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Susan Rice, James Clyburn, Yes Democratic & Republican Racial Hypocrisy.

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( Susan Rice hasn’t even been nominated to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, but Republicans act as though she has.  The attacks are coming fast and furious (pun intended) but they are as misguided and inaccurate as the War in Iraq.  Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona have already promised to block the confirmation of Rice.  Another 100 House Republicans have signed a letter saying that nominating Rice would hurt American credibility in other countries.

The whole center of Republican opposition revolves around statements made by Rice about the attacks in Benghazi over two months ago.   The attack led to the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and three others.  Susan  Rice initially stated that the attacks were spontaneous demonstrations against the American embassy in response to a ridiculous low budget video that had been placed on the Internet.  Only Americans would be so arrogant as to think that Muslims are this stupid.

The ironic thing about the Susan Rice situation is that if making misleading remarks was reason for disqualification, the same would have happened to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, whose speech before the United Nations led to the war in Iraq.   Some say that Powell, a Republican, should have been sent to the hills after such a blatant error.  Additionally, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice supported Powell’s false theory about Iraq, scaring the nation into the invasion.

The comparisons of the actions between three African American Secretaries of State (two ironically being black women with the last name “Rice”), all of whom have served during the last decade, shows that the attacks on Rice are more about politics than race.  Republicans are made to look hypocritical by going after Susan Rice and overlooking even worse decisions by Powell and Condoleeza.

The debate also makes Democrats themselves look hypocritical for supporting Susan Rice while demonizing the other two black  people in the same position.  Additionally, Susan Rice’s misdirection is far less disconcerting than other problems with Benghazi, such as ignored security warnings that made those in the embassy vulnerable to attack.

Susan Rice is as qualified as anyone for the job.  She has a tremendous amount of foreign policy experience, starting as a staffer for the National Security Council in 1993.  She was the US Ambassador to Libya in 2009 as well.   Her experience makes her into a natural fit without all the immature, irrelevant debating that has come to define the selfish egomaniacs who work on Capitol Hill.

Remarks by Rep. James Clyburn a Democratic Congressman from South Carolina, imply that some of the Republican opposition to Susan Rice is racially-motivated.  James Clyburn argues that racial code language has been used to define Ms. Rice to be unqualified for the position.   I don’t disagree with James Clyburn entirely:  We know that Republicans don’t tend to like black people unless they are working for them on their front porch.

But here’s where James Clyburn is getting it wrong: It’s easy to call a Republican a racist when he says something that we don’t like, but James Clyburn, Al Sharpton and others barely say a peep when the racism is lofted by a fellow Democrat.   Vice President Joe Biden has hurled enough racial insults to be an honorary member of the Tea Party, yet the negroes around him usually have nothing to say.

So, here’s the deal:  Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have the right to call one another racist.  Divisions of race are typically trumped by party line affiliations, and both parties love the black people that are giving them support.  So, rather than trying to morph the Susan Rice debate into a Spike Lee/Malcolm X/Jim Crow discussion, why don’t we just see if she’s qualified for the job?

Democrats should defend Susan Rice based on her qualifications and stop playing the race card.  Republicans need to stop using the Benghazi tragedy as a political weapon and focus on ways to make our diplomats safer.  Any other kind of political nonsense is both counter productive and ultimately unAmerican.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins
Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. For more information, please visit


9 Responses to “Susan Rice, James Clyburn, Yes Democratic & Republican Racial Hypocrisy.”
  1. sankofa says:

    Actually you are wrong Dr. Watkins, this is exactly what American folly tricks is all about. How else can the gate keepers keep the sheeples bamboozled as they lead the masses into the killing fields for corporate elites and the bankers? Remember war is profitable for certain factions.

  2. John Smith says:

    I am quite sad, it is a desperate individual with absolutely no moral character who plays the race card in this day and age. What people should be concerned about is “content of character”, NOT the color of one’s skin or be they are man or woman. Susan Rice knew exactly what she was doing in misleading the American public as well as Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama . It is a pathetic display and to be even MORE frank…dishonest as heck !! I’m waiting for the adults to show up within the Black Caucus and start asking Ambassador Rice what really happened, instead of playing the “race card”…..Shame on them !

  3. Ford says:

    …..The whole Benghazi affair is pathetic. Obama and team refused to protect our people after repeated requests for more security. Need to keep a low profile. After the long 7 or so hours of attack and murder four Americans are dead and our ambassador butt fucked by his killers. WHAT HAPPENED??? Why it was that darn video that got the people upset. Obama and team ALL went public with the bullshit story. They all knew it was bullshit as the attack was watched in real time here. They tried to pretend that terrorists were on the run to show obama was the big dog and the bad turn of events was unrelated and the election was near. The true and spontaneous demonstration happened after in support of Ambassador Stevens and Americans and against the islamic militias who did the killing.

  4. SeattleGuy says:

    Brotha Watkins I vehemently disagree with you – on her being qualified!

    1) She was part of the genocide during the Clinton era and help to engineer a relatively peaceful situation in Rwanda to the slaughter of nearly 1,000,000 Africans
    2) The faces of the state dept lied to us VOLUNTARILY! They didn’t have to say anything, but they said and we read it. Even the state dept officials during the October senate hearing gave testimony that contradicted Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice. She’s part of the collaboration of deception. She should’ve disobeyed orders if she knew she was acting dishonorably.
    3) The president of Libya immediately said it was a TERRORIST ATTACK
    4) Black Genocide – it’s well documented black Africans of Southern Libya have been targeted by the new regime
    5) WEAPONS TRAFFICKING – New York Times and Huff Post posted articles stating how Ambassador Stevens and the State Dept knowingly have been arming the terrorists (lets call them what they are) from Benghazi to Syria by way of Turkey
    6) Canadian Oil Investments – conflict of interests with the Keystone Pipeline
    7) Iranian Investments – it is treasonous and a federal offense to do business with the Iranian regime

    So in my estimate, anyone affiliated with this tragic mess of Libya can’t get promoted. Sorry, but they lied and also tore Libya to pieces and they have African blood on their hands as well four dead Americans. So no, no way should be selected as the next Secretary of State.

    Before anyone says it – shame on Condaleeza as well. I appreciate their accomplishments, but they’ve both performed horribly in the end.

  5. whatever says:

    This article provides nothing of substance and fails to assign BENGAHZIGATE to its rightful owner the Commander in Chief, President Obama.

  6. Christy Inks says:

    And another thing Dr. Watkins, My skin color is WHITE. But my family heritage is not. MY SONS skin color is white and his family heritage is not. However, He and I have witnessed “racism” according to our skin color. When I’m asked that question on documents I use other and write in HUMAN!! Because that’s what we ALL are.

  7. Christy Inks says:

    It concerns me that this is still a problem. How do you “prove” your not racist? Quite frankly I could care less what color, gender, or age you are. Ms. Rice either allowed herself to be a patsy, or knew the truth to begin with. And either of those things should cause concern. Because being a patsy allows her to be overrun, knowing the truth means she LIED. both she should not be allowed a public office.
    Now, I also am aware that if we run EVERYONE that LIED to the nation out there would be none left.
    but I do have one question directly to Dr. Watkins. If I started a website that titled “the white mans” whatever. Who is the racist? I believe that you are being racist against white people. but there’s no law for that. I truly believe that the reason ALL this “racism” is going on is because people like you keep it alive.

  8. Peter says:

    It is so disgusting to see the political posturing, the continuous electioneering and non co-operation within the government’s framework in a country that was once so great. A country with everything anyone could ever ask for. The election is over, someone won, now is the time for unity and co-operation.

  9. daniel cheung says:

    Dr. Watkins is as offensive and bias as Clyburn and other civil rights leaders with his comments:
    >>>We know that Republicans don’t tend to like black people unless they are working for them on their front porch.

    >>>Vice President Joe Biden has hurled enough racial insults to be an honorary member of the Tea Party, yet the negroes around him usually have nothing to say.

    SAD commentary for America who elected an African American as President twice, yet we have ignorance and race-baiters like Watkins, Sharpton and the likes.

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