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The Boondocks First Episode Despite McGruder’s absence, delivers on Chris Brown.

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( The loss of Aaron McGruder for the cult classic The Boondocks, hit home high and low to a vast majority of fans of the show. His loss was clearly evident when the season premiere of the shows first episode “Pretty Boy Fizzy,” premiered Monday, and the loss of the shows sharp edged humor and writing that emphasize to use deep thought was a supreme understatement. But, it did dish out its signature satire on today’s popular entertainment subjects, keeping the tradition of being the dark cloud to South Park’s rainy cloud; choosing to lament its focus on troubled pop star Chris Brown.

The episode accurately portrayed the way the media and his fans cover and adore the star, showcasing the character “Pretty Boy Fizzy” as a troubled criminal who always do things wrong because he’s always “f**kedChris-Brown-The-Boondocks-2014 up.” Of course, that’s an excuse via the show and for Brown. To sum the show up, Flizzy’s “robbery” was staged just to stay in the news. When confronted, the character admits to frequently “get in trouble” with little to no consequence, and he makes excuses because he’s “a f**k up,” and he admits to doing wrong because it’s the only way to stay in the current. He also states the music business “Sucks.” Sounds along the lines of the actual character, huh?

Although I was severely and utterly disappointed that Aaron McGruder doesn’t have his hands in feet in the show to steer the overall theme, I’m actually glad that Chris Brown and all other celebrities who do silly things with little to no consequence were topics of satire on the show. I’ve had numerous conversations with fellow friends and family about Brown, and why his behavior has diminished since the Rihanna incident. Many believe it’s because he was a bad boy all along, some say its serious problems mentally and emotionally. I disagreed, and the season premier helped regulate my opinions in this article; why does Chris Brown feel the need to misbehave inappropriately?

Many entertainers feel the need to put on hats of ignorance to continue to put food on the table. Depends on who you ask, R&B is dead despite the successes of Trey Songz, The-Dream and Frank Ocean. Most of the entertainers you see in trouble repetitively are usually those trying to stay relevant as “Pretty Boy Flizzy” stated. Is it a smart thing to invest your time to the law enforcement? Not entirely, but it’s a recurrent practice. Just ask Justin Bieber.

So, if you hear a young person speak on why Justin Bieber or Chris Brown can’t seem to stay out of trouble, point them to the first episode of the fourth season of The Boondocks. As stated previously, Aaron McGruder’s presence is deeply missed, but I’m glad Brown’s attention seeking ways have been brought to light. 

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  1. this is suspect, is NOW or a LGBT organization behind this have they taken over The Boondocks so they could poison and control the minds of black youths?

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