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The President’s Not the Only One That Needs to Be Held Accountable.

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( I can totally agree that the President could do a lot more for our people, but a lot of what has and is happening with the economy happen on Bush’s watch. He opened the flood gates for wall streets greed to put us in this position. I believe the Presidents problem is who he has surrounded himself with. I believe he’s getting bad advice. But all that he’s done isn’t all bad. He killed the so called mastermind of 9-11; he created a health plan that covers more people, once it starts working.

The plan allows people with prior illnesses to be able to get insurance, which I think is a big issue. Although I wished he’d fought for the single payer plan. He signed into law the equal pay for women’s act, which affects us and I’m sure he’s done a lot more. All these things affect our community. But the more important question is what have we done for ourselves? Less than 50% of alumni support their Black colleges, Black businesses are going out of business because we don’t support them.Held-Accountable

Unemployment in our community would be a lot less if we supported the businesses who could hire our youth, which would cut down on crime. Why don’t we have financial institutions large enough to finance student loans, churches, businesses, schools, mortgages, clinics, underfunded successful programs in our community, the African continent? I’ll tell you why, because we’re spending a trillion dollars a year in every community but our own.

Yes I do believe we should hold the President and the Black caucus accountable, but before you go pointing fingers, you should first look in the mirror and ask what are you doing to solve the problems in the Black community? We are constantly told to look for help from the government, but we have the money, intelligence, and will power to solve our own problems. No President will ever be able to solve all the problems in our community, whether he be Black, white, green or yellow.

It is and will always be up to us to solve our own problems. The Civil Rights movement fought to get the government to give us all the opportunities we now have, and remember, the government was never setup to solve our problems, even though we are citizens. The major battles with the government have been won. But there’s another battle to be fought, and that is the battle for our minds. We have chosen to take those hard fought opportunities to spend all our hard earned money outside our community, in order to feel we’ve made it.

Well guess what, we still haven’t and that’s not the government’s fault, that’s ours. Our best athletes now go to schools they were once barred from. Now those colleges are making billions off them, while our colleges are going broke. Whose fault is that? Those trillion dollars we spend every year could be going towards solving the things we want the government to do. Instead, we’re contributing to solving everybody else’s problem but our own. Whose fault is that? Until we start working together as a community, just like every other group does to solve their problems, our problems will continue to get worse. So when are we going to start holding ourselves accountable? 

Staff Writer; Terrance Amen 

This brother is also author of Black Unity: The Total Solution to Financial Independence and Happiness. For more information, go to



2 Responses to “The President’s Not the Only One That Needs to Be Held Accountable.”
  1. toomanygrandkids says:


    WE should elect some REAL BLACK LEADERS who have OUR best interest at heart. Leaders who ARE NOT money hungry, players, and egotistical. WE need leaders with a sufficient, long term plan where WE can benefit as a race. Of course, it’ll require US to be on the same page.

  2. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    Well said, Terrance — it will be even better done by all of us! Thank you so much for this article before the usual holiday spending madness!

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