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Ron Paul vs. Herman Cain vs. Barack Obama…

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( Who does the establishment fear more, Ron Paul or Herman Cain? The experts keep telling us neither can win. Are they right in their assumptions? And what exactly is the role of the “experts” in the electoral process? Do they explain political realities or do they shape them?

Political consultants are hired by campaigns to determine public opinion. They conduct polls to find out what the public thinks about the issues and their candidate. Using this info they package the candidate to perform better in later polling. Thus, political consultants determine public opinion in order to determine the public’s opinion. Knowledge is power. Once you know what the  public thinks, you know how to make the public think the way you want it to.

And so the question. Do polls reflect the actual preferences of the public or the preferences of the public as shaped by political consultants?

What are polls? Who makes them, and what do they tell us? Polls are conducted by the candidates, the networks, the newspapers, and various special interest groups. Each has a point of view, an agenda, an axe to grind. None are totally objective. All are slanted to some degree. If there is only one poll that matters, the one on Election Day, why then do we have the others?

People like to identify with a winner. It is human nature. So if you can get the public to think that your candidate is on top, even if they are not, that will boost their chances of actuallly winning. Polls attempt to become “self-fulfilling” prophecies, that is, predictions that become true simply because the prediction has been made. Look at how this dynamic works today.

Ron Paul, despite the fact that he generally appears third in the polls, is regularly dismissed out of hand by the experts, that is, people who write for newspapers, appear on news programs or who are political consultants. Herman Cain has consistently been rated by those in the know as “not having much of a chance.” They still say this even though he handily won the Florida straw poll beating all the others by a very wide margin, and despite the fact that the presumed front runner, Texas Governor Rick Perry, completely self-destructed in the last debate.

The treatment of Ron Paul and Herman Cain is similar to the treatment that Jesse Jackson received in 1984 and 1988. No matter how many primaries and caucuses he won, the experts, and even the newscasters, would always solemnly intone the mantra, “Of course we know Jesse Jackson cannot win.” Thereby implanting that idea in the minds of the electorate.

So who is going to win the nomination? I do not know. No one does. But here are some observations. The most active members of the Republican Party belong to the element known as the Tea Party. The Tea Party has consistently been called racist. Recently, Morgan Freeman made that charge. Herman Cain sharply countered him, and a few days later won the Florida straw poll. Whether as a direct response to charges of racism or not, the Tea Party support of Herman Cain does to some extent rebut the charges of bias. One can only wonder if this pattern will continue; charges of racism followed by increasing support for Cain. And will the ignoring and downgrading of Ron Paul’s standing effectively suppress his rise in the polls?  Time will tell.

When all is said and done, could we see a Ron Paul – Herman Cain ticket, with either at the top and the other in the VP spot? Yes, that is possible, no matter what the “experts” would have us think. Imagine that, Herman Cain vs. Barack Obama, Brother vs. Brother, a story as old as Cain and Abel. In the end, though, one thing’s sure. No one matter how much money is spent, by how many people to hire how many experts, we the people are ready, willing and able to think for ourselves. After all, is this not supposed to be a democracy?

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin

This talented author has just published a NEW book which is entitled; AFRICA is not A COUNTRY!.



41 Responses to “Ron Paul vs. Herman Cain vs. Barack Obama…”
  1. Kenneth says:

    Another great article, thanks.

    A few months ago I was getting real frustrated with the lack of MSM recognition of Dr. Paul and his views until i realized that no matter what those blowhards in the media say or don’t say it comes down to they, like myself, only get one vote.

    My vote….Ron Paul 2012.

  2. D.Ferreira says:

    I like what you have to say but this part ” After all, is this not supposed to be a democracy?”
    We’re a Republic.. Much better than a democracy..

  3. Arthur Lewin says:

    Tom Brown. Thank you. By the way, there is no color bar at All are welcome to contribute. Jump in. The water’s fine!

  4. Tom Brown says:

    This is a great article and I love the site. I would love to be a contributor but it looks like I am at a pigment disadvantage. Oh well, love the site and look forward to reading more articles on this site.

  5. Joseph C Johnson says:

    Ron Paul & Gary Johnson 2012!!!

  6. Joseph C Johnson says:

    Paul and Cain Presidency can never work!

    Ron Paul and Herman Cain will never be seen on the same ticket.

    I know this because Ron Paul’s most important issues always go back to how the Federal Reserve has unconstitutionally highjacked the United States.

    Herman Cain, unfortunately, used to be a Federal Reserve Chairmen.

  7. Joseph C Johnson says:

    Ron Paul and Herman Cain will never be seen on the same ticket.

    I know this because Ron Paul’s most important issues always go back to how the Federal Reserve has unconstitutionally highjacked the United States.

  8. Mary Saunders says:

    Glad to find this site. I searched polls Ron Paul Obama to find it. I am always looking for intelligent, third-party conversation about the candidates, with minimal poofy, useless name-calling.

    Even Ron Paul, whom I favor, doesn’t give me the whole picture I am looking for.

    I also encourage a look at Gary Johnson. My hope/prediction/visualization is some form of a Paul/Johnson ticket for the R’s. The electorate will then have a complete ticket for ending the crazy wars, including most especially the Prohibition one that is causing so much violence, as the last contorted Prohibition did.

    If Johnson were to be the POTUS candidate and Paul the VP, Paul would be over in the Senate raising Cain. But I don’t care who leads the ticket, I just want this ticket. We need the forensic auditors and then the clean-up crew. D.C. stinks to high heaven.

  9. A Paul-Cain ticket would be awesome! They really do have complementary skills – Paul as the scholar, Cain as the golden voice of persuasion. You all know Paul is my favorite, but I freely admit Cain is the better orator and the more photogenic personality. Also, I believe that if Paul became unable to fulfill his office, I honestly believe Cain, having spent time with Paul would be convinced of Paul’s plan and move forward to implement it.

    Why not the other way around? Well, Paul’s not doing this for Paul. He’s doing it for US. He’s given so much for America, I don’t think it would suit him to wait another eight years.

  10. John W says:

    I dont think Herman Cain is offering anything new or different. He’s no different than the rest of the pack. The ony one standing out is Ron Paul. Look around, in case you don’t realize it, America is in a real dier situation. The once great nation is getting close to bankruptcy and tyranny.

    The only person going to turn that around is Ron Paul… Ron Paul for 2012!!!

  11. Damon says:

    Bravo! An excellent article and I’m glad my research on Ron Paul led me to I will be adding you to my bookmarks of sane political websites. Both Cain and Paul would make excellent presidents but I don’t think they could ever be on the same ticket. As it has been stated, they’re ideals and voting records are on pretty opposite ends.

    I like Cain but think Paul has proven over decades that he is consistent and above being “bought”. Not saying Cain would sell out but that’s a LOT of power to wield. Ron Paul not only opted out of the Congressional pension program (because he thinks it unfair and illegal) but has stated on the record that one of the first things he’d do as President would be to DECREASE the amount of power the President has. The much power should ultimately go to a person that truly doesn’t want it… only a person of that moral caliber could be trusted with it.

  12. George says:

    It is great to see you guys covering Ron Paul. God bless.

  13. Vindex60 says:

    Seven differences between Ron Paul and Herman Cain: 1) Herman Cain supported TARP. Ron Paul does not support bailouts or “too big to fail” dogma 2) Herman Cain thinks auditing the Fed is a waste of time. Ron Paul demands an audit of the Fed. 3) Herman Cain said in 2006 there was no housing bubble and the media made it up because they don’t like Republicans. Ron Paul predicted for years the collapse of the housing bubble. 4) Herman Cain supports the Bush foreign policy of endless, unconstitutional, preemptive wars. Ron Paul believes in the principle of non intervention and constitutionally mandated war powers. 5) Herman Cain would continue the War on Drugs. Ron Paul would pardon all nonviolent drug offenders and let states design their own drug laws. 6) Herman Cain thinks 90% of the Patriot Act is “right on.” Ron Paul would repeal the Patriot Act. 7) Herman Cain thinks tax reform is the solution to the financial crisis. Ron Paul believes monetary policy, regulations, and “too big to fail” are where the boom-bust cycle comes from.

  14. Jeremy Giaco says:

    Thanks for the great article! I myself am a Ron Paul supporter, but the people want Ron Paul or Herman Cain. My problem with Cain is his defense of the Federal Reserve, and that is just the opposite of what i want in my next president.

  15. Alan says:

    Just a very quick answer to that last question:

    “After all, is this not supposed to be a democracy?”

    No, it isn’t. It is set up as a “republic”. Yeah, we use a democratic process during elections to choose representatives but that is as far as it goes…or at least, that is as far as it is supposed to go.

  16. Karizmata says:

    Ron Paul and Herman Cain would never be on one ticket, because they do not share the same values and vision for the economic future prosperity, ending the war on drugs, and the global war on terror. They are at opposite ends. The former head of a Fed Res is not interesting in helping Ron Paul. He wants to end his career.

  17. johneverymann says:

    Herman Cain is my 2nd pick. But Ron Paul is the only one with new ideas. Well not that new, seeing as he`s been saying them for 30 years. Just like Obama, Cain has not been in politics very long. So we really don`t have a record to go on. We do not know how consistent he would be if he made it into the white house. I`m just sick of having mass murderers for presidents. That`s not what i want, That`s not what most of America wants.

  18. Don WV says:

    DG, I always read thyblackman for the interesting articles, even if I am not black! LOL I usually just read and very rarely comment, but reading your post I had to take the time to give you my opinion. You stated that smaller government is not always better. The problem I see with this statement is if smaller government is all you can afford? Your list of likes of Ron Paul is missing one of the most important, monetary policy! If we do not stabilize our currency and soon, are country is doomed!

    Ron Paul wants to add two additional currencies to compete with the fed. This is like a safety net, it also gives people the choice to choose the most stable currency. Like you I do not agree with everything about Paul. I do not agree with his assumption that corporations can self regulate. But I do feel his other policies are worth it. I will support Ron Paul til the end because in my opinion there is no other candidates running! I voted for Obama last time, but….he is a horrible president!!! I tried to think of a better way to put that. The other Republican candidates is not electable in my opinion! They are waaaay to far to the right!!! Even Cain, I can’t vote for, as he is for more wars, more militarism! I wish we had the perfect candidate, but unfortunately we have to take what is available!

  19. DG says:

    @Chris, that is basically what I was getting at in the article that was just posted.

    @Sector-7, that is what I was saying about the “grand experiment”. It was an experiment, and it was new. So when folks tell me “constitution” I am like, yes it is a great organizing document but it is still a work in process. That is why they added things like the 14th amendment and it provided flexibility for interpretation. That is what makes it so strong.

  20. sector7 says:

    I’m listening and agreeing to a certain extent. You lose me with the argument, “…a philosophical position not based in statistical or historical fact.”, because before the US constitution was written, no society had the opportunity to implement a grand experiment such as ours.

    A case can be made that the grand experiment was going great until the creation of the Federal Reserve, which fostered greed and corruption from special interest groups, eventually leading us to the point we are at now. Why should we limit ourselves to be modeled after what has been done before? On the contrary, we should not. Those who have fought and died (all US veterans)for the cause of limited government and individual liberty (the principles our country was founded on),should be honored by its citizens through the process of cleaning up our government, setting it back on course, and setting a new example for the world to follow.

  21. Chris says:

    I think this article is interesting for a few reasons. However, I believe there are a few things which people need to start understanding.

    1. Ron Paul is actually in second now when you consider that Perry has not shown any evidence of organizational strength, grassroots support, having conservative principles, or having the ability to win in any state.

    2. The tea party has been hijacked by militaristic neocons that have used the ignorance of many of its participants to create an inherent contradiction. The contradiction is that tea party members now profess to be for limited government, yet many of them would have America spend trillions in foreign wars. These two ideas cannot be reconciled.

    3. Herman Cain is nothing like Ron Paul. He has shown no interest in reducing the size of the federal government. Please read about his 999 plan. It has the potential to change the tax codes and systems massively, but still generates massive income for the federal government. It simply shifts the type of taxes it uses to collect. It would likely have the consequence of massively reducing the creation of small businesses because of the massive sales tax burden it would place on the business and consumer. This is not a good idea. Many states already have high sales taxes. His ideas have the potential to drive up the costs of goods far more than they already are all across America.

    This is a particularly bad idea when we are currently experiencing a recession and the American public’s purchasing power has been massively reduced through the devaluation of our currency. Also, don’t forget that as a former chairman of a Federal Reserve Bank, Cain was instrumental in the creation of the very policies that have devalued our currency to the level it is now. Printing money is never a good policy. This is the exact opposite of what Ron Paul considers to be economically viable for this country, and he is correct.

    4. Ron Paul and Herman Cain will never occur. Sorry.

  22. DG says:

    Second to last paragraph the sentence should read “Do NOT necessarily go hand in hand either”

  23. DG says:

    Sector 7 and James. I have wrote pretty extensive arguments in the past against the libertarian philosophy as a means for correcting social injustice and historic injustice for Blacks on previous Ron Paul threads. I have an article coming out in here later comparing Paul and Cain’s political ideologies in a simple way.

    But simply because he has two points that make sense, doesn’t mean that his whole philosophy is sound when it comes to Black folks.

    Secondly, libertarianism isn’t constitutionalism, and there is much debate on what constitutionalism is anyway.

    In addition, I have been consistently arguing that smaller government does not logically necessitate that it is better government. Using the principle of reductionism that means no government is the best government. Do you all believe that?

    Some of the states rights arguments I agree with, but states rights bring in a whole separate set of issues, such as economic and population mobility.

    Libertarian, and right fiscal conservatism accepts as fundamental truth that the free market and limited government are inherently the best way to govern a society. That is a philosophical position not based in statistical or historical fact. Most governments are blended models some lean more towards government control, some less and each have varying degrees of positive and negative success. If you read about democracy and the theory behind it it recognizes that there is an inherent and consistent tension between democracy and capitalism, with capitalism (IE free market) having the ability to restrict and diminish democracy.

    Also, to me, there is a difference between the concept of fiscal restraint, and accountability and smaller government. These two do necessarily go hand in hand either, as fiscal responsibility could include the reallocation of funds to better programs and processes.

    So at the end of the day I would be more likely to vote for Ron Paul than a traditional conservative, and I don’t believe democrats have the answers, but none of them get the nation to where I would like it to be.

  24. whatever5678 says:

    I agree sector7. I, after investigating the candidates (particularly RP), determined that on economic views and foreign policy he is almost alone not only on the right but left too. I believe these two things are of paramount importance and overshadow his elimination of FEMA for instance (not immediately by the way!). To me, initially, it was about what the most important things I think we are faced with.

    Following the constitution not only when it is convenient but always, struck a tone with me in this political spectrum of constant flip-flopping and incremental reduction of our freedoms through govt. expansion. Key word btw is incremental.

    Besides he is all for the STATES RIGHTS to manage many of the elements he wants out of the fed gov (education for example). Just not having things not explicitly provided in the constitution to be managed by the fed govt.

    sorry went on a tangent there.

  25. jason says:

    No reason for the establishment to fear Herman Cain…he was board of directors at kansas fed.

  26. sector7 says:

    That’s a nice comment, DG, I applaud you for it. However, when it comes to being logical, your position is flawed. No other candidate is proposing adressing your 2 points, that are pretty significant I would say in steering us away from social injustice, infringment of personal choice, police corruption, support for drug cartel power/murder, and economic collapse. By not voting for Paul, you insure the continuation of those outcomes.

  27. DG says:

    The problem with Ron Paul is he is not a conservative. So from a national perspective he is still representing a third party and doesn’t fit the national model. I think that is why he is getting ignored.

    Now I don’t believe in libertarianism, so I don’t and won’t support Paul. But there are some key positions that he holds that I absolutely agree with.

    1) The elimination of the war on drugs and the reduction of the prison state
    2) The elimination of military interventionist policies

    In truth, I would like to see him get the nomination or at least more air time just to expose the US to a different political philosophy than the same ones that are constantly rammed down our throat.

  28. sector7 says:

    DG, I implore you to wake up.

  29. whatever5678 says:

    Good read. I think you articulated what I have felt for a number of years. The idea that the media helps in the self fullfilling prophecy of who they present as “electable” or not. although, it is entirely uncontrollable from their end. Like the weather reporter, we, as americans, love to have insight into what will happen before we get there. So, even if the media attempted to withold someone would break throug to make a prediction. Then it would be quick to resort to where things are now.

    The more important point is for, in this age of the internet, people to review and learn about candidates on their own. Allowing them to sift through fact from opinion. Having someone engage on a two way street of knowledge like we are doing here as opposed to hearing whatever bill o’reilly spurts out and assuming that is the end all be all on an issue.

    Herman cain has garnered some additional press, and rightly so to some degree. However, when compared to Ron Paul it doesn’t make sense. He was a fraction away in Iowa, won California straw poll, came in second in NH won a GA youth straw poll. I think there is one I am missing. very little noise about these things.

    I believe Ron Paul could take off if there is a little more coverage. his message is complicated (yet simple) and often involves deeper explanation, which is the challenge for his campaign. Must persist though.

    Ron Paul 2012
    The doorway to a more safe and prosperous future

  30. james says:

    um…cameras? Prisons?? sounds like the usa to me?? And, this “brother” remark is totally racist you moron. If I didnt think it would be racist as well to be embarrased for that dumb remark, I would be. Cain and Obama are from opposite ends of the spectrum. Can we please get over eugenics when compairing people. My God…

  31. DG says:

    Sector 7, we are not a totalitarian state. That is stupid. Have you been to a truly totalitarian state? When I was in Lithuania that showed us the gulags, the hidden prisons, the camera’s and mechanisms used to keep a totalitarian state. That kind of rhetoric is worthless in honest conversation.

  32. sector7 says:

    Steve, I would add: “supposed to be” a republic. The Republicrat duopoly has converted our republic into a totalitarian state, and the people are oblivious.

  33. freedom says:

    Yes Most polls make me wonder, but I did see a New Harris Poll which has Ron up by 3 points over Barry/Obama Romney over by 5 points. Cain? looks to be not competitive with obama according to this poll.

    This shows that the messages of both of these men seems to draw in others (independents) who are not beholding to party right and party left.

    So while those ignorant of American history and the precepts of the Declaration of Independence use drivel comments like “loon and crazy” the facts are creeping up that freedom is popular

    “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” Jefferson

  34. DG says:

    Steve, we are a democratic republic. Republics are a form of democracy.

  35. Henry Cameron says:

    I liked your observations about polling, and I agree that it doesn’t seem like a particularly productive way of selecting a candidate. The idea that people don’t select a candidate who is right, but rather a candidate who they think will win, is baffling to me.

    As for the Paul/Cain ticket, that might make for some awkward campaign bus conversation when Cain mentions to Paul about how he was the chairman of the Federal Reserve branch in Kansas city haha

  36. DG says:

    Good article. I am writing a follow up now.

  37. Amagi2113 says:

    “Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either [aristocracy or monarchy]. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”
    John Adams
    Democracy leaves the option open for horrible things like slavery( which was not legal at the begining of the country), where as the first slave in a merica was owned by a Black American. Im sorry that we have fallen so far from our core values and princibles, however the constitution according to Fredrick Douglas “In that instrument I hold there is no warrant, license, nor sanction of the hateful thing; but, interpreted as it ought to be interpreted, the constitution is a GLORIOUS LIBERTY DOCUMENT.”
    If we just get back to the consitution we will have to stand up for whats right and be personally responsible for our own actions, but we will be free again and would have put the chains back where they belong, on the government!

  38. A. Goldstein says:

    Of course the Tea Party is not racist. There’s never been any evidence of that — just look at video of their rallies. (A more polite rally there never was.) Morgan Freeman is racist.

    …Besides, why would anyone take what Morgan Freeman says with anything other than a large grain of salt? He’s even personally disgusting… Google “Morgan Freeman granddaughter” and you’ll see what I mean.

  39. TLR says:

    Thank you. I think Herman Cain has good ideas, but the overall candidate for me is Ron Paul. His ideas aren’t as radical as they sound. They are simple and do-able.

  40. Steve Teters says:

    Good article, but I would point out in answer to your question at the end, no we are not suppose to be a democracy, we are a Republic.


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