The Ideological Rot of America.

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( I was raised in a time when the most important aspects of education were being able to think critically, to never accept any perspective without questioning and rigorous debate, and to love my community and country. Not anymore, because of the current direction of education posited by elite extreme progressive leftists.

This is the major reason, and nowhere can it be observed better than through the actions, protest, and unprovoked violence and vitriol Americans 35 years of age and younger exhibit anytime someone hurts their little feelings with words, actions, or personal outlook.

Take the present modern-day examples of the George Floyd riots and the recently expressed solidarity around Hamas criminal terrorists. I would not be far off to hypothesize that the same young people who burned down many major progressive cities in the summer of 2020 are the same ones presently chanting “From the river to the sea.” Sadly, a recent Harvard (figures) poll notes that the majority of Americans in the 18-24 age range think that Hamas’ massacre of over 1400 Israeli civilians “can be justified.” Moreover, 62% of the exact same group agreed the massacre was “genocidal.” No earthly reasonable person, educated or not would assert that one can engage in genocidal acts and consider it justified.

Again, this is a direct result of what is going on at colleges across the US. They have learned these beliefs through processes of indoctrination similar to the ones described in both The Politics of Education: Culture, Power, and Liberation and Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire. I know first hand from my 16 years on faculty at research, albeit not as cancerous currently.

The goal and desire of the modern academic is the destruction of American society in a manner that will make failure and misery universal outcomes. It is not to educate because suffering is a cultural value to them. They focus on the weak and use them to engage in the promotion of make-believe and flat-earth folly. They are a coterie of mutant zombies that get upset over meat emojis and misgendering, yet own cell phones made of cobalt, mined by African children via slave labor while screaming Black lives matter.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, and White Americans: The Ideological Rot of America.

In their world, being fat or obese is positive and healthy, just as putting tampons in male restrooms is a reasonably normal thing to occur according to some form of extraterrestrial science. They advocate for the autonomy of the criminal over civility in society because punishing criminals is wrong (an action of the colonial patriarchy). Mostly being white (female) self-proclaimed Marxist/Communist/Socialist with hair colors taken from a Sherwin-Williams color wheel.

“Remove the colonizers” they shout while at the same time blocking public roads, attacking innocent people, and damaging the property and cars of others. They desire by force for others to change language and use statements like “people with the capacity for pregnancy” and “birthing people” but, to state “all lives matter” and “build the wall” is a type of hate speech. We have reached a level of psychopathy and spiritual loss that is beyond ignominious.

These youngins have bought into this dogma hook, line, and sinker. Hard to believe that their parents can pay $200,000 for them to learn how to hate America and all it stands for. They venerate Marx without knowing he was a Jew, Mexican, and black-hating man. He described Mexicans as “lazy” and called Blacks “n@gge@s” whose blood is closer to the lower animal kingdom. Nathaniel Weyl, a former member of the U.S. Communist Party, documents this in detail in his book Karl Marx Racist.“ These views were held by his other acolytes including Che Guevara.

The Democratic elite left has an ideology virtually identical to fascism and frequently employs the tactics of political intimidation made acceptable by terrorists and the Nazis instead of debate. And these college professors and teacher’s unions, money should be stopped from ever going to the professors, unions, and colleges again. Like Cornell University professor Russell Rickford who described the October 7 terror attacks as “exhilarating and energizing.”

We have really reached a level of psychopathy and spiritual loss that is beyond ignominious because the lunacy is at every level of the government public school. One school district believes ending celebrations of Halloween will help them move forward in “building equity, fostering inclusion and building a sense of belonging throughout the schools.”

The fact is that leftism rots the brain and heart. It tells you what to support and believe without question. The only pragmatic reason corporations and the current-day Hitler youth act woke is because it is a means by which they can virtue signal without doing anything of action.

White liberals, BLM, Antifa, and other similar leftist progressive groups use the circumstances of blacks (criminal, poor, or otherwise) to organize leftist, college-educated, guilt-ridden whites. They tear down statues and destroy both public and private property.

Their goal is the acquisition and concentration of power and sadly, many of us have fallen for their fake azz virtue signaling. They praise Ropespire and celebrate the mob mentality all while knowing their progressive race narratives have no footing in reality in today’s America. They care about Blacks or Palestinians as much as their post-civil war democrat elders.

The only directive for the educational Brownshirt Stasi is to teach (inculcate) any perspective factual or not, that is anti-American in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The majority of students today in America can’t think critically enough to recognize this. The aim is to teach belief and dogma instead of skills that enable and engender critical thinking which results in them seeing themselves as being a victim without agency. Their life isn’t worth anything and thus, they are taught their lives have no purpose. Look at the high levels of suicide, depression, and drug use among Americans 30 and under.

The modern learning environment has gotten to the point where we no longer accept biology fomenting a type of psychopathy that asserts men can get pregnant and there are no differences between men and women. If one examines CRT and gender ideology, it is easy to understand the modern educational indoctrination process.

This is the twisted and deranged mental illness we call modern academia. They desire we feel guilt for being productive and profitable – this is communism. Their assertion that the function of the family is to maintain the capitalist structure of society is why they desire to destroy the nuclear family – this is Marxists. They teach that things like being on time, ‘working hard, and the scientific method are all forms of white supremacy. This may be why they feel comfortable enough to openly be against schools promoting things like families reading to kids as a form of racism. All of the above is why we see two teens who murdered retired police officer Andreas Probst in court throwing up the middle finger to his family while laughing.

So why do we see what we see in this age group – the promotion of violence and support for people who will carry out acts of genocide willingly? It is because we sat back and made it comfortable for them to do it. We have seen this before in 1919 Germany, where Democrats became the Nazi party.

Leftist ideologues and woke progressive educators don’t care about educating children, but rather about dismantling the society they want to destroy. They see children only as tools for achieving this objective. Any shortcoming one has in their life isn’t your fault, but rather that of another person which makes them responsible for making your life better.

What we confront is a war of ideologies. It will either be peace, the rule of constitutional law, freedom with responsibility, or anything goes, justified by whatever method available. So just in case, revisit Genesis 18:19 where the role of the father and family are discussed: “For I have chosen him so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just…”

However, the rot saturated in what passes for higher learning in the age of BLM suggests that we must be prepared. So get ready to be your own police. Just like 2020, these police aren’t going to do anything. So embrace equality over equity, liberty, and freedom over censorship for at any time, we men need to bask in the patriarchy and our toxic masculinity.

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

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