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10 Ways To Empower Young Black Men In America.

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( In a system that is designed to oppress and destroy young black men in this country, black parents particularly black fathers should be heavily involved in teaching their sons these 10 things.

1. Don’t be a slave for The Corporate Plantation, teach him how to be an entrepreneur and king of his own castle  – Corporate America has a notorious reputation for perpectuating racial discrimination against black people, particularly black men to exclude them from the economic system.

2. There are more easier career opportunities than being another ordinary athlete or rapper – In fact, it’s far more easier to be an attorney than an athlete. Most careers in the pros are very short.

3. Be a strong proud masculine black man – The powers-that-be that control the feminism and gayism movements are pushing this systemic agenda on black men through cable 2016-youngblackmen-andteacherTV, the movies, the radio, public school system, etc. specifically to turn him into a docile, demasculized punk because a strong black man is the biggest threat to the system.

4. He’s born to be more than an athlete in this world – One of the worst things I heard a brother say was a few weeks ago when he told a reporter “I was born to play RB for The University Of Alabama” and my thinking was “You were born to do more in life than just running the football“.

5. Never let anyone tell him that he’s a “nerd” for being too smart – This ignorant statement made by caucasoids and negropeans really angers me because they are complicit in perpectuating the “intellectual inferiority” of young black men.

6. He can overcome any sort of adversity that life throws at him, even if it’s a rough time – For example, When I was a kid in special ed, I remember the female suburban teachers from my early elementary school days telling my grandma that “I wasn’t as smart as the suburban kids who looked like them” and boy did I prove them wrong 20 years ago when my grades got better to make my first A-B Honor Roll that following year.

7. Make smart decisions, especially when it comes to the woman who looks like him – In the streets, there are many traps systemically in place to eliminate or incarcerate him, but if he can avoid the traps in the streets, he’ll have a productive life.

8. To be sexually disciplined and being a responsible father – there are a lot of brothers out there that are having multiple kids through multiple baby mamas and it’s unhealthy for the kids and our community. I recently read a story online about a football player named Janoris Jenkins in which he said “he has 5 kids by 4 baby mamas” My mom had 10 kids through at least 5 baby daddies, so I am a product of sexual irresponsibility which is why I take this issue very personal. A 25-30 year old man that still acts like he’s 15 isn’t gonna make a good husband and father, he’s gonna make a good baby daddy.

9. Never do alcohol and drugs – I remember when I was a kid, my grandma was a heavy alcoholic that often drunk either a can or a bottle of her favorite beer at the time, Natural Light as well as being around relatives who did drugs and these personal experiences I had as a child became an inspiration of what NOT to do. Alcohol and drugs are among the greatest poisons that are destroyed so many lives and families, especially in our community.

10. Teach him knowledge of self by making him read books on his true history so that he can be unapologetic about his blackness – the more books he read, the more determined and empowered he’ll become to take on anything society throws at him.

The Conclusion – Teaching him the 10 things in this article that would go a long way in standing strong and unapologetic about his blackness and masculinity.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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2 Responses to “10 Ways To Empower Young Black Men In America.”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    To The Author,
    If you et the colors correct, the points in this article are good.

  2. Marque Anthony says:

    The first thing we have to do is stop calling ourselves a color that we are not and never have been. There is no freedom nor independence in deception.

    It amazes me how many of you are still brainwashed to call yourselves BLACK. Black is the color of your car tires, not your skin. The white oppressive slave trader called you black and himself white to set up a contrast and to attach negative images and denotations to you based on a lie about color. Look up BLACK in the dictionary.

    Research even shows that blacks are perceived by other groups as very different from African Americans. But we still keep calling ourselves what someone else defined us as, what we are not and what has a negative dictionary denotation in society. WAKE UP. LOOK AT THE REAL COLOR OF YOUR SKIN. YOU ARE NOT BLACK. You are an African American. The lie of calling us black and defining us by color (the wrong color) has been in place so long that our people accept it as truth – but it’s not. Know your colors.

    Native Americans do not allow others to call them red men. Asians do not accept being called yellow men. Hispanics do not answer to “what’s up brown man”. And Caucasians are not white, notebook paper is white. Wake up and see the plan where white racist supremacists plotted to redefine our people from Africa. STOP CALLING YOURSELF SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE NOT!

    Black is the color of your car tires, not your skin author. Being called “black” is a lie and it should be offensive. Haitians, Jamaicans and even Africans do not accept being called “black”, Why do you think that is? They are identified by tribes, klans, geographic areas and their respective countries. By using the very term black to describe us, we are doing the following:

    1. Using a term white oppressors and slave masters gave us.

    2. Letting someone else define us other than our own people.

    3. Calling ourselves something we are not.

    4. Buying into thee lie and the negative denotation. Check the dictionary.

    5. Being set apart in a way that no other ethnic group allows. Native Americans are not called Red Man. Asians are not called Yellow Man. Hispanics are not called Brown Man. They do not and will not accept being defined by color and by some other race or ethnic group at that.

    6. Ignoring our actual color (brown) which means brainwashing has worked. Any time someone can get an entire race, ethnic group or culture to ignore what they are and call themselves what they factually are not, THEY HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATED, ASSIMILATED AND BRAINWASHED.

    7. Playing right into the oppressor’s profiles and stereotypes. Did you know studies show there is a different perception of black people than there is of African Americans? Words create perceptions and perceptions create actions towards us.

    WAKE UP. You know your colors. And even though others around the world equated our ancestors with the color of the soil in Africa or the meaning of negro/negroid, that does not change the fact that WE ARE BROWN – NOT BLACK.

    If you look in the dictionary or send an email to, I will send you the research. Facts are facts and YOU ARE BROWN, NOT BLACK. When you receive the revelation of why they keep calling African Americans “black” and Caucasian people “white”, you may just wake up!

    STOP LETTING OTHER GROUPS DEFINE YOU WITH AN OBVIOUS LIE that we have heard and accepted so much that we believe it’s true and forget our colors. The de-programming has to take root or African Americans will forever be defined, limited and oppressed by those who get us to accept a lie.

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