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Three More Great Virus-Banishing Benefits of Norton 360.

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( You know that Norton 360 can help you remove viruses from your computer, keep them from getting in through downloads and that it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But did you know that there are three additional virus-banishing benefits to using this new software that help to make it the most comprehensive, exclusive antivirus software on the market? Here are three bad guy-busting benefits you should know by heart.

• Norton’s Network Defense Layer scours the world over for threats that couldNorton360 eventually make it your PC and prepares you for a battle that you’ll never see and that you’ll win every time.

• The new Norton is equipped with a behavioral technology that watches the internet to determine what types of threats could be created in the future, and uses that knowledge to protect your computer in advance.

• Some viruses install secretly on your computer and steal your information without you ever knowing. But not with the new Norton. It blocks web sites and downloads that carry this weapon.

Remember, when your security, your information and your identity are on the line and out there online, only the best protection will do. Never settle for anything less. Norton 360 will help to ensure that you are keeping safe when you are online. Not only that but it will also protect your kids too when they use the web.

Staff Writer; Greg Jones



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