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Why Obamacare Will Triumph Despite Glitches and the GOP.

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( The GOP controlled House Ways and Means is the first of the three GOP congressional committees “investigating” Obamacare to try and pulverize it–again. GOP committee members pounded hard on the stock GOP hit points; it’s a mess because of a lousy computer system, thousands have gotten sticker shock after getting cancellation notices, there’s big sneaky insurance price hikes on the way, there are the subsidies that don’t subsidize, and the demand to oust HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The capper is that President Obama supposedly blatantly lied when he promised no one would lose their current health insurance plan due to Obamacare.

The GOP hit points are based on the usual mix of lies, half-truths, and wild distortions. The computer glitch is a fact. But its importance in the overall initial implementation of Obamacare has been wildly overblown. Thousands have in fact searched and signed up for various health plans both online and through the state exchanges. Millions more will sign up online when the glitches are corrected, and they will be. The overwhelming majority of policy holders have either workplace plans and grandfathered polices that were purchased before March 2010. They are not forced at Obamcare gunpoint to switch to costly coverage plans.  The penalties for not having insurance that were supposed to be financial killers amount to a $95 fine or 1 percent of an individual’s income whichever is greater. ObamaCare

The subsidies to help pay for coverage are bankrolled to the tune of more than a half trillion dollars. This will slash the actual costs of the various plans offered on the exchanges by more than half for a family of four. Most of those who fall below the poverty line won’t be affected by any of this since they’ll be covered through a radically ramped up Medicaid coverage in most states that’s paid for by the federal government. Despite she bluster from some GOP governors about rejecting the Medicaid funding increases, the almost certain rise in health care costs will force states to pay even more for medical coverage to low income persons. The pressure will be great for the hard ball GOP governors to rethink their opposition to taking the beefed up Medicaid bailout.

 Then there are the supposed big price hikes that Obamacare supposedly will trigger. Insurance premium costs will likely jump no matter whether Obamacare exists or not. That’s due to inflated medical treatment costs, the impotence of most state regulatory agencies to halt rapacious insurer rate hikes, and the hard reality that programs that emphasize prevention which have proven far more effective in reining in medical costs are still poor step children to the pricey and vastly more profitable drug and surgical treatments that remain the bread and butter staple of the medical establishment.

Even if in an absolute best case scenario for the GOP every one of its hit points proved true, Obamacare would still go forth for the very reasons that it became law, and has survived every court test, up to and including the Supreme Court in the first place. It provides tens of millions of Americans with access to a health plan, there will be subsidies for low-income persons to offset the costs, a half million children will be covered under their parent’s plans, millions of dollars will be allocated for research and testing, the establishment of more than 1000 new health care facilities in many rural and urban communities, the National Health Service Corps workforce will be tripled and millions of elderly and disabled Americans covered under Medicare will have no cost access to health care preventive services.  

Most important is that the millions of chronically uninsured and underinsured Americans for the first time will have full access to health care. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the number of uninsured Americans will fall from fifty-five million to thirty-one million between the present and 2023. The proportion of the population with coverage will rise from eighty-two per cent to ninety-two per cent.

The GOP hit plan on Obamacare is and always has been much more than a battle to scrap a health care plan that is supposedly flawed, failed, and a big government intrusion into the lives of Americans. It is a crude and cynical political ploy to inflame millions of Americans and stoke hostility to Obama and the Democrats.  The GOP banks that its steady attack will give it the political edge it desperately needs to hold the House in the 2014 midterm elections and make a big run at gaining majority control in the Senate.

But polls consistently show that while many Americans have deep concerns and even legitimate fears about the short term effect of Obamacare, they do not want it scrapped. The GOP’s drumbeat hit campaign on Obamacare can’t erase this fact. That’s why Obamacare will ultimately triumph.

Written By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

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10 Responses to “Why Obamacare Will Triumph Despite Glitches and the GOP.”
  1. David says:

    Obamacare isn’t’s corporatocracy. The law doesn’t provide healthcare, it mandates that everyone will utilize a health care insurance company to have access to health insurance (not health care). It just ensures there is a permanent middleman in the transaction of being able to fund any health care cost you incur.While it does have some positives such as providing increased access to health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans and providing subsidies to the less fortunate Americans to assist with premiums, I believe it has a more sinister and detrimental goals. One it allows for health insurance companies to have leeway with increasing the cost of premiums. These are profit motivated companies and you better believe their not biting the bullet for increased risk associated with more members of the population to insure as well as folks with pre-existing conditions. Secondly, it allows businesses that rely heavily on lower wage workers to cut hours so they don’t have to provide health insurance which means the burden shifts to the employee who already is struggling to make ends meet. While they may qualify for subsidies under Obamacare, who’s footing the bill for that? Taxpayers of course. Lastly, it provides extra revenue to the government through mandate penalty fees and possible higher taxes. This all spells that the only parties benefiting from implementing Obamacare are the government and the health insurance companies.

  2. CD Smith says:

    Obamacare is NOT suppose to work.

    The so-called “problems” are all planned.

    This all designed for “someone” to come to the rescue with the “real” plan.

    The goal is place everyone on a government health care system to control you.

    Once that happens:

    1. You will have no where else to go because all physicians will be government employees.

    2. The government will determine who will get treatment and who will not.

    3. Since the government will be RESPONSIBLE for your health care, they will have the authority to tell you how to live.

  3. ROBERT says:

    @ JAMES

    YOUR has bought tears to my eyes.

    ALTHOUGH I am not in my last day’s as you seem to be; I share your concern about our children and grandchildren’s future.

    BUT as you leave this place I can assure you that I will fight this government to my last breath!

  4. James says:

    Obamacare will fail, because it is fundamentally built on a flawed premise. That flawed premise is socialism. Socialism, for those of you who do not know, is an economic system where the government owns or controls the means of production and co-operates management of the economy. The question is how long we will have to endure Obamacare before it collapses. I am an old man, and expect if it survives the first year, it will last longer than me. I pray that my children will not have to deal with it for the rest of their lives.

  5. hassan_aziz says:


    you made a very good point. lots has been said, and alot of promises have been made, but again, the majority on this site will not let small details like the facts get in the way of their favorite pastime which is bashing whitey.

    i was told as a child you do not have to play in the garbage to know that it stinks. but with some folks you have to stand aside and let them have at it.

  6. ROBERT says:

    @ ANNE & FRED

    BOTH of you are wrong!

    THE people that you are referring who lost their healthcare plan; those people are in what is called the INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE MARKET.

    THERE are 19 million people in this market and yes they started getting cancellation notices starting in AUGUST; but it wasn’t because it was anything wrong with their coverage it was because they didn’t meet the minimum requirements of OBAMACARE.

    NOW these people will have to go and find coverage that meet the requirements of OBAMACARE that will be more expensive because of the added features such as maternity leave and mental health and emergency care coverage; something these people didn’t what or need.

    OBAMA knew this and he specifically addressed these people starting in 2009


    ANNE & FRED when he OBAMA said that he and the DEMOCRATS knew that was not true!

    ANNE it’s not about taking sides in this instance it’s about right and wrong !

  7. Anne says:

    Robert, they were dropping people before the ACA became law. Besides, why would you take the side of folks who have reasons to lie because they never had any intention of providing health care insurance to those who haven’t had it before? I bring up the issue of social security and medicare to indicate that just as people signed up for those things before the internet ever existed, people are still signing up for the ACA by telephone and other methods as well even with computer glitches. Fred, thank you for your comments. It’s amazing that people are so invested in the failure of ACA that they will believe anything without researching on their own. As I said before, ACA hasn’t been fully implemented, so talk of failure is premature.

  8. Fred says:

    “IF OBAMACARE is so good for us why would OBAMA have to lie to us.”

    Its the republicans who are lying to us Robert. They cry about those who lost their heath care but they don’t point out that it was the insurance companies that dropped them because they did not provide real insurance for them. Maybe if you were not so involved to spread lies yourself, you would notice that fact.

  9. ROBERT says:

    @ ANNE

    IT’S amazing how this formula continues to work; whenever the DEMOCRAT’S or OBAMA get caught with their pant’s down they just blame the REPUBLICAN’S and keep on moving.

    YOUR president and his party has been caught and has admitted to lying to the public for 3 1/2 years concerning OBAMACARE.

    OBAMA is on record over 24 times stating that you can keep your doctor ;healthcare plan etc.

    WHEN he said that he and the DEMOCRAT’S knew that was not true.

    I have been watching this government for over 25 years and I know for everything they admit to there’s 10 more things their still lying about.

    IF OBAMACARE is so good for us why would OBAMA have to lie to us.

    YOU only lie when you are hiding something.

    THERE is no comparison between this and social security or medicare; because nobody lied to us to sell us either and OBAMACARE is far more intrusive and destructive to many people who did not ask for their lives to be destroyed.

    ANNE you seem like a intelligent person to me quit drinking the kool aid and start paying close attention to this government.

  10. Anne says:

    This article hit the nail on the head in stressing the importance of not confusing the website problems with the program itself. Besides, long before the internet ever came into existence, Republicans did a lot of naysaying about Social Security and Medicare. By focusing on the glitches, it seems to have escaped them that people can sign up, and already have, the way they did with these earlier programs. The ACA is not perfect by any means. I see it as a work in progress, and am not surprised by the hypocrisy of the Republicans who claim to be concerned about the glitches when they have tried more than 40 times in Congress to eliminate the ACA.

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