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Oprah, Obama; The Two O’s Betrayal of White America.

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( hile black celebrities such as Oprah continue to claim that Obama is opposed and disrespected because he is black, the truth is the polar opposite. Because Obama is black, he enjoys unprecedented imperialistic power and respect. Obama ignores the Constitution, changes and refuses to enforce laws at will.

Despite impeachable offenses, white America does not have the stomach to impeach the first “African-American” president. Consequently, Obama’s lies and deceptions continue to devastate the lives of millions of Americans without serious push back.

A courageous black woman, Rosa Parks, played a major role in launching the civil rights movement by refusing to take a seat in back of the bus. Ironically, our first black president has forced the Constitution, the law, freedom and liberty to the back of the bus.

How are millions of white Americans responding to being called racist by black celebs (Oprah, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman and others) who have become multimillionaires as a result of white patronage? 2013-obama-oprah These black celebs are absurdly using a refusal to rubber stamp Obama’s liberal socialist/progressive agenda as evidence of racism against a black president.

And yet, a majority of white Americans give their black accusers a pass; probably for the same reason they voted for and have given Obama a pass. White guilt.

Not only is racism from blacks tolerated, liberals appear to believe at least a minimal amount of resentment against whites is required for a black not to be an “Uncle Tom”. As a black conservative, I have been much criticized by white liberals for my lack of anger and resentment against white America.

Oprah playing the race card is surprising and disappointing. Oprah’s rise to American goddess status was built upon her ability to transcend race. The vast majority of her loyal fans are white. Why would Oprah boldly without hesitation dis white America?

At first, I thought Oprah and other black celebs brain-dead approval of Obama was all about skin-color. I was wrong. Black celebs who are typically liberal vilify black conservative Republicans.

While racial loyalty does come into play, first and foremost, Oprah is a liberal. Obama champions Oprah and her Hollywood buddy’s liberal agenda. Like a religious fanatic willing to sacrifice everything for their faith, zealot Oprah is willing to sacrifice the good faith she has built with mega millions of whites over the years to further her religion of Liberalism. Barack Obama, the president protected by his black iron-man suit, is the perfect vehicle to implement Oprah’s dream agenda.

In 2008, millions of excited well-intentioned white Americans rushed to vote for the first African-American presidential nominee. They naively assumed a black president would be the ultimate apology for slavery and America could never be called a racist nation again. They were wrong. The Obama Administration has polarized America dramatically; exploiting race whenever it serves its purpose.

Millions of white Americans have been voting for Oprah with their TV remotes for decades. If America is racist, how is it possible that a thumbs up from a black woman could equal a New York Times best seller and millions of dollars generated for an author?

Oprah and Obama were granted a golden opportunity to strongly influence the healing of America’s racial divide. Oprah and Obama betrayed white America. Both chose to embrace the dark side, sacrificing national race relations on the alter as a burnt offering in worship of Liberalism and the furtherance of its agenda.

In the mind of Oprah and her fellow liberals, furthering the liberal agenda trumps common sense and the best interest of the American people.

Bottom line, liberals believe they are much smarted than us and better equipped to manage every aspect of our lives. This would explain liberal mayor Bloomberg’s obsession with mandating food restrictions.

If we would simply surrender total management of our lives over to liberals, they will transform America into a utopia.

Achieving liberal Nirvana trumps everything. Thus, the reason why Oprah and Obama have thrown their loyal white American fans and voters under the bus.

Rather than these two gifted Americans using their charisma, power and influence to bridge the gap, they continue to further the great racial divide.

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

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Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.




9 Responses to “Oprah, Obama; The Two O’s Betrayal of White America.”
  1. hoodgirl says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Oprah because she comes off as pseudo. As for Obama, he was handed a democratic House and Senate his first two years in office and chose to do away with the DC school voucher program which helped inner city children to attend the type of schools lthat his daughters went to which was not a move that anyone would make that cares about their base.

    White guilt is very much so alive. However, in my humble opinion, liberals are the biggest threat because they sincerely believe that people of “African American” ethnicity do not have the ability to excel.

  2. Papacool says:

    The true reason Obama, Oprah, Cosby, and other blacks have achieved the level of success they have is because they were trusted. People really believe that they could be trusted and so they have showed their support. White guilt exists, so do not get it twisted. As a black man, I can not do much about the treatment given to my forefathers, but I have more than served notice that it is not happening to me in this day and time. History should serve as a cornerstone of lessons learned and the wisdom of such should be applied in every aspects of our daily iives. Being President in name only is what the position is all about due to the fact that Obama has not had the blessings of Congressional support during his tenure. However, when hard choices had to be made, Obama stepped up to the plate and swung. He may not have knocked it out of the park everytime, but has owned up to striking out as well. To use power to promote fairness is not an easy task and whoever does it has to be willing to die for their beliefs. While all of us want to go to Heaven, no one wants to die. What can this man do to satisfy everyone that expects something from him? NOTHING. Just the fact that he is in office alone has surpassed the expectations of those hoping for him to fail. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Oprah and Cosby are making hand over fist money due in part to the crossover appeal they worked so hard to achieve. This worked for Eminem as well. I can not in good faith say how they should spend what they earn, but surely common sense can come in and make someone’s dreams become a reality. When White America gets enough of seeing them achieve success, they will no doubt stop it. For Obama, it is only a matter of time until 2016 arrives. Oprah and Cosby are not perceived as real threats as long as they just talk the talk and never walk the walk. The day Oprah gives away one of her houses versus gifts for the audience will be the day she steps up her game. She recently got her eyes open in Switerland, where she was not recognized as a celebrity and got treated as if she could afford a high dollar purse due to the fact that she was black. Now she should give every sista a designer bag with $1,000.00 in each one as a statement of being black and proud. Even I am entitled to dream. LOL. Peace out, Papacool.

  3. hermione says:

    spoken like a typical black man.
    what is it with these black men and their grudge and jealousy with successful black women. aAnd also any sucessful black man that does not behave ghetto or married to a white woman.

  4. ROBERT says:

    @ HASSAN I agree 100%

  5. hassan_aziz says:


    Whats taking place now has been in the works for quite some time and far exceeds bush. if you want an interesting read “war is a racket” by general smedley butler who resided in the marine corps for over 30 yrs from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. he had no compunction to write about the fact that he was nothing more than a strong arm man for the bankers and trans global corporations.

    Eisenhower also warned us about a military industrial complex that ultimately would be used against its own people and destroy the country. and then the kennedy assassination more blatent proof of the so called “shadow government”, we cannot forget he wanted to end the federal reserve and under his presidency there was currency that was backed by silver bullion, he informed the fed that he did not need them to print worthless notes to drive the country further into debt, that if that was the case that the congress could do that themselves. unfortunately he had to pay the ultimate price.

    what is taking place in this country and planet, is much bigger than black and white, it really is us (meaning all regular folk) against the diabolical globalist who have no allegiance to God or country, and see all of us, black white, asian, etc. as nothing more than cockroaches put on this planet to serve them.

  6. ROBERT says:

    ALTHOUGH I believe that OBAMA is the most dishonest and criminal president this country has had we do have to be truthful and say that the destruction of the constitution and our civil liberties didn’t start with OBAMA but with the conservative BUSH.

    I hope the author was just as critical of his parties indiscretion as he is of OBAMA if not then he is a hypocrite.

    I am also saddened by OPRAHS comment for much of the same reasons of the author but I just expected OPRAH operated on a higher plane and would let herself be sucked into politics and especially trying to defend a confidence man like OBAMA.

    I have to also agree with author on the response of white AMERICA to this disaster in the white house.

    IT appears white AMERICA is content with allowing the most powerful nation in history be destroyed from the inside.

    I don’t believe that white AMERICA is hesitant to confront OBAMA because of his race I believe they are afraid to take on this government because they know of it’s power and white people do not want to die!

  7. ewill says:

    It amazes me how blacks cant understand a straight forward, plainly stated opinion/analysis. Yet they have no problem to understand and agree with something that is full of rhetoric, misinformation, and out right lies.
    Sad and pathetic!!!

  8. hassan_aziz says:

    by checking out his webpage and various videos he appears to be one who supports the constitution and limited government. im actually surprised that they allow him to write articles for

  9. Satchel says:

    I have read a few of this author’s drive by articles, and every time I question just what does he stand for. It’s obvious that he is against non-white working class and under served Americans. Since he does not answer comments, will somebody please tell the readers what this man Stands For.

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