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Ms Ginger White, yes Herman Cain’s Jilted Boo…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Herman Cain just can’t catch a break. First broads wanna accuse him of sexual harrassment. And now a homegirl is coming out the woodwork talking about how they had sexual relations for 13 years. Herman Cain’s response — like his responses to everything — Gurrrrllll… Bye. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Ms. White.”

Sound familiar.

Just like Bill Clinton didn’t get blown in the Oval and Anthony Weiner didn’t tweet pictures of his junk, just like Eliot Spitzer didn’t think he was a crown prince in UAE entitled to a harem and just like former Republican Rep. Christopher Lee (better known as the Craigslist Congressman) didn’t try  online dating via Craigslist when he already had a life long plus one, Herman Cain did not cheat on his wife of 43 years for the last 13, and he did not just break-up with the woman he acknowledged he has knowledge of and of whom consensual adult acts between the two shall remain confidential right before he announced his bid for President of the United States. He didn’t do any of that. It’s a lie I tell you. A lie. Oh… And that bitch is bitter.

Or Ms. Ginger White isn’t necessarily bitter per se and is telling the truth. And Hold Up. Wait for it. Has the text messages to prove it. Ain’t technology grand. Like Monica before her with a jism stained dress, and tweeters and craigslisters who like to look up their potential digital boos Ms. Ginger White showed and proved she could not only pull Herman Cain’s card but get him to react and quickly I might add. The Atlanta TV-station in which Ms. White conducted her interview texted the one time GOP frontrunner and he called back. Not his people. Not his handlers. Not Mark Block, the campaign manager that smokes in the TV ad. Herman Cain called back.

I’m sorry but when does the innocent party call back the jumpoff (you know that’s what she was) to deny some allegations unless the innocent party knows they are true. This is political scandal 101 or did Richard Nixon teach you nothing. FOR SHAME.

I don’t have sympathy for Ms. White the self-proclaimed unemployed single mother and I don’t have sympathy for Herman Cain. Y’all both stupid; one more literally than the other. (You can decide which one is the least dense). And homegirl needs better friends. If you know you doing the grownup with someone you KNOOOOOWWWW you’re not supposed to be doing the grown up with, then that is a secret you take to your grave not tell to your friends.
Phone Call:

“Hey girl whatchu doin.”
“Ah girl nothing. Just got back from kickin’ it with Herman.”
“Herman who?”
“Herman Cain. You know me and him go way back. I love me some Godfather’s pizza. Best President the NRA ever had.”
“Hold up you been kicking it with Herman Cain? The Presidential Candidate?”
“Yeah girl.”
“Girl you been holding out on me. How come you didn’t tell me. Okay tell me everything.”


That right there ladies and gentleman is what we call a setup. And Ms. White got SET. UP.

Ms. White says she came forward about the affair because she felt that it was going to come out anyway and because she didn’t like how Cain demonized the sexual harrassment accusers before her. That’s only partially true. Mr. White came forward after her so call friend blew up her spot all the way and put her on blast times infinity. Then that’s when she decided she needed to come clean before a reporter came clean for her.

Furthermore, unlike a sexual harassment case where the filings and settlements can be dug up by nosy reporters with demanding news directors looking for a story by deadline, nobody’s looking for the mistress in the Candidate who has presented himself as every bit of a family man and refers to his wife reverently. (I mean we all know Barack don’t have no thang on the side. Michelle would get in that ass. You know the First Lady has hood tendencies) Being or having a jumpoff is not front page news until the jumpoff or the one with the jumpoff makes it so. Think former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and his Argentine mistress. If you’re governing South Carolina you don’t just take trips to Argentina on the taxpayer’s dime unless you have some business. Mr. Sanford’s business was his new lady love. That’s a story worth digging into because Mr. Sanford was misappropriating the people’s funds. You do your cheatin’ on your own dime. Same thing with John Edwards. He misappropriated funds to deny his own baby and homegirl had enough and spilt the beans to GQ, Oprah, and then there is that sex tape. Now he’s facing charges and she’s looking like, “I bet you won’t deny me again.” Ms. White same thing. She wouldn’t have come forward if her friend hadn’t have tipped the media off. So like I said Ms. White needs some news friends.

Now to my point on why I say Ms. Ginger White is jilted. During the interview with WAGA, the station reported Ms. White is currently having some hardships. Evictions, a 23-year-old bankruptcy declaration, a 2001 sexual harassment case that was settled and a stalking charge. (see here and here) I won’t hold that against homegirl; life is rough for everybody these days. But this is what got me. After she described herself as an unemployed single mom trying to make ends meet she says:

“I don’t think that makes me out to be a bad person… It makes me out to be one of the millions of people right now trying to keep a roof over their head.”

Now being an unemployed single mom trying to make ends meet doesn’t make her a bad person. But being an unemployed single mom trying to make ends meet by airing an affair with a Presidential Candidate that ended eight months ago — but y’all was texting in September ok –makes you out to be a woman with a plan on how to make her ends more than meet. #imjustsayin’

Do I think what she did is filthy. No. Just disrespectful. Especially since she acknowledges from jump that her “relationship/friendship” with Herman Cain was inappropriate. Oh and before anybody jumps down my throat, Herman Cain was just as wrong if not even more dead wronger (yeah I put an e-r on that) than homegirl because he was the married one yet still skirt chasing.

Ms. Ginger White acknowledges in the interview that she expects to be scrutinized. She expects the media to pounce on her even though Herman Cain’s attorney released a statement that the media has no business in this private alleged consensual conduct. Honey you damn right you’re going to be scrutinized, worse than Jessica Rabbit in the framing of Roger. But it will only last until Herman Cain says something else dumb. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. They’ll be up in by the time the next debate rolls around.

Long live 9-9-9 and Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan

Long live Herman “Mac Daddy Cain

What. What.

What all do you think motivated Ginger White to come forward with her story?

Staff Writer; Nikesha Leeper

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8 Responses to “Ms Ginger White, yes Herman Cain’s Jilted Boo…”
  1. BIGG ROME says:

    stay strong herman…goldie taylor is a joke… don’t take out your personal abuse on every man that gets accused of something… Ginger White made 47 of the calls to herman cain out of the 61.

  2. still aboard cain train says:

    Ginger has a history of libel just ask her lover of 13 years “Kimberly Vay”!

  3. CLOWN_CAIN says:




  4. Laura says:

    Heresay and gossip.

  5. independent voter says:

    What part of I’m staying in the race do you not understand? Cain 2012!

  6. the soul man says:

    First of all forget about all the soap box, first and formost ginger is hot and reverend cain had no control this is why god is revealing who he really is, he wanted to help ginger he just didn’t tell her up front that his dick was attached. I have a girlfriend in Jamaica paying her college fees, i live in las vegas nevada we plan on gettin married but if we don’t i will know at least she can earn herself a good living on the island, my point if you are goingto help someone don’t connect body parts. Now what is this wealthy blubbering idiot going to tell his wife and kids

  7. one more says:

    Please add Obama/Larry Sinclair to your list, Herman Cain 2012!

  8. Cheyenne says:

    I think that Ginger White thought she was Herman’s only extramarital girl and was ok with him dumping her to run for pres and still texting and talking — but got jealous when the other women started accusing him of harassment and realized he was cheating on his wife and his mistress and that’s why she decided to blast him in public. He probably wasn’t giving her any more money. Didn’t want a trail like John Edwards so she had nothing to lose and was serving him some cold revenge.

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