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This Time President Barack Obama Literally in Gun Toters’ Sights…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) The bullet-riddled tee shirt of President Obama posted brazenly on Facebook by seven semi-automatic gun toting men among them a Peoria, Arizona, police sergeant was much more than the by now standard non-stop litany of racist cartoons, depictions, web postings, and kooky loose talk threats against President Obama. The gun-toting men and the police sergeant were taking target practice on the president’s likeness at an undisclosed desert locale. This is Arizona. The state where many legislators think it’s ok to pack guns in the legislature, and for citizens to openly pack them in public. This is the state where former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was nearly killed in an assassination attempt, and where there’s a wide body of respectable opinion starting with a finger in the face of the president by Governor Jan Brewer, that openly loathes the president’s policies and in many cases him personally. The gun-toting men made a virtual public call for the gunning down of the president.

It comes against the backdrop of Secret Service reports that the rate of threats against the President Obama has increased 400 percent from the 3,000 a year or so under President George W. Bush. He receives dozens of assassination  threats continuously, and that number has been steady before and during the campaign and increased after he took office. Federal law is very clear on Threatening the President of the United States. It is a class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States.”

The Secret Service has taken the threats against the president seriously and has diligently investigated every one of them. In a few cases, prosecutors have brought charges. But here is the problem, in fact several problems. How seriously do other public officials take them, especially in places like Peoria, Arizona? Peoria, Arizona, officials did not suspend the police sergeant pending review and investigation, let alone fire him or call for a prosecution of him or his gun toting pals. Their weak, duck and dodge response was at worst that he may have violated the police department’s employee conduct rules on the use of social media. There was no immediate response from Peoria, Arizona, Mayor Bob Barrett or Peoria, city council persons to calls for them to take action against the officer and men involved.

The Secret Service also has had other worries, namely about staffing. At one point, in 2010 there was a report that in a budget request the Secret Service was understaffed and under-resourced. The Service denied it and insisted it had the resources and personnel to meet any security issue involving the president. But the president’s hands on meet the people routine during his non-stop road travels throughout the country is a constant challenge to any protective and enforcement agency.

The concern over Obama’s safety has been intense since he announced he would seek the presidency in February 2007. He had the dubious distinction of being the earliest presidential contender to be assigned Secret Service protection on the campaign trail. This didn’t ease the jitters over his safety. Several congressional members even then demanded that Secret Service officials provide all the resources and personnel they could to ensure Obama’s and the other presidential candidates’ security. They heard the whispers and nervous questions from his constituents about Obama’s safety.

During the presidential campaign in 2008, the flood of crank, crackpot, and screwball threats that promised murder and mayhem toward Obama continued to pour in. This prompted the Secret Service to tighten security and take even more elaborate measures to ensure his safety. This was especially important given the deep doubt and even paranoid suspicion that some blacks have that shadowy government agencies were complicit in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr, and the fervent belief of millions of other Americans that the CIA or other government agencies were deeply complicit in the killing, if not outright murder of JFK.

There is nothing shadowy or conspiratorial about what police sergeant Pat Shearer and his gun-packing friends in Peoria, Arizona, did. It was brazen and very open. The clueless Shearer for his part saw nothing inappropriate, let alone, dangerous, about what he did. He chalked it up to much ado about nothing or as he put it, he didn’t think that shooting up a t-shirt with President Obama’s face on it “was that big a deal.” It was more than a big deal. The target in their in gun sights was not a regular bullseye, a likeness of Howdy Dowdy, or a cactus plant. It was President Obama. Federal prosecutors should see it as the “big deal” that it is and bring charges.

Written By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

One can find more info about Mr. Hutchinson over at the following site; TheHutchinson ReportNews.

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2 Responses to “This Time President Barack Obama Literally in Gun Toters’ Sights…”
  1. Max says:

    Just heard this on the Mike Malloy show and am depressed that the only other response is a freeper rant against the Mexicans. It’s fascinating on the 47th anniversary of the assassination of Malcom X by the Nation of Islam that “hassan” wants Eric Holder bumped off along with the president Barack Hussein Obama.

  2. hassan says:

    i dont see the big deal either. a more appropriate target could have been holder; you know the little under the table operation “fast and furious” that has caused the lives of hundreds of mexican people and dead border agents on our side.
    it was so blatant what his ambitions were that his own people came forward. and inspite of his emails, conversations with breuer, and another head dept guy in arizona pleading the 5th. its safe to say many are not happy with the administration.
    you fixate on details but dont fail to see the big picture. this administration wont return those that continue to come here illegally by the thousands everyday and continue to take jobs from people in your community. this administration continues to stand by and not talk about groups like “la raza” and “mecha” with their coined phrases “for those with in the race everything, and for those outside the race… nothing”.
    race wars going on in the southwestern u.s. that no one other than local media talks about. “sureno” gangs with orders to “kill on sight” orders from prison gangs to rid compton, inglewood, and watts of their black populations. infact, the blacks refer to them as “the clan with a tan”.
    the truth of the matter is your boy wonder (obama) played you for your vote. im not republican, im a political athiest, but i see the hand writing on the wall. nationally, your racial group make up less than 20% of the total population, and as you and i both know, a large majority ends up passing through prison doors at least once in that person’s life, meaning they will loose their right to vote or own a gun. where was jesse, and sharpton when these mexican/chicano gangs killing old folks, reg people with no gang ties, and one of the more gruesome hits was a 14 yr old black girl playing in the front of her house, because they cant go beyond certain areas with in their own neighborhood with out attempts being made on their lives. a couple of guys from the “avenues gang” just bought a pistol and wanted to try it out, and she happend to be outside playing with her friends and was killed. but, ya never hear about anything like that. or the mass exodus of blacks leaving the sw u.s.
    no one thinks about those things. but your party sees the big picture. that’s why they pander, grovel, and dream of the dream act. because they know with in a few decades they will be the dominant race in the united states, as it stands right now we are the 5th largest spanish speaking country in the world and our official language is not spanish.
    as far as the cops shooting at the obama t shirt what should their punishment be? i mean, look at all the posters, vulgar, and insultive remarks about bush. its politics. bottom line.
    so while you stay focused some redneck cops shooting at an obama tshirt, or your neighbors door bell that plays dixieland, or the other guy with a confederate flag in his front yard; there is a whole agenda that is being played out my man and you dont even know it.
    im going to let you in on another secret. they make no bones about looking out for each other. i left california back in 2002, i watched it happen with my own eyes. little by little they came in, and it seemed like the next day i was in tijuana in many areas that i worked in that was predominately black for decades. and trust me, they do not want nor seek any kinship or working relationship with your community. once they have established themselves, its “our way or the highway”. they are smart, they get their little businesses going get involved in politics and eventually run the area.

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