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24/7 SEVEN: Why Are We ON Non-Stop…

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( Nature works in shifts. There are night creatures and beings that live by day. Which do you belong to? Or do you try to be in both?

Was it all that long ago TV stations signed off at midnight? And there was no one out there driving up and down at all hours. And the lampposts back then were not half as bright as now, so that by the wee small hours of night, the city really slept. That was then and this is . . .

NOW we are ON 24/7. The internet, something that back then we never even  dreamed of, has us in contact with everyone, and everything that ever was, 24/7. Hundreds of TV channels constantly at our fingertips. And we’re working, or on call, or on the phone, or on the net, 24/7.

And everywhere we go, whatever we do, even when we try and sleep, music is playing, or we are plugged into some other electronic throbbing, 24/7.

We thought the future would bring us leisure, instead we’re far, far busier, 24/7. In those days, not too long ago, every week had a day set aside for rest. All the stores were closed. Most went to services, and afterwards, kids were cautioned not to play with too much abandon. The entire day was pretty much meditation, a time for contemplation, on our place in the scheme of things.

Today, we’ve no time to ponder. We don’t think about the scheme of things, let alone our place in it. In fact, most of us doubt there’s a “Plan” of any kind. But is that not a self-fulfilling prophecy? Are we not allowing “progress” to stamp out the very thing that makes us human? Is that why we don’t know if we belong in the day or the night?

But, you say, we can’t turn back the clock. But we can stop it! The world won’t let you? Then you have lost control. Take it back. Seek out the quiet. Find yourself. . .


Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin

This talented author has just published a NEW book which is entitled; AFRICA is not A COUNTRY!.



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