of emotions that we are currently feeling, but we must still be mindful of the long-term consequences of smoking. We want to spend as much time as possible with the ones we love without sacrificing our health or theirs. Vaping opens the door to a smoke-free lifestyle and greatly reduced health risks. And vapers are not boxed in, with a limited number flavors and byproducts that are harmful to the environment and to their health. Users can regain their health with vaping; they cough less, become less irritable and once more have energy to spend for themselves and loved ones.

So if you are trapped in an endless cycle of smoke, eat, cough, sleep and repeat, there’s a modern alternative with greatly reduced health risks and no social stigma. Vaping can end your dependence on a poisonous, dirty product that promises huge health problems down the road in exchange for a few fleeting minutes of relaxation.

Staff Writer; Paul Wilson

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