Thursday, September 28, 2023

Sisters, Stand Up.

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( We have been blessed by the Father with strong, beautiful, brilliant, brave Black men….Brothers. Without our brothers, we could not survive. Without our brothers, we would not have our children. Without our brothers, our race would be no more. We need our brothers.

As we know, our brothers are under attack. Sisters, just take a moment to imagine the struggles that they face every day of their lives. Wanting to, and trying to, provide for their families with limited opportunities; being targeted and profiled daily; being judged and labeled; branded as the “usual suspects” in every negative situation; getting passed over time and time again for promotions; we could go on and on. Their strength amazes me.

But, regardless of how strong they appear to be, they are hurting. My question is, sisters, where are we in the midst of their pain? “Where are we?” should be a rhetorical question. However, in the crisis we are currently facing, it is a question that must be posed, and without doubt, a question that we must look into the mirror and honestly answer.

I was appalled to hear the mayor of Baltimore (a sister) label our brothers as “thugs”. The day after the riot, at her press conference, she spoke so passionately about the businesses that are affected and the monetary loss for the city. But, not once did she speak about the AP SUSPECT DIES BALTIMORE A USA MDdeath of Freddie Gray. Not once did she offer her condolences to the family. Yet, she vowed to protect the property from “thugs”. Maybe we need to educate the mayor to the riots throughout our history in America which brought about change. Yes, she has since apologized. But, what message has this sent to the world of how some of us think of our own brothers and the division it has caused between our people?

Of course, no one wants violence in any circumstance. However, when is enough, enough? When will we, as a people, stop shuffling along begging for our human rights?

There are innumerable campaigns throughout America to end bullying in our schools, as there should be. We teach our children to stand up to a bully. Many times, as parents, we don’t have to get involved. Because if one is picked on, ridiculed, labeled, and judged enough, at some point one will stand up and fight back. It’s human nature.

Is this not what our brothers are facing, bullies? Haven’t they been picked on, ridiculed, labeled, judged and oppressed to no end? Yet, we want them to sit back and take it? What does this teach our children when we sit back and allow our brothers to be murdered without consequence?

Sisters, it cannot be stressed enough. Our brothers need us. Whether he is our father, brother, uncle, or son, our brothers need us. We need to have their backs. We need to tame our tongues against negativity concerning our brothers. We need to let them know that they are not alone in this world. We need to be their helpmates.

Staff Writer; La Royce

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3 Responses to “Sisters, Stand Up.”
  1. Jean fvs wildcat says:

    Absolutely not. Sisters, we will not stand up for black men until, the black man stands up for the black female!!
    Why should we sisters, knock ourselves out trying to uplift a bunch of low down dirty men who do what da white man tells him to do?? Then the black men walk around degrading black females and cheating on us, while calling us ugly names like sluts, whores, and bitches, etc???

    This article was so wrong and so disrespectful to all black females. We are waiting for you all to rewrite this article !

  2. Marque Anthony says:

    I agree with Robert completely.
    I am the author of Women Believe In Your Man (on this site).
    I enjoyed your article
    Marque Anthony

  3. ROBERT says:

    IT’S time for us to become more honest, discerning and sophisticated with our politics.

    BALTIMORE is a majority black and DEMOCRAT city, the MAYOR is black and almost all the city officials are black and we refuse to hold these people accountable for presiding over the death of these black communities.

    AND as we just heard this mayor who called our people thugs, these black DEMOCRATS see us as whitey see’s us and are using the very same language.

    IT’S time to acknowledge that the black DEMOCRATS have betrayed us and are now in a open alliance with the people who wish to destroy us!

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