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Ron Paul & Herman Cain’s Different Philosophies…

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( This morning Arthur Lewin wrote an excellent article on Ron Paul Vs Herman Cain Vs Barrack Obama.  He made great points on how each of the two potential Republican candidates have been pushed aside by the press as individuals who “can’t win” even though they are doing great in polls.  His article can be seen here – (——

I wanted to add one addition to Brother Lewin’s article.  The addition is to help our readers here at Thy Blackman understand a few basic differences between being a conservative and being a libertarian.  Examining these two candidates will do a good job of helping do that.


Ron Paul is a libertarian, Herman Cain is a far right conservative. This makes them almost as different as a Republican versus a Democrat. 

Libertarians want no government intrusion. They hate government butting into their lives. They want the government removed from all personal decisions. They believe strongly in the right of each individual to live the life that they choose as long as living that life doesn’t hurt the ability of another person to live their own life.

Conservatives hold to the idea of a smaller government but not necessarily a non-intrusive government.  They don’t mind the government being involved in personal decisions if those decisions fit with their conservative perspective. Their idea of smaller government generally means lower taxation, less government welfare and service programs, and more states rights as opposed to federal control. 

An example of the difference — Gay Marriage.  Ron Paul would most likely tell you that he does not care if two gays get married, but that it has to be personal in nature. The government should not be involved in any marriage, not just gay marriage.  It should be between the two people and their religion or relationship, and the government has no business in providing anyone a marriage license or giving special consideration to married people.

Hermain Cain on the other hand would say it is the states responsibility to protect the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman.  That that form of marriage is the in line with American Judeo-Christian tradition and is the form of relationship best to keep a moral and strong society.  He would advocate using the government’s power to enforce that.

 An example of the difference — Drug Legalization.  Ron Paul believes that individuals have the right to choose to consume and do the things that they want (even if it harms them) as long as it doesn’t impose on the freedoms of others.  This means that the use of drugs are the choice of the grown adult and the government should not impose itself to stop them.  He is against the war on drugs, which he believes has created a prison state and increased our prison population to a ridiculous level. 

Herman Cain on the other hand would say that he supports Ronald Reagan who instituted the war on drugs.  That drugs are destructive to the individual and so the government should step in and do what is necessary to bother stop the seller and the user.  He has a hard stance on crime and punishment so he is Ok with locking people up in record numbers for drug sales and drug use. 

An Example of the Difference – War and Defense.  Ron Paul believes that America should practice a non-intrusive form of foreign policy. What this means is that America should mind its own business, and only use the military if someone attacks us. 

Herman Cain believes that the military is not just about defense but about prevention and intervention.  That America should intervene militarily when it serves the purpose of securing America’s long term interest or helping countries that are unstable and need our help.  He would advocate a large increase in defense spending to demonstrate to the world America is the strongest military power.

An Example of the Difference – Islam.  Ron Paul believes that each American should be free to worship as they choose, as long as that worship does not harm the freedom of other people to worship.  He would have no problem appointing an Islamic individual to a position of power if that person upheld libertarian principles.

Hermain Cain has clearly stated that Muslims have no business in politics because their religion is one that advocates through Jihad forced conversation.  The people who practice Islam are a danger to America, and that Islam is a global threat to freedom. 

This article is long so I will with this.  Each of these perspectives has implications for Black Americans as a group.  Neither candidate believes in affirmative action or government intervention in issues of race inequality. Both hold strongly to the fact that the free market should be what drives American behavior.  Those concepts both have negative impacts on Black equality and correcting historical inequities. 

If I had to choose I would choose Ron Paul because the elimination of the war on drugs in and of itself would be of great benefit to the Black community.  But other than that, as an independent political pragmatist, I would have a hard time supporting either in a presidential election if they got that far.

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106 Responses to “Ron Paul & Herman Cain’s Different Philosophies…”
  1. John Smith says:

    You’re wrong about Ron Paul. Government treating people different according to the color of their skin only encourages people to think of groups differently.

  2. Wesley Adams says:

    This article is bias beyond belief. I swear, there is nowhere to get decent information these days.

  3. mrb Ohio says:

    Your interpretation of Mr. Cain’s statements on Muslims in government is very very wrong. He said he would only select them “with caution” to make sure that they were not “sleepers” . That is common sense. He by no means said they had no role in gov’t.

  4. JJW says:

    I think it was Nixon that declared war on drugs. From wikipedia:

    The term “War on Drugs” was first used by President Richard Nixon on June 17, 1971.

  5. AAAAANDRE says:

    If you are a disappointed Obama supporter you need to register NOW as a Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. (you can switch back after)

  6. Nrthms says:

    RonPaul2012. Com

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