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Don L Castor: Artist Spotlight…

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( Recently, I once saw on one of Kanye West’s Voyr videos that the importance and anatomy of the artist has steepened and declined in magnitude that was once appreciated in the 1970’s and 80’s. Music has been generalized and commercialized to the masses and personal and meaningful content has taken a back seat to glamour, girls, sex, and how intoxicated you could possibly get.

The Donnel Jone’s, D’Angelo’s and Rapheal Saddiq’s don’t matter today.  Prince, Stevie, MJ is for our parents. And artists like Trey Songz, Jeremih, and countless other calculated R&B puppets are considered blueprint for good music now a days, so the beauty of the artist is nearly irrelevant.

But there are some artists out here today, who still strive to keep good music and creativity flowing. There are some who want to make music from the soul, and to not make money. They do it because their heart consumes it, and I’m glad to say R&B singer Don L. Castor is one of those artists who could and should make that jump to national attention. His music is directly from within, no gimmicks involved. I heard three of his tracks “Save My Life Tonight“, “Pieces“, and “Looking For Something” and all three tracks are worth listening from this talented artist.

Castor hails from Los Angeles, California and has a degree from the prestigious Berkley College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. Since he was a child, he studied music through out grade school and In 2007 he actually reordered his first debut album titled “Quest“, and is looking to capitalize on the recent buzz he’s received from “Peices” that was released earlier this year. Don L. Castor is a true man of genuine music, and hopefully this brief review will give him some of the limelight he rightfully deserves.

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