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Black Woman; Angry Or Empowered?

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( Sometimes it’s hard to talk to or about Black women without catching heat and inevitably hearing the now empty catchphrase: “You hate Black women!”

It seems that for some Black women, any disagreement brings down the wrath of the ages. Even if the disagreement is founded in research, or referenced from other Black women.

Many Black women will openly claim the anger and even go so far as to exclaim a right to it.

Anyone has a right to any emotion, but being angry is not empowerment. Those who are angry are actually slaves to the anger.

Holding on to that anger can bring dire consequences.

Maida S. Kemp, the first African American woman to represent labor overseasFrustrated Woman worked with women, civil rights, labor and humanitarian causes, proving herself as a tireless organizer and activist for social change.  In her struggle for both the rights of Blacks and the rights of women, the former president of the National Council of Negro Women cautioned women against bitterness.

Unless a woman learns not to be bitter about defeats and not to be arrogant about successes, each of them, both your success and your defeat can limit you,” said Kemp.

And yet, many women wave the flag of anger as though it is some badge of honor or rite of passage, referring to their anger as “independence,” proclaiming men who are repulsed by it as weak, even though it costs them relationships with men and women alike.

It is difficult and frankly, not worth the time to discuss anything with an angry person, particularly because the color of anger paints ALL Black men as weak, lazy and in general the sole source of all of the Black woman’s woes, particularly their inability to find desired mates.

At that point, what is there to discuss?

An angry woman may be otherwise desirable, but, unresolved pain and fear is stronger than love or pride and will end up driving most good things out of her life.

Anger is also infectious.  When someone comes at us with anger, it is easy to absorb it and become changed.

Anger, like the dark side of the force, is seductive.  When we hear negative things and we are already in pain, our hearts are prepped for anything that will mask the pain.  Nothing masks pain the way anger does.  In fact, anger feeds off of the pain and makes the host believe that there is actually no pain at all.

In many cases, anger is simply a reaction to fear, but there is another more productive reaction, offered by noted author Zora Neale Hurston:  “The thing to do is to grab the broom of anger and drive off the beast of fear.”

Anger drains energy and drags the person carrying it to the bottom of everything good, into the pit of everything bad. While it may seem to be empowering at first, if it is mostly stemming from fear and pain, it will be anything but empowering.

Anger is no one’s friend.

Staff Writer; Darryl James

One can connect with this brother via D.L. James. Also follow him on twitter; DarrylLJ.

Feel free to also purchase his newly released book which is entitled; The Whirlwind or The Storm, LA Riots Perspectives



3 Responses to “Black Woman; Angry Or Empowered?”
  1. Fernand says:

    When the male youth of any race is predominantly in jail, then that race is doomed for extinction. Its just a matter of time. The African American race will soon cease to exist. When all their men are in jail, their women will have no choice but to reduce the rate of child bearing within the race as the men are just not there.

    African American ladies will then marry and have kids with Latino or Asian etc. The result is their offspring will identify more with the Latino or Asian community as there is more stability in the family with a father as role model. What is the growth rate of the African American race over the last 5 years?

  2. toomanygrandkids says:

    I remember when her books came out. I bought both copies. While the black women were angry indeed, Shaharazad (sp) stated that she had to hire body guards because black men were eeven more threatening toward her. They didn’t take too kindly about her revealing their secrets or failures either. She stated that she hired bodyguards because black men were just as angry as black women to the point of physically attacking her.

    Is there an article on her on this website? If there isn’t there should be.

  3. ROBERT says:

    I remember a sista name SHARIZAD ALI who wrote a book sometime ago titled A BLACKMAN’S GUIDE TO UNDSERSTANDING THE BLACKWOMAN.THE book caused a lot of controversy at the time because of her tough criticism of blackwomens behavior and her contributions to her own problems and the problems of her man and her people.OF course upon hearing the sista’s critique of them by one of they’re own blackwomen attacked her viciously accusing her of betraying their sista hood.HOWEVER blackwomen misunderstood what SHARIZAD and many other people tried to warn them of.THE fact is the blackman is not your oppressor and he never was;our oppressor uses the tactic of divide and conquer to destroy our people.

    THE goal is to separate you from your man and your people;because without your man and your people there is no future for any of us.ITS fascinating how well this has worked especially with successful blackwomen who somehow believe that they have risen above whatever destiny awaits their people.THE truth is wherever we wind up we will get there as a people no matter how successful or unsuccessful we are.THE best thing we could do is work together to make ourselves a successful race which is what we forgot to do.

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