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Goodbye, Whiteness – Hello, NonBlackness.

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( Much has been made of demographic change and a phenomenon that some writers call the “beigeing” of America.  Over the short run, this process is sure to yield a more progressive body politic, but its effects over the long term may be less salutary.  This essay will contain some unpleasant past and present truths, as well as some speculation about the future.

A feature of our national life since colonial days has been the phenomenon of “white privilege“.  While it is less blatant and brutal than it was in the past, more subtle aspects of it remain.  Immigrants, even those who initially know little about American life, become savvy about this soon after their arrival.  Earlier immigrants from Europe (Irish, Italians, Slavs, Central/Eastern European Jews, Greeks, et al.), though initially greeted with hostility and discrimination, were quick to distance themselves from black Americans and carve out niches for themselves within the “in” group; a number of years ago, a historian even wrote a book with the ironic title “How the Irish Became White“. 

Later immigrants, many of them “off-white” or “nonwhite“, have done the same.  Black immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean have even had a tendency to do this to some extent.

Now, let me discuss the “beigeing” process in some greater detail.  While intermarriage between all ethnic groups has been on the rise, marriages between Euro-Americans, Non-European Caucasians (persons whose originsOffPitchWhiteBlackness lie in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent), Latinos and Asians have increased far more rapidly than those between persons of Sub-Saharan African origins and members of any of the four above-mentioned groups.  Thus, the “beigeing” can be viewed as an uneven process that may result in continuing marginalization of black Americans. 

Are we evolving into a society of the “black” and the “nonblack” rather than toward a “beige” America?  While the answer to this question will probably not be revealed to us within our lifetimes, some disturbing trends were revealed as the killing of Trayvon Martin and the subsequent trial of the shooter, George Zimmerman, played out across the nation’s television screens.  The exact sequence of events that transpired on that rainy Floridian night are known only to one living person, who did not take the stand at his trial.  I will dwell instead on a related matter.  Mr Zimmerman, who identified himself as a “White Hispanic“, is the son of a Euro-American man and a Peruvian woman of Afro-Euro-Amerindian ancestry. 

As such, his credentials as a “white person” are rather marginal; had the identity of his mother’s Afro-Peruvian grandfather been known in the old Jim Crow Florida of “one drop“, he would have been relegated to the “colored” accommodations.  Nonetheless, the voices of right-wing radio and Fox News immediately rallied to Zimmerman’s defense, with Sean Hannity leading the effort to lionize him.  After all, though he might not have been a bona fide “white person“, he was a “nonblack” man who had rid the planet of a hoodie-clad black teenager who just might have been threatening.

Returning to general trends, while Latinos and Asian-Americans voted heavily Democratic in 2012, I do not see this as a sign of any great love for Barack Obama or solidarity with “Black America“.  The heavy Democratic majorities among these two groups were, in my opinion, more a negative reaction to the spiteful Nativist rhetoric of the Republicans, which included references to electric border fences, moats filled with man-eating crocodiles and “self-deportation“.  If the Republicans abandon the xenophobic language and repudiate the “White Power” advocates in their ranks, they will probably recoup a fair share of the Latino/Asian demographic in less than a decade.  Indeed, it is somewhat naive to assume that Latinos, Asians or Non-European Caucasians are natural political allies of African-Americans or of anyone else or each other, for that matter.  People will vote based on what they consider to be in their own self-interest. 

Let us remember that Latin Americans has a color hierarchy that predates our own, while the color hierarchy of the Indian Subcontinent dates back to deep antiquity.  Furthermore, while many Euro-Americans, particularly those whose families have been here for several generations, are quite sympathetic to the injustices suffered throughout history by their black countrymen, there is no reason to assume that this newer demographic will be.  All these groups share a history of heavy-handed and exploitative foreign domination, be it British, Spanish, Japanese or Turkish.

In summary, we may indeed be evolving from a society that perceives itself as white/nonwhite to one that sees itself as black/nonblack.  While embracing “whiteness” is no longer fashionable save in certain reactionary circles, people may be embracing “nonblackness” in its stead.  If so, the train of history may roll on with the same passengers in the rear cars.

Staff Writer; Brad Holway



14 Responses to “Goodbye, Whiteness – Hello, NonBlackness.”
  1. hassan_aziz says:

    if you have netflix you can watch the above for free. this is a brother i identify with. i like his views, and like mr bryant, as i lived life and what has been programmed into me has faded and disappeared

  2. hassan_aziz says:

    im a Black Muslim, but not in the sense of what most people think that to be. I am well traveled and have lived in south america, europe, and the middle east. i have also lived in all kinds of communities in various locations through out the united states.

    not so much in the beginning but as i have seen and have grown older i have developed a great appreciation for what i have, and what my family has in this country. is it perfect??? no, just like our history is imperfect. but one thing i will say. i believe Americans in general are some of the greatest people on earth. i have never visited a country where so many people from so many different places live together, and have access to the same rights.

    i am also proud of being American, and many including many who share my faith have a problem with that. personally i dont like racism or attitudes of supremacy of any kind, i was raised to believe bigotry, racism, and the like were all considered blasphemy to God, because; you have told God he has made a mistake, or error.

    With that said, I have lived in areas of this country that have been predominately black for generations and have seen them transform, negatively with respect to our political, financial, and cultural survival. jared taylor makes many interesting observations, and some poignant facts about how all Americans will live but especially blacks if current trends continue. I would like to think of myself as objective and intelligent enough to look past his affiliations, his skin color, and hear what he has to say. any good writer, journalist, or researcher will tell you, that you have to be able to do that to provide either a valid argument, or valid information.

    as it currently stands, the U.S. is the 5th largest spanish speaking country in the world and our official language is not spanish. by 2025 hispanics will be the largest minority in this country, and by 2050, they will be the majority. I challenge you to research places like southern california or south florida and see the relevance the black community has in those areas… i have lived in both areas and there is NONE. in both the areas i just mentioned, you will not even find a job if you are not bilingual. a form of racial cleansing is taking place in southern california by latinos, in which innocent black men, women, and children are targeted for attacks and murder.

    yes, i take offense to people coming here with disregard for my country and my home. and yes, i will never support a party who allies themselves with pirates waiting to pillage my country. and who subsidizes butcher shops to kill black boys and girls inside their mothers. if that makes me a sell out, then i am proud of it.

    with regards to the white people, i dont share the same sentiment that most have on this site. i have gone to school with them, lived around them, and consider many of them like family. some of them having my back when the “brothers” didn’t. what i have discovered in my travels is that most white people are altruistic, and are interested in helping rather than harming. the way people carry on you would think every cracker goes home and spends every waking hour planning our demise. its not so. many if not most are no different than us, and in the end we all are related and have the same creator. when we as a people accept that and live by it, i truly believe God will bestow upon us his great blessing. Although not supreme we are special.

    im quite used to the attacks on here, but i do appreciate the fact you did at least inquired on my position for doing so. have a good one.

    May Allah bless us all.

  3. Marcus Vessey says:

    Hassan, are you suggesting Terrance is a supremacists? I don’t get that from him. He strikes me more of an economic nationalist, a position which I in general agree with.

    I have read enough of his commentary and philosophy to get a feel for him. You though I am not so sure. I just haven’t seen you talk enough about what you actually believe.

    Finally, I am not sure the point of the videos. By virtue of you posted them then I assume you agree with the sentiment or content. Is that true? The reality is that making his argument with no context reinforces the modern American power dynamics which is based upon a Eurocentric dominated paradigm.

  4. hassan_aziz says:

    i have dealt with white supremacists, latin supremacists, and black supremacists. one thing they all had in common was a imaginary Valhalla of the U.S. being inhabited by their “supreme race” only. This is not only ignorant, but unrealistic.

    while we practice self segregation, lambasting other races, engage in hateful and spiteful rhetoric, while all complaining about not having a seat at the economic table.

    i will never and refuse to support any political party that has hand in murdering a generation of my people while they are still in the womb, and continue to hand what little remains of an economy and job prospects over to millions of people that broke the law, and if that somehow makes me a sell out brother than so be it.

  5. hoodgirl says:

    I agree with hassan_aziz’s comment about The Southern Poverty Law Center and Terrance Amen’s assessment of Jared Taylor. Unfortunately too many of us are on the same page when it comes to hating white people which inhibits us from personal development.

  6. ROBERT says:

    @ TERRANCE AMEN I have to agree with you on the question of the identity of the people who comment on this website.

    IF you look up the name CASS SUNSTEIN you will find a early OBAMA advisor to the N.S.A and other intelligence agencies advocating infiltrating online chat rooms and websites.

    IT seems this website is being targeted by some agency or professional trolls.

    THERE are 40 million black people in this country and the last thing this government wants to see is all of us on the same page at the same time.

    LET’S just keep communicating with each other and let truth and facts rise to the top!

  7. @ hassan

    You can check out what wiki has to say about his organization, his philosophy, and who he hangs with. As far as me hating white people, I don’t hate them, I hate what they’ve done and are still doing to my people. You haven’t talked about any of the points I made in my comments, only how I feel about white people.

    Based on your name and past comments, I don’t think you are who you say you are. So this will be the last time I respond to you. You haven’t said anything constructive to help Black people, it’s all been negative. You seem to care more about what I think about white people than how I feel about Black people, which is what this site is all about. I’ll end with this.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  8. hassan_aziz says:


    if you question the federal government past and present you are more than likely on the southern poverty law centers list. other than that you could give me no specifics on what Taylor has said for you to hurl the word racist. i guess in alot of ways he and his cohorts are alot like you just a different side of the fence.

    you are entitled to your opinion, again, you have a real disdain for white people and hatred, if that is what keeps you going then so be it.

  9. Marcus Vessey says:

    I agree with you Terrance. At the end of the day it is going to take a renewal of Black consciousness to continue evolving. I think now is a prime opportunity.

  10. This organization is on the Southern Poverty Law Centers list. I guess you missed that in your research. You said if I could look past the white skin, really. what do you think our people have been trying to do since slavery ended? You’re asking the wrong people. As far as me being obsolete and the new so called minority won’t care about my peoples issues, what makes you think they care now? If this is the case, it may become the catalyst that will finally bring my people together, but hopefully it will happen a lot sooner. Either way, I look forward to it.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  11. hassan_aziz says:


    a black man sent the links to me. if you do not like the messenger than that’s your problem. after receiving the links i also did some research on the background of jared taylor. i do not see where you get he being racist. we encourage our own people to be with one another, do business with one another, and support one another. he is just doing the same, if that bothers you, than you probably have an axe to grind against white people.

    dont take offense, but if you could look past the white man’s skin you would see what i along with others have said for a long time. guys with your mindset are an anachronism and will eventually be obsolete. as he stated the new minorities do not care about your struggle, your history, or any hardship that befell you or your ancestors.

  12. @ Hassan

    I watched those videos then I looked up the creator of them, American Renaissance. They’re a white racist organization. What he’s saying is true to a degree, but what he doesn’t say is how it got to be this way, which is what racist whites do. They always talk about the symptoms, but never the causes.

    When you come from the other side of the world and steel, rape and pillage another peoples land, discriminate against every group that comes here, even the people you brought here to create this country’s wealth, and continue to pass down this type of mindset, there are consequences. You are now reaping what you sowed.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

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