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What I Learned from WordCamp Jacksonville #WCJAX.

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( WordCamp conferences are more than talking about one of the best web development applications there is. The ability to build web content that represents the diversity of the human spirit and passions that we have creating a dynamic web presence that builds relationships and gives people a voice.

From traditional text blogs to integrating widgets, plug-ins, apps and a host of other multimedia elements. The diversity of WordPress is that the range of who is using it signifies that users, developers, programmers, coders, graphic designers all have an equal opportunity to create dynamic content.

The ability to express thoughts, dreams, feelings, passions, desires and share content has expanded the integration of web content in our daily lives. The implementation of web tools has opened the social flood gates of connecting people of the same interests and those of diversity of mind and culture. The importance of people of WmJacksoncolor and culture to learn how to use and implement web development can be seen more and more as people using their smart devices to get their news, communicate with family and friends and discover that they too are creators of content from their daily interactions.

The first WordCamp of Jacksonville 2016 provided key areas of interest from the value of building a Brand to Marketing that Brand, the importance of building relationships through networking and volunteering in the community. The importance of being a business owner.

New words are being birthed to show the roles people are playing when utilizing web based tools. Content Creator, Influencer, Developer, User, Media Agent, Thought Leader, Web based marketing expert, and the list is growing. This gives rise to the seriousness people are taking at the works they do online. Rarely will you see someone develop an egotistical mindset because the changes in technology will humble a person’s skill-set and application. Learning is always continuous and transformative.

Communities are growing online, the more your involved in an area of content creation the deeper the understanding that the web is a collection of communities. These communities even though they are digital build relationships that sometimes are equal in emotional attachment to extended families, there is a connection, a bond from sharing passions and the delight in building a platform or a tool. The web has a unique ability to allow people and groups to create Brand Personalities that can expand globally.

Attached to the BP is the development of a persons e-Reputation that is just as important as their civic or community reputation. Building digital content does get noticed depending on the amount and frequency of posted content, marketing does accompany the building of a Brand, learning how to market yourself, your Brand and you passions are not exclusively to companies, it has extended to individuals using digital tools and platforms. Many that are using WordPress are finding that their reputations do proceed them because they are becoming involved in Meetups and other offline experiences that draw people together not just to talk about technology, but to support each other in life. The diversity of the faces, skin tones, language dialects, lifestyles, genders and people of color, culture and nationality are being united in a dynamic and global platform that enhances communication.

What I Learned from WordCamp Jacksonville #WCJAX

1. Build your Brand and build your voice because no one else will.

2. Your Brand builds a relationship with others and creates trust.

3. You have to own your Brand every day.

4. Your Brand should have a single Brand Personality.

5. Your content should be accessible on multiple formats and platforms that even those disabled can have access.

6. Your Brand is a personal picture of who you are and what you represent.

7. Your Brand develops your e-Reputation and e-Personality.

8. Your Brand should show that you are approachable

9. Your Brand should have digital tools attached that allow for disabled access.

10. Your Brand should show your passion for what you believe in.

11. Your Brand is your voice, never allow anyone else to speak for you or use your Brand.

12. Think about your Brand personality offline.

13. Allow your Brand to volunteer in causes that share your passions, vision and mission.

14. Your Brand should be on all your documentation online and offline.

15. Your Brand should show you to be confident not arrogant

16. In a business platform your Brand should stand out, and stand up.

17. Be humble in your works.

18. Professional Development is vital to stay up to date, so participating in conferences, seminars and workshops is a priority.

19. Network and Collaborate when possible.

20. Integrate, Implement and Initiating new technologies can sometimes be challenging.
Don’t be to proud or ashamed to ask for help.

21. There is never a conclusion to a project just a transition.

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Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

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