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( The Assassination of Youth ) The Truth About Jesus.

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( There have been speculation’s and theories about the death of Christ , but there is one aspect to this story that gets overlooked and that is what I would like to point out in this article. I want to clarify to our youth what the story of the crucifixion actually represents. Because the true understanding of it has been lost over the ages but the essence of his senseless assassination still remains. First we must recognize that the spirit of Jesus has died and been resurrected many times, but it’s resurrection was only known to his mortal enemies – that keep watch for it’s return. And time and time again he faces the same rejection, ridicule, torcher and crucifixion every time he returns because an ” Anti-Christ Mentality and System ” is in place in this world and has been for centuries. 

But to truly be a disciple of Christ we must understand the true ” Reason ” for his death and why he continues to meet the cross every time heObamaCrusifiedPIC returns. And the reason is very simple , Jesus was a “ young ” teacher who came to the people with ” New Wine ” which represents ” New Ideas “. And new wine can not be placed in “ old ” wine skins meaning old minds that harbor old mentalities and tradition’s. Because sadly old minds are set in their ways of thinking and they hate and reject new ways of thinking. People in their old age often have a ” Seniority Complex as well as a Superiority Complex ”  and they feel that the knowledge they possess is concrete and should not be challenged especially by a young person. Old minds are Intimidated by Change , they fear Change because they think it would undermined their seniority . And knock them off their pedestal of being the founders of absolute truth – but truth is not absolute.
Truth is always evolving with every generation , but this is intimidating to people with an old mind-set to learn that their truth is no longer relevant. And Jesus came to those in Power and told them that he was coming to establish a new truth. And the ” elders ” did not want to step down and let a new way that was contrary to theirs be established. So they plotted and eventually assassinated the ” Young ” teacher for that simple , senseless and petty reason. – then they held him up on a cross , ” Not in praise ” but as a ” Warning ” to those that would follow Jesus’s example and teachings that  ” If you challenge us this is what will happen to you “.  
And that scenario has played out time and time again throughout history. We’ve seen it with Abraham Lincoln , with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with Pres. John F. Kennedy , Malcolm X , all of these people were ” young ” with new ideas challenging the old ways – and they were scorned and crucified. And their memories and their images are erected on pedestals ” by their killers ” as a warning to their disciples that “ If you challenge us this is what will happen to you “. But did these old minds really accomplish anything glorious ? NO , they only stifled the progress and mental evolution of not only our children , but their own as well. And left us all in the prison of an outdated mind-set that is passed from generation to generation.
But I guess when you are old and reaching the end of your life , you don’t really care if the destruction of the world comes after you’re dead. – And that people is the thing that should be crucified , ” That selfishness of not caring about the interest of other’s over our own ” .  And the psychotic idea of rather killing those with the spirit of ” Change ” rather than humbly submitting to the fact that your time has passed – just as seasons pass.
Staff Writer; King Nazir Muhammad 


5 Responses to “( The Assassination of Youth ) The Truth About Jesus.”
  1. King Nazir Muhammad says:

    So which one of you ” doped up ” financially desperate , and mentally ill souls gonna play Judas ? There are a lot of them these days … Who gonna kill an innocent black man ? .. . When everybody knows JESUS IS WHITE ! ! !

  2. King Nazir Muhammad says:

    Here is a Related Article ( The Dangers of a Psychotic Nation )

  3. King Nazir Muhammad says:

    People Read but don’t understand sh@t , this is about killing young people that come with new ideas … and really AGE is not the issue here either … it is about ( Young ideas VS. old ideas ).

  4. cli1rus says:

    I believe Jesus came to earth for two reasons.

    1) To be lamb without blemish that would be acceptable as a sacrifice for the sins of the world, such that anyone would accept Jesus Christ as Lord/Savior and commit to following the commandments/doctrines of the Bible would have their sins forgiven and thus would be in Heaven with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for eternity.

    2)Jesus introduced the concept of tolerance by the Beatitudes and made love and righteousness a personal thing instead of nation concept.

    The New Testament changed nothing in the Old Testament but rather defined the Christian Lifestyle that a Christian should live in order to have the most environmentally friendly, socially responsible life on earth.

    A key element of being a Christian is following the commandments/doctrines of the Bible and to judge ourselves relative to those commandment/doctrines.

    I Corinthians 11:30-31 says, “For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep. For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged.”

    1John 2:4 – He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

    A key verse in the Bible is Romans 6:23 states, “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

    A modern day version of that is “For the wages of sin (homosexuality, adultery and drugs being the worst three)is disease, death, destruction and poverty; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord and following the commandments/doctrines of the Bible.

  5. dcarter910 says:

    Hey Staff Writer,

    With a last name of Muhammad, how come you are extolling Jesus Christ and his teachings?

    On a more personal note, when you contrast the personality of Jesus Christ and that of Muhammad, how can you justify being a Muslim when Jesus was the more tolerant, loving and compassionate of the two. Though many would say Christians are bad because “false” Christians have committed attrocities throughout history. These people can clearly be identified as “false” Christians because their actions are in every case “clearly” outside of the teachings of Jesus Christ and his apostles. I dont believe the same can be said for Muhammad who plainly stated and advocated war, punishment by death and the inferiority of women and non-believers.

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