If I were to create a political party…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) The Ascendancy Party Platform:

We believe in working to create systems of economics and governance that empower individuals to control their own life within the context of a nurturing and stable community.

We do this with a specific eye on those who have historically been oppressed and underserved in America with the goal of providing mechanisms and support to create individual, communal, and institutional opportunities that  create parity.

We believe that justice is both a function of economics and politics and that you cannot have political justice without the creation of mechanisms to produce economic justice.

We believe that capitalism and democracy clash at times but are necessary family members for freedom and liberty.

We reject modern hyper-capitalism that defines American success as a function of profit and wealth. Instead we advocate viewing American success as a balance of community growth and stability, and economic global viability and sustainability.

We reject the two party system of America as a forced dichotomy of choices that skew the nature of a Republic form of government. Instead we actively advocate for a third party that holds Ascendancy principles as its the foundation, or leverages these principles en mass at the voting block to have our principles expressed through the dominant parties.

Staff Writer; Dell Gines

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