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AMERICA: The New Homosexual Babylon.

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( Today is a very sad day in America, or should I say “The New Babylon“? Today morality and the ability to tell right from wrong has been lost that much more in the United States. Today the Supreme Court of the United States overstepped its authority and made the law instead of interpreting it. Today the perversion of Homosexual Marriage is legal all over the country. The country voted against it (as a whole, the majority of states). Presidents both democrat (Clinton) and republican (Bush) signed executive orders against it (The In Defense of Marriage Act). But then came President Obama, claiming to be Christian but supporting homosexuality when clearly the Bible does not. Thus either our president is confused or he will intentionally sacrifice his morality for votes and hidden agendas. The Bible says you will know a spirit by the fruit it bares so what do you see?

While we all should have equal rights in this country, that does not mean equal on every single thing. An expectant mother can kill her unborn child but if the father does it, he will be charged with infantacide or maybe even murder. An adult cannot have sex with whomever he/she wants because there are age requirements. You cannot drive your very own car unless you have a license, you are of legal age and you carry insurance. Even then, there are emission restrictions, speed and window tint limitations. All of these things even though it is your car. Rights do not always apply in every area of American life. The freedom of speech, for example, does not apply to hate speech, terroristic threats or threats against the president. American citizens cannot say whatever we want so why should we be able to do whatever we want to do? And at some point, doing whatever you want to do with whomever you want to do it will trample on the rights of others.

This country promotes “In God We Trust” but are these hollow words? The bible says if we trust in the Lord….He will direct our paths. But you and I both know those paths will not be contrary to His Word – and God has a major problem with the abomination known as homosexuality. Ironically, our government says it trusts God on the back of our money, places the Ten Commandments in the halls of Congress and the courts, starts off sessions with prayers and then goes in the complete opposite direction. So maybe the question should be what “god” is our government (the courts, the president and the legislature) trusting in? And for those who support homosexuality, it is NOT the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

No matter what religious belief you have, you know that MARRIAGW WAS INSTITUTED BY GOD, in the sight of God and with God as a part of the covenant – not the United States Supreme Court. Therefore, if the courts cannot uphold the original blueprint, they should stay out of it all together.

What does the Supreme Court ruling mean? It means far less people will reproduce because two people of the same sex biologically were not made to have a baby. It means that homosexuality “sensitivity” will be shoved down the throats of heterosexuals. It means that LoveMarriage-GayRights-2015those of us who stand with God’s Word on homosexuality will be looked at as wrong, homophobic or out of place. It means children will grow up with confusion over the roles of men and women – roles defined by God, not man or the “Supreme” Court. This is the perversion of Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah all over again. But remember what happened to them both?

The homosexual movement was never about equal rights. It was about perversion on public display and forcing others to accept it. Why do I say this? Because the sex partner of a man or woman should have been private business for in the bedroom – not in the media, the public square and in the office. The homosexual movement is about hypocrisy – wanting to be accepted for their choices and preferences but not accepting heterosexuals for our disagreement with those choices when they encroach upon our values, spirituality and businesses.

The homosexual movement was and is about power – the power to force others to accept a lifestyle the majority of us know to be sin, perversion and the result of confused people as they rebel against God. But it is bigger than the issue of homosexuality. Once a nation or it’s people start down a road of immorality, it’s only a matter of time before the whole system disintegrates into chaos, anarchy and unspeakable perversion. We have laws on the books today that say people cannot have sex with animals, but they do it and believe it is their right. We have laws on the books against having sex with corpses, but people do it because they believe it’s their right. A man married his pillow last year because he felt it was his “right“. Where does it end? WILL ANYBODY ELSE STAND UP AND SPEAK THE TRUTH?

The church in this country (all denominations or non-denominational) has been far too quiet on taking a stand against homosexuality. Does the church stand for much of anything today? Does the church that says it represents Christ actually fear being politically incorrect? Mega-churches around this country and people like Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyers and Joel Olsteen could easily strike a blow in the community against homosexual immorality but what are they doing? Staying behind the safe walls of the building, speaking softly against sin and preaching to those who already know the truth. Christ is/was both the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah. The church has been the sheep amongst wolves long enough. It’s time to take on the nature of the Lion and tear the wolves apart. Will the real church please wake up and raise up? And as for Muslims, this same message is for you. Read your Quran and stand up!

If you are a homosexual and want to rebel against God, don’t shove it down the throats of those of us trying to do the right thing. Yes I have sinned in a dozen other areas and made mistakes, but I don’t blame it on God, I don’t say others have to accept or tolerate it and I don’t make it seem as if it’s my right to do wrong. I do not want my children taught about homosexuality nor brainwashed to sensitive and tolerant of it. Man and woman were created with parts that work together. Man and woman were created with the ability to reproduce. Man and woman were created with clear cut roles – long before the United States existed. Who are we to change these things?

If you are a homosexual and this article makes you angry, the truth usually does. You are lost, confused and headed down a perverted, immoral path that you may realize later on in life. Ultimately rights come from God, not from man. And Johnny can never have two mommies any more than Suzie can have two daddies. Truth is not just about what each person wants to do. And the African American community needs to increase our numbers, not decrease them. We must realize what one person does affect another and return to determining right from wrong. Sure you can come up with a bunch of excuses why you should engage in perversion and immorality. But doing the right thing is a much harder task that requires courage and strong moral values. WAKE UP!

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


44 Responses to “AMERICA: The New Homosexual Babylon.”
  1. Jacque says:

    I’m old school no faggots in my family, the men in my family marry women and the women to men as is taught in all Scripture, bible,Torah,and the holy Qur’an. What Scripture do you people (gay bi etc)use to normalize your selves? What do you offer the world.certainly not children ,you have to find a child that was birthed by a normal couple(man and women)now imagine if we normal people refused to let you gay people adopt? And that’s what would happen. Be gay and try to conceive. You people are hopelessly retarded.

  2. Servant David says:

    Every one will get Judgment . Those led astray and those that lead astray.
    Only one can Judge, and one can forgive, people don’t know they have a soul so they forfeit it for pleasure befor they know themselves and their soul and its maker. Lean not on your own mis understanding hue-manity, lose not your integrity and morality , let us stay in the life giving ways , the birds and the bees the flowers and the trees , return to nature , sto living artificial, polluted, toxic lives, life must be taken care of and all we are doing is taking care of a man made systym that destroys souls, creates wars and forgets the Allmighty and the commandments for humanity since the beginning of time there is a order, love of what is right is the only true love, too many people love what is wrong, though to them it is right , they justify themselves , but in life we are not judges of our selves but a higher power than man. Woe to you mystery babelon, place of confusion, may people stand firm in the faith and follow the true sheppard of peace and righteousness, be fruitful and multiply Gods people, let the wickedness of the earth perish and let righteousness cover the earth as water covers the sea, Men love your wives, wombmen submit to the goodness of your husbands, bless the children up, raise them sanctified from defilement for the sake of this and next generation, God is love and almighty creator, let us creat and copperate with eachother as a trinity mother father child and the great creator with lifes true way spirit in us.

    there is war in the heavens and earth, for our battles are not against flesh and blood but against powers of evil in high places, principality’s of darkness yes against misconceptions of the adversary of humanity who trys to destroys our minds from purity and remove the blessed presence of God within, who can only bring joy and life in its highest sense. People are falling away becoming vulgar and sensual, things of life are not treated sacred, but are mis used, open your eyes!

    Live right, receive blessings or do wrong receive a curse
    Woe to any one who leads others astray
    Woe to you mystery babylon

  3. anonie1 says:

    I’m sad reading all the negativity from so many people on this site.

  4. Marque Anthony says:

    To Independent Systems:

    Your comments are lewd and inappropriate. They seem to be the writings of a person who is angry with God or who never learned about Him. What shapes your belief? Clearly you are not the all in all and you have to believe there is someone greater than you – unless you believe you created yourself. You are setting up straw man arguments that will not work on intelligent and informed people.

    You have some facts but you have no idea of how to integrate them into truth and the big picture. I am familiar with Isis, Osiris, Mithraism and much more that could take you millions of years before the Bible but you keep arguing against the Bile itself as if I have not brought up any other points. Christianity was not likely used to beat and mutilate YOU or you would not be here to write this. You seem bitter and angry without really knowing why.

    A little knowledge and a few facts are a dangerous thing. You have not said anything that upholds morals and values (inside or outside Christianity). Your formula will lead to chaos and anarchy to be careful what you spread. Wake up.

  5. Marque Anthony says:

    to Robert Idris

    I am being repetitive because it is a proven fact that repetition is a useful teaching tool. There are many who are reading this article and learning from it. Plus do you see how many LIKES there are?

    The points that Independent System makes are those of a person who is damaged, has suffered bad experiences or who was not taught to have faith in anything nor anyone. Look behind the words he writes. He is angry at God or disappointed at God and using this forum to vent that in disguise. And that is my professional opinion as a veteran family and relationship counselor. I have counseled dozens of people with just that problem.

  6. Marque Anthony says:

    To Janaye:

    Why are you quoting bible verses? There are others that address homosexuality that you did not quote any of. Are you familiar with those? Quote those please.

  7. Janaye Montgomery says:

    Deuteronomy 24:1-4 “When a man takes a wife and marries her, if then she finds no favor in his eyes because he has found some indecency in her, and he writes her a bill of divorce and puts it in her hand and sends her out of his house, and she departs out of his house, and if she goes and becomes another man’s wife, and the latter husband dislikes her and writes her a bill of divorce and puts it in her hand and sends her out of his house, or if the latter husband dies, who took her to be his wife, then her former husband, who sent her away, may not take her again to be his wife, after she has been defiled; for that is an abomination before the LORD, and you shall not bring guilt upon the land which the LORD your God gives you for an inheritance.”

    Ezekiel 22:11 One commits abomination with his neighbor’s wife; another lewdly defiles his daughter-in-law; another in you defiles his sister, his father’s daughter.

    Leviticus 7:21 And if any one touches an unclean thing, whether the uncleanness of man or an unclean beast or any unclean abomination, and then eats of the flesh of the sacrifice of the LORD’s peace offerings, that person shall be cut off from his people.”

  8. robert idris says:

    really? in a country that barely practices thou christians law about adultry and pork among others we are having this discussion?! someones sexual orientation interfers with religious rights and cultural decency?wow this blog has turned into a sort of “homo” war that i dare not get entangled with. both you and independent are right but are in different spheres of influence. one cannot possibly win over the other although independent does have several points andy ou are being repetitive in some aspects. im christian but im heavily on the spiritual side and run several charities yet i dont wait until marriage. and “marriage” varried a lot in th past mind you. but hey I respect all opinions and would love to hear more from i think montogomery? about the legal ramifications of it. may god bles you all cheers!

  9. independent_systems says:

    abomination? im not a part of christianity etcits not my belief.. jesus is no different to me then thor or obi wan kenobi… i dont believe in an supposedly unaltered book from a thousand years ago…what do you call an individual who cant jack off to members of the othe sex….or even love them? do they deserve to marry the person they love? immortal technique said they do in a vlad interview (not lgb advocate but he said thatt) we have million ppl in foster care, gays are a small number our birh rate is healthy lol balance? sure these are theonly factors (and or the only ones that count and straight ppl hav flawless lives/offspring! …morals? religion committes genocides andinvasions…gays? make people uncomfortable? oh and not all good things came from the new testament…or shall i say invented from the new testament since you love history so much. europe was hell when religion thrived its better off being secular… incidently the secular countries have lower sex crimes and better economies..the middle east is a fruit-basket to say the least.xcept for jesus the other prophets were practical war generals…rome (other religions have their “rome”) mutated your religion(s)….look at facts? or just you own? the n word and christianity was used to beat us and mutilate us….they should be banned.. but you dont have the courage to do so brother…youll come to your senses may your grankids be “fierce” bwahaha lol

  10. Marque Anthony says:

    To Independent System
    Logic dictates that you look at the facts.
    There is a lack of balance in the children both sociologically and biochemically (seratonin, dopamine) when both parents are not in the home.
    Logically, it decreases any population when they cannot reproduce.
    Logically, when a society’s morals and values are eroded, it is a matter of time before it gets chaotic and that society falls.
    Logically, we cannot do all that we want to do, even with our own bodies. The laws of this country regulate many aspects thereof (suicide, prostitution, abortion at a certain point, pedophilia, bestiality, homicide etc.

  11. Marque Anthony says:

    To Independent System

    Email your phone number to me at because I would like to speak to you personally. The Bible is not as immoral as you think and even with the things you “see” wrong with it, I dare you to find anything good in this society that is not covered by the New Testament. Separating Old and New Covenants is a big part of overstanding the Bible.

    Even before the Bible existed, many ancient civilizations understood procreation was necessary to continue their bloodlines. Most shunned homosexuality. And biologically we are built for heterosexuality – a fact, like it or not.

  12. Marque Anthony says:

    To Independent_System

    You read the Bible but it tells us to study, not just read. Do you understand it? In all your getting, get understanding. If you understood the clear cut verses that speak out against homosexuality, we would not be having this conversation. What does ABOMINATION mean to you? Wow. You want to argue with me, but try arguing with the Bible and God and see how far you get. I did not write it. He judges and He has judged homosexuality. The verses are so clear cut that they do not even require interpretation or a concordance. Wake up!

    As a counselor, I can easily tell that some experience in your life has weakened or eroded your faith. That or you were never taught. I could take you much deeper and much further back before the Bible, but I doubt you would grasp it without having any foundation.

    I could take you back to Egypt, Sumeria, the Emerald Tablets and then some. But you would only want to think as you do, regardless of the facts, truth and hard evidence. Wake up.

  13. Marque Anthony says:

    Janaye Sodom and Gomorrah had other things going on, but that in no way negates nor diminishes the perversion of homosexuality they had going on. Perversion leads to all sorts of perversion, so in a way, you are confirming my point about gateway deviant behavior.

    You are also in error that it is man who chooses degrees of sins. Read the Bible more carefully. There are different levels placed on sin by God. The unpardonable sin is the worse. There are various categories including sins of omission and sins of commission, sins against the body, sins against one’s neighbor, sins that God says He hates, sins that are abominations and so on. Where are you getting your ideas from? And why are you making excuses for deviant, perverted, immoral behavior? Are you a homosexual? Is there someone in your family who you are defending? Do you only read the Bible verses that support what you want to think? Read all of them.

    Clearly God speaks out against homosexuality in many verses, New and Old Testament. Would you argue with Him about what He calls an abomination? And do not put words in my mouth. I did not pick and choose. Can you call a sin a sin or will you not stand up for what is right morally and spiritually?

  14. Janaye Montgomery says:

    Sodom and Gomorrah was not only comprised of homosexuals. The city itself held all kinds of sinners drunkards, prostitutes etc. It is man that chooses degrees of sin based on their societal norms. Incest was a means to populate the earth, concubines, multiple wives were all permissible. Today you face persecution for it. Listen for the NOW word from God. It’s interesting how we pick and choose what we adhere to.

  15. Independent_Systems says:

    i read the bible…it was the most immoral book ive ever seen. it sounded like a tryant and my heart was open. nothing is immoral about homosexuality except that god said it is. not everyone is brainwashed by your pagan originated religion. i can think for myself without the borg gospel commanding what i do. whats this about a dark path? you are slut shamin humanity….and sound like mace windu to boot. im on the side of logic…you beliefs are…..irrational to say the least

  16. Marque Anthony says:

    To All Those Defending Perversion, Immorality and Abomination:
    My objective is to cause you to think about your position in light of the truth, the facts and the evidence. To look at what is best, not simply what people want to do. For some reason, man (and woman) choose the darkness and stay away from the light, defending positions that lead down a path of destruction and unproductive, rebellious behavior.

    I may be further away from perfection than many of you, but I do not make excuses for it, defend my errors or blame God. Therein lies maturity when you can face yourself, your conscience and the inner working of your own heart ion the mirror and overstand why you do what you do.

  17. Marque Anthony says:

    To Janaye Montgomery,

    First of all, healing cannot come until people face what is wrong and call it fore what it is. Clearly you must know that healing cannot come until repentance comes before it. And repentance will not come until people realize what they are doing is wrong. I suppose you would say Christ beat up on people or beat them down, maybe because you do not understand when the Bible says we are to restore those taken in a fall, not just pray for them. I suppose you would say John the Baptist and all the apostles were wrong for speaking out against sin and abominations. But I would have to ask you what Word of God are you following?

    Clearly we should pray for people and not hate them – but wait, that is not all we are told to do. Sometimes rebuke is necessary and speaking the truth is always required. My job and the job of everyone who says they follow Christ is to do as He did, using Him as an example. And He did a heck of a lot more to confront evil and sin than to just pray. Read your Bible.

  18. Marque Anthony says:

    Independent_System you seem to fail in understanding depravity, perversion and the end result of both. Your argument has so many holes in it that I could write an entire thesis disproving what you say.

    But the bigger question is why you seek to defend that which reduces the African American population, that which encroaches on freedom of religion, that which shoves vile and repulsive abominations down the throats of people who stand for what is moral, what is spiritual and what is productive. There is a reason two men or two women cannot reproduce. Wow, can you understand things on a biological level even?

    As a family and relationship counselor, I have helped thousands of people – youth, individuals, families and couples. Exactly what do you do besides attempt to pick apart my arguments? Are you a homosexual?

    Your comments are very abstract and appear to be the inconsistent ramblings of a confused individual. You should be my client, not my opposition.

  19. Marque Anthony says:

    To Basil Johnson
    My roots are not in homosexual perversion. Are yours? And unless you have done my ancestral search (I have), you don’t know enough about my roots to make the comment you made. I have no self-hate and where in the world did you get that abstract comment from? You should read my article more closely. I know who I am, where I am from and what is right from wrong. I must ask, do you?

    You sound like you reject that which you do not understand. As for the term “common sense”, how would you test that from person to person? Do you believe in anything? Do you stand for anything? If not, I see why your confused and lost comments are what they are.

  20. Marque Anthony says:


    Don’t ever compare gays to the black struggle, I be damn if I’m going to watch the gays disrespect my ancestors.

    A. Millions of blacks were brought to America and put into slavery for 300 years.

    B. Gays were never put into slavery by anybody.

    A. Black people had our names, language, history and culture taken away from us.

    B. Gays never had their names and language taken away from them.

    A. Blacks slaves had to work from sun up to sun down, and they never paid.

    B. Gays never worked without getting paid.

    A. 1000’s of black churches were BOMBED and burned down.

    B. Gays never had any of their churches bombed or burned down.

    A. For 100’s of years blacks were hung from trees and set on fire.

    B. Gays haven’t been hung from trees and set on fire.

    A. Blacks had to go to the back door of a restaurant to eat.

    B. Gays never had to go to the back door of a restaurant to eat.

    A. Black people had to ride on the back of the bus, because of our skin color that God gave us.

    B. Gays never had to ride on the back of the bus.

    A. In America it was against the law for blacks to read.

    B. It has never been against the law for gays to read.

    A. Black kids were not allowed to go to certain schools, because of their skin color that God gave them.

    B. Gays have never been denied an education.

    A. Blacks had to step off of the sidewalk and allow a white person by pass.

    B. Gays never had to go through that.

    A. In America blacks were considered 3/5th of a human, which put blacks on the same level as animals.

    B. Gays were never considered 3/5th of a human.

    A. Blacks leaders had their homes bombed fighting for us.

    B. Gays never had any of their homes bombed.

    A. Black people we can’t hide our color, and we can’t hide who we are, and we would NEVER want to.

    B. Gays you can hide the fact that you are gay, nobody would know that you are gay if you didn’t tell anybody.

    A. Even today the police are stopping people because they are black.

    B. The police are not stopping anybody because they are gay.

    A. Today the police are killing unarmed blacks.

    B. The police are not killing gays.

    A. In the Bible God said that it is an abomination for a man to lay with another man.

    B. God NEVER said that it was an abomination to be black, God never said that being black is a sin.

    So don’t ever compare your gay lifestyle to the black struggle.

  21. Basil Johnson says:

    Wreaks after pro-religion anti-homo stuff. Go back to your roots with african religions or the generic buddhist/hindu.

    You were the Abrahamic Religion’s slaves from the beginning and you’ll end that way. God doesn’t need prophets to convey his message if he’s all powerful. common sense

    I can only hope you escape the self-hate brother. Giants, talking snakes, 800 year old men…where DO your illusions end?

  22. Janaye Montgomery says:

    I will pivot from the original post to discuss a more relevant topic. What I find troubling is the “Superstar” lifestyle of preachers. I have sat in a church and couldn’t decipher if I was watching Jerome bring Morris Day the mirror, or watching the cape being bestowed to James Brown. The tax exempt status is abused beyond belief. The last time I checked Jesus called working men, not pampered men with encrusted jewel goblets . This, more than anything should be your topic.

  23. Janaye Montgomery says:

    Marquee, you speak as if your existence is the epitome of WWJD. Almost as if you know that your ticket to the great beyond has a signed sealed and delivered platinum stamp. As I stated earlier this was a question regarding our constitution that was debated and decided just as countless other pieces of legislation. The supreme court has served as a buffer between the minority vs. majority. Without the supreme court/legislation the majority during the civil rights movement would have kept you in the back of the bus. This is a time for healing not a bully pulpit for you to smack down Gods Children. Because we will all have to give an account. Your job is to Love as a supposed representative of God. Leave the judging to Him.

  24. Independent_Systems says:

    Marque Anthony

    Some of your facts are correct, but then there is truth – which you seem not to understand. The bible does not say “don’t use cocaine”. Nor does it say “don’t drive down the highway in the wrong direction”. Nor does it say “don’t jump out of a plane without a parachute”

    * “Slavery and pedophillia existed in the olden days IN RELIGION ..cocaine and planes didn’t, a nonsensical analogy. You might as well have said F-22 Raptors or an XBOX

    Thus Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah etc.

    * Yes because its mentally rational that a God that descends from the heavens and speaks in people’s heads by a MAN/MAN-GOD about what to do with their genitals. Totally makes sense….what?! How do you believe that?

    I hate the acts of perversion, immorality and abomination. Why don’t you?

    * I hate acts of perversion as well, but when it affects people like raping, not because an imaginary-being told me thats its wrong. Thats no different then ISIS or the Inquisition. God told them to “blow up” rival sects. Peace-time/War-time God apparently has varying opinions depending on MANMADE events…which suggests that MAN wrote it.

    It’s amazing that you have only a partial sense of right and wrong. Amazing and sad.

    * And what of the religious wack-os who point to B.C ISIS sh!t? I guess thats another version of “right”. I know whats right, if you think advocating LGBT will turn me into a pedophille….well you are daydreaming brother. People are born pedophilles too, just like schizophrenics. (Neither are to be tolerated for obvious reasons that don’t involve Thor…I I mean Jesus)

    Homosexuality implies that God made a mistake.

    * No it doesn’t no more then any mental illness or physical/mental mutation implies that God “made a mistake”

    “Homosexuality confuses children about who and what they are.”

    * Utter nonsense sexual attraction is hard-coded even at a young age.

    Homosexuality is a perverted gateway behavior. What next? Bisexuality, transgenders, bestiality?

    * Bi and trans is no worse then being gay lol. The human brain is wired to attraction to humans not animals. Don’t get carried away you will NEVER see any “bestiality” rights movement.

    Argue with all of them. And how did they ever set their guidelines without your input, wow?

    * Let me re-state/clarify myself Homosexuality isn’t culturally natural at all. (Its not natural on many levels) (Doesn’t mean its evil or anything) Religion simply followed culture, both created by man to deem it so. My input? Where in G_D’s green earth did you get that they need my “approval” odd…

    So argue with God and I dare you to call Him idiotic

    * Where did you get the fact I hate God? (Religious paranoia) Just man-made religion…obviously you can’t take your ‘hate the sin love the sinner’ medicine can you?

    Homosexuality, for many (thought not all), is the result of molestation or bad experiences with the opposite sex.

    *If you cannot masturbate to women as a teen countless times (aka porn, and clothed) you are GAY. Stop making something easy insanely complicated like igniting a nuclear weapons jeese.

    FACT: Sexually liberated countries (such as Iceland, other European Countries)
    who aren’t as sexually repressed have LOWER sex crimes. Compared to India, Pakistan and…..America! And those “sexually” liberated countries are pratically atheist! Remember the religious molestation in Britian.

    Wherever God is stronger, so is the mistreatment of women (M.E) and rape (U.S and Britain. Connect the two..its like the dolts that can’t see that ISIS is on our payroll! lol

    “Ultimately rights come from God, not from man”

    It doesn’t matter the context, its just ripe for religious mad-men to co-opt and weaponize the statement. I go by the golden rule (which probably pre-dates the bible)

    “Homosexuality stops reproduction – a biological fact”

    *So do heterosexual women and men born infertile. There reproduction has stopped. Where are you getting at? Maybe they are just faking infertility like their sexual orientation.

    “An expectant mother can kill her unborn child but if the father does it, he will be charged with infantacide or maybe even murder”

    *According to religion the “soul” doesn’t come in until much after the third tri-mester…also scientists claim that around the same time is when any real-life nueral network resembling sentience comes in.

    “But if the father does it”
    * When the child is born? Does he reach into the stomach? Tell us pls

    The freedom of speech, for example, does not apply to hate speech, terroristic threats or threats against the president. American citizens cannot say whatever we want so why should we be able to do whatever we want to do? And at some point, doing whatever you want to do with whomever you want to do it will trample on the rights of others.

    * You doubt your sexuality because you uncomfortable with homosexuals kissing…got it. But it doesn’t affect me.

    ***Maybe the Jews are right and Jesus is the false-massiah. Maybe the Muslims are right and Jesus is a prophet who man made into a God. How do you know? One religion is simply more “convincing” then the next. The top religious leaders will (and do on youtube) cancel each other out and some point. Religion is not absolute (or clear).

    Your version of “God” promotes slavery, war, destruction and petty ideals on right and wrong. Gay sex is wrong but enslaving/killing the Caanites, etc, etc is fine.

    Yea that sounds like a MAN talking not a God…

  25. Marque Anthony says:

    To Janaye Montgomery,
    Nowhere in the Bible does it tell us we are to ignore sin, especially when it affects our community. We can speak on it and relay the messages of od, even though we ourselves make mistakes and sin.

    I can say a rape is wrong – even if I was speeding on the highway last week. I can say homosexuality is wrong because God says in the Bible consistently that it is wrong and an abomination. Look it up.

    If you are saying we should not say what is right and wrong simply because we sin as well and make mistakes, there would be nothing but chaos in the streets, ion the community and in the church. Too many have been silent too long. I encourage you to read how the apostles spoke up and spoke out. I encourage you to read how John the Baptist spoke up. I encourage you to study how Christ spoke up with rebukes against sin, then said He was our example. Wake up and speak up.

  26. Marque Anthony says:

    Thank you Judy and Ada.

    Remember this, when Daniel was discouraged about what he found out would come to pass, the angel encouraged him and said these things must happen.

    The fullness of sin must be uncovered and revealed as it comes to the surface. Then, and only then, can it be dealt with by God, as it comes to the light and to face the Light of the World.

  27. Marque Anthony says:


    Some of your facts are correct, but then there is truth – which you seem not to understand. The bible does not say “don’t use cocaine”. Nor does it say “don’t drive down the highway in the wrong direction”. Nor does it say “don’t jump out of a plane without a parachute”.

    If you are looking for a word-for-word book of instructions, you do not understand how the Bible is constructed and that is must be studied in context along with the illumination of the Holy Spirit. It must also be studied by looking at patterns and examples of what to do, what not to do and what happened to those who did it. Thus Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah etc.

    I have no time to give you a lesson on Hermeneutics, but I very well could. I suggest you look at the truth as much as you look at the facts – and learn to balance the two with your evidence.

    As to your Fact #3, I don’t worry, I confront perversion, sin and evil. I can also do this on more than one front at once. Rest assured I can walk and chew gum at the same time. Can you? On your fourth fact, I don’t worry about that either because I have read the books of Isaiah, Daniel and Revelation. I KNOW HOW THINGS WILL END UP.

    Also don’t misquote me. I NEVER said I hated anyone. I hate the acts of perversion, immorality and abomination. Why don’t you? Finally, I know why “blacks” are Christians but that is a discussion that would go deeper than you want to go with me, I promise you.

    It’s amazing that you have only a partial sense of right and wrong. Amazing and sad.

  28. Marque Anthony says:

    Jason, my call was right on target. First of all, true Muslims already read the Quran, thus I am simply redirecting them to research this topic in the Quran. Second of all, I said nothing about anybody killing anybody. Third of all, though I am neither Muslim nor defending the Quran, there is much more in there than who to kill, when and why. Be careful not to condemn millions of peaceful people based on what is written. That is both insulting and unwise. Next of all, look at the Christian Crusades when they killed many, many people. Nevertheless, this was not the topic or nature of my article at all. There is blood on the hands of everyone from Cain to Moses and on down the line. YOU MISSED THE ENTIRE POINT OF ADDRESSING EVERYONE OF EVERY FAITH ON THIS ISSUE

  29. Marque Anthony says:

    For Tom Johnson
    Check the laws on SODOMY.
    Secondly, using your reasoning, sex with consenting children, sex with animals, sex with a deceased spouse and sex with prostitutes would be OK.

    You have not at all looked at the logical conclusion of your reasoning. You do not address the Bible and God’s position on homosexuality, but instead insult me. But guess what, I did not write the Bible. So argue with God and I dare you to call Him idiotic. If you do, you are a bolder person than I am. Apparently you think you know more than all religions because Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Catholicism etc. speak against homosexuality. Argue with all of them. And how did they ever set their guidelines without your input, wow?

    Homosexuality stops reproduction – a biological fact.
    Homosexuality blurs the roles of men and women – another fact
    Homosexuality confuses children about who and what they are.
    Homosexuality implies that God made a mistake.
    Homosexuality is a perverted gateway behavior. What next? Bisexuality, transgenders, bestiality?
    Homosexuality, for many (thought not all), is the result of molestation or bad experiences with the opposite sex.

    Homosexuality was voted against by several state in this country.
    Marriage was defined as between a man and a woman by both democratic and republican presidents.

  30. Marque Anthony says:

    JBond007 you are right on point and thank you for having the courage to speak with clarity against moral depravity

  31. Marque Anthony says:

    Tom Johnson

    I guess you think the Bible makes idiot statements as well when it clearly speaks out against homosexuality. READ Leviticus chapters 18 and 20, look up the word “effeminate” in your Bible, look at Romans chapter 1 and look up Matthew 19:3, for starters.

    YOU ARE COMPLETELY LOST! And if you want to go astray for the purpose you were obviously biologically constructed to fulfill, don’t blame it on me with immature insults that have no basis in truth. Just admit that you stand in rebellion and your mind is not renewed. You might want to pray for the renewing of your mind. As a family and relationship counselor, I can always tell when someone wants to go down the wrong path and when they know it. How? They respond just as you did.

  32. Marque Anthony says:

    Janaye first of all there is no such language as “separation of church and state” in any founding document in this country. That became a catch phrase. Secondly, what you are referring to actually means that the government will not make laws that restrict the right of church, worship or freedom of religion. Do your research. Thirdly, you are incorrect yet again.

    This is a moral issue, a political issue, a sociological issue of deviance, a constitutional issue and a spiritual issue. It’s a moral issue because many people who are not religious or spiritual still oppose homosexuality based on a moral value system of husband and wife. Do your homework yet again.

    Finally, if you say you are a Christian, God’s position on homosexuality is clear in your Bible. He is against it. I encourage you to do more research and let the truth sway your opinion, not the other way around. I could give you the bible verses but you should probably look them up.

  33. Janaye Montgomery says:

    There is such a thing as separation of church and state. This is not a moral issue, it’s a constitutional issue. While it is true that religion is the undergirding of our society, it has been used both positively and negatively for good and evil. As a Christian I understand that the spec in my eye is no different than what God sees in all of our eyes. Our Own History and current day Oppression should soften your heart. I challenge you all to search your heart and realize that until your own mirrored reflection shows no imperfection -then and only then should you speak.

  34. Tom Johnson says:

    Wow, what an idiotic statement.

    First, the government intruded into the bedrooms of gays and arrested them (read Bowers v Hardwick), not gays bringing their bedrooms into public.

    But that aside, your biblical arguments are just stupid. Using your logic, you, as sons and daughters of Ham, were always destined, and today still deserve to be, slaves. Wow, now that’s dumb, but following your logic, just get out your chains and set yourself up.

    Saddest of all, you self-declared “black man”, is that you wish to deny others the freedom you were granted in Loving v Virginia. In the 1950 Virginia statutes, Marriage is defined as only between people of the same race. Well, gee, there you go, you “mullatos” (as defined in the Virginia statue and because there are almost no pure africans in america today) are just abominations of nature under that theory.

    So much is so wrong in your writing, spurred by some irrational fear, hanging onto ways to justify your irrational subjugation of things you do not understand, is pathetic. I pray for you.

  35. JBonds007 says:

    I have never met a person that said they hate homosexuals. Yet ironically, homosexuals always switch the discussion of their acts being a sin to one hating them. NOT EVEN GOD HATES A HOMOSEXUAL! God hates all sin!!!

    Yes we all sin and fall short of God’s glory. But we all don’t request others accept our sin as normal.

    Yes many were violated at young ages and were left sexually confused – doesn’t mean it needs to be law.

    Yes all humans should be treated fairly and equally. However, what’s next….. will we somehow convince SCOTUS that killing should be legal?

    This IS perversion and it IS sad. We must pray harder than ever. I thank God I sit under sound doctrine – my Pastor speaks out. Not that it make much of a difference.

  36. Jason says:

    You really want Muslims to read their Quran… and what? Realize they should be killing Christians and Jews, overtaking governments, setting up caliphates and enforcing Sharia Law? Yeah, not the best call there my brother.

  37. Dina says:

    America, Oh America (tears)!

  38. sem says:

    Yes, nice article.

  39. Independent_Systems says:

    It warms my ears when religious people talk about “morals” and how this will lead to pedophillia.

    Fact#1: There is no ABSOLUTE phrase that sets up a minimal age of consent in religion

    Fact#2: There is no ABSOLUTE phrase that bands slaves/the act of slavery

    Fact#3 You Christians worry about merely gay marriage?! Worry about your funding of Isreal and Saudi Arabia…two evil nations that inwardly/outwardly oppress and oppose virtually every adherence to Christianity. Most view the trinity among others values as “disgusting” and “pagan-like”. The muslims fight against your culture while the jews covertly take it over in a tag-team operation throughout Europe and America.

    Fact#4 Worry that Christianity in the U.S in particular is BURNING. Atheists and Muslims are licking up their chops and ‘dividing the spoils. Unlike Islam Christianity is trampled, altered far more. Casting down at people will only make your numbers grow smaller

    Fact#5 Never use Christianity to hate gay people. It can be used against blacks (look at history and the curse of ham)

    Fact#6 Like all Abrahamic religions Christianity spread across Africa like Yazdi or Shiite would convert to Sunni-Islam. Few jews from Germany/Western Europe would convert to the Catholic church…Why are blacks christians?

    I don’t need some “book” to tell me Pedophillia and slavery is ABSOLUTELY wrong and just because some “book” tells me homosexuality is amoral doesn’t mean it is. I have my own code…I know lots of muslims/christians who would f 5 year olds and burn everything if their was even a hint of their god’s approval.

    How can you be pro-black and advocate for the arab-white mans abrahmaic religions?


  40. Della says:

    What’s next! Adopting children to destroy their lives as well oh my god what’s next what’s next.

  41. Ada says:

    Let me rephrase the comments I made above, I was angry when I just heard about the supreme court ruling and I do not hate or have any harsh feelings against homosexuals. I feel the act is a sin as is any sexual sin defined in the bible, whether it is adultery or sex with animals. I how ever feel the government had no right to make a moral issue a legal issue and I fear their will be negative consequences because of this. People who live together should have rights as to leaving their assets and taxes, but this could have been done without legalizing the marriage. Again this is a moral issue not a legal one.

  42. Ada Stewart says:

    I totally agree with this article. I feel sad for the future of my children and grandchildren if this is where our country is headed. This is not a legal issue but a moral issue and it is a sin whether it is made legal or not and it is about time Christian leaders speak against it and take a stand not only for God but for the future of our children. People do not have a right to love whom ever they want. But to make it legal, really shows the moral decline in our government. Where are the Christians in Washington. Anyone who thinks gay marriage or unions are okay, is not a Christian. I think this sexual perversion is a twisted mind that is not capable of resisting sin and wants to feel better about it by making it legal. We as Christians need to let them know, it is still a sin and we do not accept the union as a marriage.

  43. Ada Stewart says:

    You are so right. We all need to ban together as Christians and let Washington know this is not acceptable. Religious leaders need to do their jobs and call homosexuality what it is SIN. You are right, it is a perversion and it is odd against nature. I think people who are homosexual know it is a sin and to make themselves feel better want it legal and push it off on the entire country. We are headed down a dark path of sin and they have no right to try to make our children and grandchildren believe this is a normal choice . This is not a legal issue ,it is a moral issue and one of sexual perversion. What happens when people want to marry their pets? Why have our religious leaders not spoken out against this sin? Is the pope the only one who has the courage. Any religious leader who does not speak out against this is clearly not a messenger of the God I know and love.

  44. Judy says:

    This is the best article that I have read today. I cannot express the sadness that I feel for our country today and for the blow that was bestowed upon Christians across the country.

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