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The One and Only Economic Solution to Our Problems.

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( Many times we’ve read articles that talk about the many problems in our community. But seldom do we hear about the solutions to them. Well I’m here to tell you about a solution that has the potential to solve them. I say potential because we have to make a commitment in order for it to work. Let me say right away, it cost you nothing to participate because you already are. So why would I title this article an economic solution, if it doesn’t cost anything? The reason is you’ll be using the money you’re already spending. That’s right, the money you’re already spending, so there’s no extra cost. Sound interesting?

Unfortunately in the past and still today, we’ve been ripped off by our own people. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this one time or another, but not this time. Some of you may have read my book, Black Unity: The Total Solution to Financial Independence and Happiness. Some of you may not have read it. Well, maybe you will after I tell you what I’m doing. I’ve taken what I wrote in the book and created a company that solves the major problems in our community, which I believe to be, unemployment, wealth creation or lack of, and funding the best underfunded programs across the country, solving the other problems in our community.

So you may ask, how is this company going to solve all these problems? ByBlackBusiness-2014-2014 giving back part of the profits from the money you’re already spending to the most successful programs across the country. Our goal is to take the best programs across the country and nationalize them. This would be in the areas of health, education, re-education, legal, business, family, history, and art. All this can be done by the community spending their money with this company. The company was created to create jobs, wealth, and fund the best programs nationwide. How do we create jobs? By using the money you’re already spending, to create new businesses, and partner with existing ones.

We’ll then contract with independent sales reps to sell the products and services to the community. This way we’ll be hiring internally through the new businesses, and externally through contracting sales representatives. How do we create wealth? Now and in the past most of our investment ideas was to invest in real estate, meaning our homes, but tying your future and your families future to one type of investment, is not a wise decision. The company’s goal is to become the first African American controlled fortune one hundred company.

This allows us to become a public company, which allows the community to invest in it. By investing in the company, you’re investing in the community, which allows us to recycle the money back to the community. This will also create othere investment opportunities with the potential to create wealth, by investing in the stock and other investment opportunities. This can all be done, spending part of those trillion dollars we spend every year in every community but our own. I like to say, it doesn’t a lot of money from the individual to solve the problems in the community, but it does take a lot of unity.

But it starts with you; after all, we’re already spending this money, so why not spend some of it to help your community. You have nothing to lose, but billions to gain. For more information about the company, go to the about us page I look forward to hearing your comments and remember, when you’re ready to shop online, go to

Staff Writer; Terrance Amen 

This brother is also author of Black Unity: The Total Solution to Financial Independence and Happiness. For more information, go to



10 Responses to “The One and Only Economic Solution to Our Problems.”
  1. Realman2 says:

    There are hundreds of ways for the black community to improve it’s own economic status, but 99% of Negroes will still cling to the “white man’s ice is colder” concept. Good luck with your idea.

  2. @Satchel

    Unfortunately Brother Satchel, we’re still in startup mode and aren’t ready to signup new businesses, unless they can be automated into our system. We would also have to do a due diligence on the product. But if you want more information, click on the FAQ, about us, and Black business page.

    This is why it’s so important to help get the word out about and what it can do for our community. Please let your family and friends know about, like us on facebook, tweet about us, and when you’re ready to shop online, go to Thank you for your support.

    Black Unity is the solution, is the plan

  3. Satchel says:

    I have a product we use everyday, I would like to market it on the 3UFirst site. I’m about that action, how does one proceed.

  4. James Davis says:

    Brother Amen,

    I liked you on Facebook – I’ll send this piece to all my friends on Facebook.
    God’s speed to you with your new business!

  5. James Davis says:

    Brother Amen,

    I liked on Facebook – I’ll send this piece to all my friends on Facebook.
    God speed to you with your new business!

  6. @Northern Magnolia

    Thank you for your support, now we have to get the word out to our friends and family in order for this to work. Tell all your family and friends about and what it can do for our community. Like us on facebook and tweet about us.

    Black Unity is the solution, is the plan

  7. @ Brother Davis and unbelievable

    First @ unbelievable
    I hope you’re somebody you’re not, which would make what you said, make more sense. If you are from our community, we’re already spending a trillion dollars outside our community. This way we can bring some of it back and create opportunities in business and investments, within our community.

    If you had read my book, you’d already know what I’m talking about, but instead you go to the negative. If we were already spending a trillion dollars within our community, we wouldn’t be having this conversation nor have the economic problems we do. By the way what percentage of your money are you spending in the Black community and what are your solutions to our problems? Enough said.

    @Brother Davis
    You are absolutely correct. Since we’re already spending this money outside our community, from shopping online, we might as well bring some of it back to the community, which is what does and much more. This way, until we finally realize we need to start supporting and buying within our community, now it doesn’t matter where you shop.

    As long as you’re going through, you know you’re giving back to the community, without having to spend any extra money because we can bring billions back to the community, using the money we’re already spending. Please go to the site and read the FAQ, and the about us page for the details. If you like what we’re doing, please get the word out to your family and friends. Like us on facebook and tweet about us.

    Black Unity is the solution, is the plan

  8. unbelievable says:

    James Davis……in a nutshell, Terrance Amen is working for Massah attempting to corrall the masses in the name of unity while promising to give 50 percent of his proceeds back to the black community.

  9. James Davis says:

    Solutions Are Better Than Suffering!

    Thank you Brother Amen for getting on the solution track. We need more brothers like you who are attempting to find “specific and detailed solutions,” in our quest for economic empowerment. To many of us generalize. We should not be afraid to present and discuss detailed solutions to the problems which plague us? We must not feel we lack the skills to function in the arena of solutions. You know many rockets were tested before NASA found one with enough thrust and reliability to use in its program to put a man on the moon. Solutions to black economic empowerment will be no different. I am so glad to see you presenting your solution! Moreover, congratulations on the launching of your new business.

    It is a marvelous idea. If I understand what you are doing here, your company is in essence behaving “like a search engine,” for products we shop for online. By launching from your site, the retailers are willing to give you a kick-back? Is that the way it works. Treat me like a five year old, help me understand ( I don‘t know-maybe it’s proprietary information).

    Is the racial component expressed as “unity” and the pledge to invest 50% back into the black community the draw?

  10. Northern Magnolia says:

    Thank you, Mr. Amen. This is well-timed, with the holidays coming– push this site everywhere you can. Meanwhile, when I get ready to do my online shopping, I know where to go…

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