Will Ron Paul Be The Last Man Standing…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Romney is the pace horse in the media’s manufactured vision of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. And from time to time someone edges up from the pack to challenge him and get on center stage. Right now it is Gingrich. Before that it was Herman Cain, before Cain it was Perry, and before Perry it was Bachmann and so on and on. However, one contender somehow has yet to get his moment in the sun. Nonetheless, when all is said and done, and the final shot’s been fired in the shootout at the GOP Corral, will Ron Paul end up being the last man standing?

Not possible you say? That’s because you have been drinking the media’s Kool Aid. Look at the facts. Not one vote has been cast in any primary or caucus,  not a single one. So, in actuality, it is really anyone’s race to win, not however if you listen to the media’s spin. They claim that the Republican Party is desperate to select Anyone But Romney, and so that is why the flavor of the month, or even the week, keeps changing. But what they fail to say, and anyone with sense can see, the media is involved in its own frantic campaign. It is called Anyone But Ron Paul.

Meanwhile everyone else in the Republican field as well as Obama is proclaiming only minor variations on the same worn out themes when it comes to our many wars and our deteriorating economy. Ron Paul is the only one who says about the wars, end them all. And about the debt, his monetary policies may seem strange, and they may not work. But one thing for sure, the path we are embarked on is taking us absolutely nowhere.

In Congress they are voting on a balanced budget amendment that will take years, if ever, to pass, and which they would nonetheless override if it were ever. Look at the dreaded “automatic triggers” that were supposed to set into motion drastic, across the board reductions, if “Super committee” failed to agree on cuts. As expected it failed to, and also as expected they are scurrying around right now putting those “automatic triggers” back on hold. Like an insane monster from a horror flick, Congress and all those running for president, save Ron Paul, are in effect chanting, “Stop me before I spend! Stop me before I spend!” All to no avail.

Let’s face it. Europe is bankrupt. They can do all the fancy financial footwork they want; the European debt has bankrupted the European Economic Community. And as for us, we have not yet gone bust, but we certainly will if Congress keeps spending like a pack of drunken sailors. And then what? Perhaps we can indefinitely maintain the charade that we are solvent. At least we are now, and are likely to remain, the strongest economy in the world. And the one eyed man is king in the Land of the Blind. But what will happen when the people wake up and realize the American Empire has no clothes? What then?

Say what you want about Ron Paul’s draconian monetary policies, he predicted everything that is happening to our economy today four years ago, and now all see the handwriting on the wall. But the media, meanwhile, is doing its best to obscure things, finding piddling differences among basically carbon copy candidates while Jesse Jacksonizing, that is, steadfastly ignoring, Ron Paul and his vastly different economic ideology and war policies.

A vast, apparently untapped, field for Ron Paul to explore is healthcare. As a medical doctor, he refused to accept Medicaid and Medicare taking instead partial payment, or no payment, rather than deal with these failed governmental medical bureaucracies. As a doctor he can also speak with great authority about the many needless, costly, medical tests and procedures, like the prostate screening test which has been practiced for decades with counterproductive, often horrific, results.

And what about the endless array of drugs for every imagined conditioned under the sun, and then some, advertised constantly on television with their long list of side effects, including death. Many of them end up being banned amid flurries of multi-billion dollar lawsuits. Apparently the cost of these drugs is so high because the price includes the payouts in the inevitable slew of suits against the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, many of his opponents like Newt Gingrich are posing as Washington outsiders while actually being inside the Beltway multi-million dollar a year lobbyists for the health care, banking and defense industries that are literally bleeding this country dry.

Finally, let us not forget Occupy Wall Street and the broad based student and worker movement it has spawned. They are not taking place in a parallel universe, but in this one. They are bound to affect the Republican nomination process. While all the other candidates are railing against these young protesters, Ron Paul is the only one who has the standing to ultimately emerge, if not their champion, at least the one who will benefit the most from their angst and despair.

Now let’s suppose he gets the nomination and goes up against Obama. Who would likely win? I am not that sure the president would emerge victorious. Ron Paul has the vigor and enthusiasm of a youthful base this go round, while Obama’s young supporters appear quite tepid. As for the Black vote, yes Obama would seem to have a lock on it, but how great will the turnout be? There have been many, many complaints that Obama is not doing anything to help the Black community, to which the response has been, Obama is the president of America, not just Black America. Therefore, his election was not about substance but symbolism for Black America. And, yes, symbols are important, but if he is really only a figurehead, then one term will do just as good as two.

And so, don’t believe the hype. Ron Paul and every candidate running for the Republican nomination has a chance.  Not a single vote has been cast. All these polls and opinion surveys you see are all sponsored by groups with their own little axes to grind. All of them, every single one of them, is aimed at getting you to “change your mind” to think the way they want you to think. Another term for “changing your mind” is brainwashing you. It can only work if you fail to see what is taking place. And you do, don’t you? You are not that far gone yet. Are you?

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin

This talented author has just published a NEW book which is entitled; AFRICA is not A COUNTRY!.