Will Righteous Anger Lead You to Finally Stand-Up?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) What if someone broke into your house and stole your money and other valuables, would you be angry? Of course, you would! What if you came to know the identity of the thief, not due to an investigation, but because the thief did not hide his identity and left glaringly clear tracks. Would you take action that would expose the thief, have him arrested and maybe face charges, or would you slough it off and… just forget it? What if that thief made your life miserable, like a bully, ridiculed you, and dared you to do anything about it? What would you do?! What would be your response?
Now, you truly understand where I am coming from with the Davis Job Creation Plan. I was pissed, when I found out the “the truth” about the money the federal government forced me to set aside by law for my retirement through the Social Security program. The money was, euphemistically speaking, “mismanaged” (legally stolen). It was not justStandUpStatement-2014 some of it, all of it…every damn penny of it was “mismanaged.” It was not diverted by “any old somebody” either, but by Republican administrations. That is when I decided to do something! I started this campaign to force the government to pay the money back. No, not pay it back by cutting our Social Security benefits to accommodate the theft, but actually pay the money back!
I do not as a tendency waste my time and money on ideas that do not work and cannot be completed. Sure, the “Davis Plan” is going to require Congressional action! Many think the plan is dead for that reason. However, I believe what Dr. Martin Luther King said on the steps of the State Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 after the march from Selma, Alabama, “How long? Not long, because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Moreover, I seek justice! You see, brothers and sisters, a great injustice has been committed by past Republican administrations against you.

That is right, you, me, and American working men and women over the last 30 years. Republicans administrations mismanaged over $3 trillion dollars of our hard earned money; we, the working class citizens of America. “It really amounts to the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.” You, me, our white and other black brothers and sisters had deducted from and continue to have deducted from our payroll checks, a tax that should have been and still should be put away for us until we reach(ed) retirement age – it is the payroll tax we paid and continue to pay into the Social Security trust fund. It is our money! They stole it, and gave it to their wealthy friends and supporters through tax cuts for the rich and in other ways.
The Davis Plan exposes the theft because it requires the use of the trust fund money to create jobs; that’s the $3 trillion dollars that’s no longer there! If we look for the money and find it is not there, the first thing anybody with common sense ought to ask is, where did it go? I have every confidence once the theft is revealed and understood, honest Americans will demand the money be paid back.

There is even a hash tag that could accommodate the demand (#Put our money back-create jobs now!) With such a vociferous demand, Congress and the Obama administration will hear, as it is a well-known fact among politicians in Washington, D.C. that the money was spent by Republican administrations. Mr. Obama has even made a promise that, if there is any issue the public feels strongly about and that issue gets 100,000 petition signatures in 30 days, his administration will take up that issue. It is highly unlikely American voters, once the issue of restoring the money to the trust fund is taken up, will not demand it be returned.

Additionally, the American voters are unlikely to deny the request of giving Social Security retirees some of their money up front in the form of a partial distribution of their principal, if by doing so; this action can be shown to create jobs. The amount of money requested by the plan is a partial distribution up to $40,000.00 dollars. With 10,000 Baby Boomers (Black Baby Boomers make up 14% of that number!)retiring each day for the next 16 years, taking advantage of this opportunity, we get $400,000,000.00 million dollars/day pumped into our economy. Due to the velocity of money, $400,000,000.00 dollars performs like $800,000,000.00 dollars a day cascading into our neighborhoods as boomers spend this money creating demand and decreasing unemployment. 
“The Fix This Time,” http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MI3PD2M the book I authored, details among other things “how” Republican administrations starting with President Reagan, increased the payroll taxes American workers paid to the Social Security trust fund and when these increased payroll taxes were received, diverted the money! Again, “it is your money,” which was mismanaged (stolen) just as sure as it was taken from your house!

There is clear documented proof this occurred, because in their insulting arrogance and being the bullies they truly are, they did not hide it (like our thief above). It is an open secret and the evidence of this callous act is part of the Congressional Record of the United States Congress, which the book taps! It is the classic rich versus poor or in this instance, middle class drama, where the well-to-do shamelessly takes money paid by poor and middle class working people for one purpose and ultimately use it to lower their taxes.
Now, we know who the bullies are and we can do something about the theft and at the same time improve our lot! The bullies that absconded with our money are the same people who are supporting the “secret grand jury hearings” in the killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York City through political action committees (PAC) campaign contributions!

These are the same bullies who support the “stand your ground laws” across this country through Republican state legislatures! These same bullies are holding up meaningful legislation that will blunt almost seven years of double-digit unemployment among black households! Will you be recognized, as the first person to stand-up with your name at the top or will you simply shut yours eyes, slough this theft off and… just let it go?! (E-mail this article to a friend).
The Davis Plan is at http://www.Jobcreationnow.com – there, you will also find a button for the  petition! 

Staff Writer; James Davis
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