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Just Criticism of Mr. Obama is Good for Black People!

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( Yes, criticism of Mr. Obama is good for black folks, because sometimes, criticism brings about needed change. Many blacks, especially black women, irrationally support this president’s agenda, which has proven by the Pew Research Poll ( ) to be out of step economically with what is wrong with America.
Here is what “we know” as the most supportive constituency of this president:
We know – our unemployment rate has been in double-digits for 6 uninterrupted years, when you include the last year of the Bush administration. It is rarely acknowledged by this president. It is as if his approach to resolving this issue is, out of mind, out of sight. While, it is true, black unemployment has traditionally been twice that of the national rate, it has traditionally not been in double-digits. 
We know – high double-digit unemployment is undermining our communities, our institutions and contributing to an increase in many of our cities to black on black crime. We know instinctively that our communities are failing and if we are to survive and retain communities as we have come to know them, we as people must have some relief.  We are failing our children! 
We  know – the last time we were in a similar situation, Ronald Reagan occupied the White House. Mr. Reagan in the 1984 election for President receive 9.0% of the black vote, Mondale received 91%. This president received over 94% of the black vote. Where is our return on our political investment in him, when it comes to making an effort to reduce black unemployment which is the most pressing problem of Black America? Obama2013
We know – that at least one of this president’s major policy initiatives will make an already horror economic situation worst for blacks. The most important concerns of the black community are job security and job creation. The current black unemployment rate for October is 13.1% while the national unemployment rate for the same period is 7.3%. The president and Congress, if they have their way will unleash by the end of the year over 11 million undocumented immigrants upon the American labor market, through their backing the Senate bill on  Comprehensive Immigration Reform! Do you not think that blacks who have the highest unemployment rate of any working group will not be negatively affected?

Even the Congressional Budget Office projects lower wages will result initially as these 11 million immigrants compromise the wages of the American worker as they seek employment in an anemic job market. What responsible government leadership allows 11 million plus new workers to enter a labor pool that is already suffering from over capacity, (11 million Americans are currently unemployed) without a national job creation plan
We know – Republicans in late December of 2011, refused to give the president enough votes to pass the legislation known as the Payroll Tax Holiday Plan, and instead granted an extension of the legislation for only two months. To have the Payroll Tax Holiday legislation extended beyond two months to the end of 2012, the measure which was officially renamed, “The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012,” the president and the Democratic Party ceded among other changes, the following to the Republicans:

1) The duration of unemployment benefits was reduced. By the end of the year of 2012, the longest anyone could claim unemployment benefits would be reduced to 73 weeks from 99 weeks. (The difference is more than 6 months in benefits, gone!).

2) States will be able to require drug tests of some benefit recipients.

The reduction in the duration of unemployment benefits hit the African American community like a ton of bricks because as the old saying goes, “Blacks are usually the first fired and last hired!” This compromise caused an uproar in the Congressional Black Caucus. Out of the forty Democratic Party voting Caucus members, fourteen voted “NO” against the legislation. Among the Caucus members voting “NO” was Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri, Chairman of the Black Caucus at that time, Alcee Hastings and Frederica Wilson of Florida.

Among Black Caucus members supporting the legislation were Maxine Waters of California, John Lewis of Georgia and Jessie Jackson Jr. of Illinois. For a complete list of how other Congressional Representatives voted, go to
We know – finally this president is not the president we thought he would be. He has not been a force for uplifting the black community economically. There are no numbers his supporters can offer in support of his doing this. If there is any justified criticism of this president, it is his lack of focus in regard to leveraging the resources of his office to come up with a consumer driven solution to our nation’s job crisis ( ). Cure the black community’s job problem and you automatically cure the nation’s job problem. The facts are the facts; the consumer represents 70% of the activities of this economy. Either the consumer will re-enter this economy as a purchaser of its good and services through slowly acquiring jobs over a period of time or through an economic job creation plan initiated by the federal government.

Economist predict, the former will take at least 4-5 years for the economy to create enough jobs to match consumer spending prior to the downturn of 2008. That means, blacks will have to endure another three devastating years of double digit unemployment. The question is, “Does this current administration possess the will, skill, wisdom, knowledge and insight to adopt a national job creation plan geared to the consumer?” The Obama administration if it isn’t careful will turn in the worse performance since Ronald Reagan when it comes to black unemployment. Mr. Reagan left the White House after eight years in office with the black unemployment rate at 11.9%. The rate of black unemployment now stands at 13.1% and is rising. I don’t recall blacks giving Mr. Reagan 94% OF OUR VOTE! May God be with us! And so it goes.   

Staff Writer; James Davis

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2 Responses to “Just Criticism of Mr. Obama is Good for Black People!”
  1. Lewis Orr says:

    It’s not fair to compare the Reagan administration to the present one. During the Reagan presidency the country wasn’t in the state of decline it’s in today. There was no need to spend the billions of dollars it spends today, to suppress all facets of the Black community(America’s pernmanent underclass). Now with the overall decline in economics, finance, trade and prestige, America couldn’t possibly lose control of it’s cash cow the Black community. Remember J. Edgar Hoovers’ greatest fear was a Black massiah raising up the Black community, nothing has changed! Know that every community in America receives support and aid from abroad, only the Black community is not allowed to receive any money or training from any foriegn country. Look at what happen to Kadafi for offering to help fellow Muslims that happen to be Black. America at this time is not going to release it’s strangle hold on it’s Bitch. All the Million Man Marches and Black economic programs and non violent protest will come to nothing, as they have! Unfortunately we are in a time where only The Fit servive. Every person must find an individual way of becoming fit to servive. Today there is no strenth in the group, we must scatter and present many targets, not just one. This may not be what some would like to hear, but it’s the truth.

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