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Ron Paul 2nd in Iowa Poll…

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( Rep. Ron Paul, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, defeated former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Georgia businessman Herman Cain in the latest poll of likely Iowa Republican caucusgoers with 13 percent of the votes for a 2nd place finish. According to the Insider Advantage poll, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich pulled in 28 percent of the votes to beat Rep. Ron Paul by 15 percentage points. Mitt Romney garnered 12 percent of the votes to earn 3rd place and Cain tied Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann with 10 percent of the votes to take 4th place.

Herman Cain, who once led the GOP field in a number of state and national level polls, has fallen out of the top tier in the latest Iowa poll. However, Cain’s fall from the top has left the door wide open for Gingrich and Ron Paul to solidify their support in Iowa.

The Iowa presidential caucuses will be held on January 3rd. The Ron Paul campaign is preparing to launch its “Christmas Vacation with Ron Paul” program in order to drum up support for the Texas Congressman before the first major event of the 2012 presidential race. According to a campaign email, 500 youths from the “Youth for Ron Paul” organization will knock on doors and make phone calls for the Texas Congressman. “I firmly believe the next generation needs us to fix our problems now, so there will be a great country left to give them,” Ron Paul said in a campaign email.

Ron Paul’s 2nd place finish in the latest Iowa poll is a positive sign for his campaign team. GOP Ron Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton told POLITICO in November that his candidate needs to finish in the top tier in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. “We need to do well in Iowa and New Hampshire, because it’s very important for perception,” Benton said. “It’s also important because the voters in those states are very adept and astute at evaluating candidates, so we need to be in the top three in those states, no question about it,” Benton added.

The Insider Advantage poll was conducted for Newsmax.


26 Responses to “Ron Paul 2nd in Iowa Poll…”
  1. Myke says:

    Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom ’07-’08, FOB War Horse, Al Sadir, Iraq, 14 months. Everyone I know is voting for Ron Paul. Only thing left to say is End the Fed.

    And a message to Fox News, the unfair and bias: Dr. Paul IS electable.

    RON PAUL 2012

  2. If you want to push someone down, first lift them up. If you want to lift someone up, first push them down. — Old Taoist proverb.

  3. Jeffrey Big says:

    I am proud to be writing on a blog where I share the same dreams and hope for America. This could be our last hope. Ron Paul 2012 or we really will be bust.

  4. RPTwentyTwelve says:

    Looking forward to vote Ron Paul in 2012!

  5. Ron Paul will systematically wipe out poverty by eliminating the welfare state by enacting a free market system which encourages hiring and rewards workers with low income tax which spurs spending and creates a thriving economy. Right now we tax the few people that work to death…and they in turn have very little money left over to spend which reduces derived demand. Ron Paul understands this and that is why I will only vote for Ron Paul this election!

  6. David says:

    The guy was exactly right about Ron Paul. He is held to 90 seconds in debates when it gets ahead in the polls. He was leading and pushed back like that as soon as that happened.

    When Ron Paul has pulled ahead recently in Iowa, there was NO discussion like this. On the other hand, each clip taken from a debate such as the recent clip talking to Gingrich, is always taken out of context to make another candidate look good. Everyone else is put on a pedestal immediately as soon as they seem to lead a poll. Actually, it seems to happen right before they take the lead which is what many are noticing more and more.

    There are studies which show that people basically believe what they are told. and that they go for whatever they hear that others are going for. Owners of these media networks, and those who pay the bills at NPR, know this. This is what these sorts of pushes are all about, Ron Paul does not help big global bankers and war-mongers, and those guys pay the bills at the big media outlets, even at the “public” media outlets this is still true.


  7. LeneD says:

    When you are voting..consider this…. Are you a Democrat, a Republican, or an American? When you vote take this into consideration!

  8. charles says:

    I am retire military, I will be voting for Ron Paul.

  9. SR says:

    The foreign policy debate felt like a mating dance with the Republican hopefuls puffing out their chests and showing how aggressive they can be. The *only* national security threat to the US is its deficit.

    All this talk about American exceptionalism is B.S. We are like any other country. When our credit is bad, the interest goes up. The federal govt spends 230 billion on interest, which is 15% of its non-SS revenues (paltry 1.5 trillion). Every year, the federal govt adds 1.2 trillion more in debt. If the markets lose confidence and the interest rate goes to 20% (like Greece), this adds 240 billion in additional interest payments each year. In this scenario, US goes bankrupt in 1-3 years.

    There are only two choices:
    A. Balance the budget in 3-5 years in our own terms, OR
    B. Balance the budget in 1-2 years in China’s terms

    When the media talks about the manageable Debt/GDP ratio, they are missing the key point — The revenue base for other nations is much higher than the US. US is #3 in debt to tax revenue (not GDP) among developed nations.

    1. Japan: 806% (20 years of deflation)
    2. Greece: 420% (written off by the EU)
    3. United States: 357% (Ron Paul or bust)
    4. Ireland: 323% (bailed out by Germany and others)
    5. Iceland: 296% (3 year banking crisis)

    The next 5 feature Italy and Portugal which feature unelected EU-appointed leaders. Can you imagine China replacing our elected president with someone that gets with the China-prescribed austerity program?

  10. sarge says:

    US Army retired. I will not hold my nose and vote Gingrich or romney. I will only vote for Dr Paul.

  11. Kurt says:

    I have supported Ron Paul since 2007 and will continue to support Ron Paul. Even if he doesn’t win I will still write him in as President on the ballot!

  12. Donny says:

    I’m afraid for the world if anyone except Ron Paul Wins ..I’m not concerned about Iran or any other middle east country. I’m not even afraid of terrorist attacks, but I am very concerned about the very aggressive and provoking US foreign policy. All of which is backed by the biggest military budget and weaponry in the west. Presidential powers go unchecked and wars go undeclared this is more frightening to me than some mad man with a bomb strapped to his chest. Vote Ron Paul

    Donny UK

  13. Mark Foster says:

    I would give my life if it meant Ron Paul getting into office. Not only would his policies save thousands of lives, but they would improve millions possibly a billion lives….although it would spoil the party for a few rich and powerful people! TOUGH!

  14. LeneD says:

    What is wrong with people? They support Newt Gingrich and ignore the troops. Do these people even understand anything or are they that brainwashed that they forget what America means? Shame on you!I used to think Iowa people had sense. Not anymore!

  15. Cade Foster says:

    Americans … this is your time !
    Who will be your shining light to guide you out of the darkness of the
    cave of corruption ?

    Will it be Ron Paul ?
    Or will you fall asleep on the wheel and vote another liar from club Bush-Obama (“Bushama”).

    Make America, make the world … a better place.
    Consider Ron Paul.

    [Ron Paul – 2012]

  16. SovereignBlackMan says:

    “And don’t let anybody make you think that God chose America as his divine, messianic force to be a sort of policeman of the whole world.” MLK jr. Sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on April 30, 1967

  17. Al says:


    When looking at the real economic numbers and the cost effect results of our foreign policy closely, one can only conclude that we have become a welfare/warfare state that has already entered into a Depression, while heading towards ever more endless wars, complete bankruptcy, and the collapse of an America which we have known for more than two centuries.

    There are far more of us than those who represent the special interest group financed establishment which continues to benefit from all of the above at the expense of average Americans. Most of us can at least sense that something is drastically wrong yet we remain on our path to self-destruction if we allow status quo politicians with status quo policies to continue on.

    Whether you are a member of the Tea Party, OWS, any other group, or simply a disenfranchised individual who sees little hope, please look up, learn about, and help Ron Paul become president anyway you can. The only way we lose is if we continue to remain divided.

    Had we voted Ron Paul into office in 2008 we would at this time be well on our way to recovering the American dream. Fortunately it looks like we have one more chance to get it right. It’s probably our last chance, however, because within four years of continued status quo leadership and policies we will find ourselves in the midst of a full scale Depression and all the turmoil that it brings.

    Even if you disagree with Ron Paul on a position or two please don’t let that stop you from supporting him. Even in such a situation consider if Ron Paul won’t get you 80% of what you want while getting the country back on track to recovery. At such time it will be easier to argue about the 20% that is missing than under present status quo leadership. If we were to all wait for a candidate that gives us 100% of what we want then we will remain divided and there will be no hope.

    During this critical time in history let’s come together as a country to show that we as a people can overcome the special interest group financed status quo candidates to support and vote Ron Paul into office in 2012 so that we and our children have a better future. Please pass this on to everyone you know.

    From a concerned citizen

  18. Jeff says:

    How about a poll asking everyone. It is an open primary after all, is it not?

  19. Truth says:

    Ron Paul, the only candidate willing to end the racial discrimination against black brothers in the prison system.

    Restore America now!
    Ron Paul 2012

  20. Sheridan says:

    …and the truth shall set you free….

  21. Sanjay says:

    Honorable Minister Farrakhan recently said, be a free white, free black, free brown person.

    Only abolishing federal reserve and central banking will make it happen. Ron Paul is the man to do it.

    I am glad TBM writes some positive things about Paul.

    Obama = Romney = Gingrich. Different puppets, same deceitful/ traitorous Federal Reserve/Bankster masters.

    End the wars/empire, end the federal reserve/IMF/World Bank/UN, end racist quotas, 3rd world welfare, end TSA/DHS/ADL/SPLC and other Orwellian crime syndicates.

    Ron Paul will restore sound money, strong national defense, liberty, free enterprise, local government, strong traditional families, Western Civilization.

    US forces gave 3-times as much $ to Paul as all other GOP candidates (prostitutes) combined. Paul supports voluntary aid to Isreal.


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