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Black ‘Youth mob’ attacks in Milwaukee brings summer fun to a halt…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Well, the show must go on. Subsequently, several local and state law enforcement agencies are beefing up their security measures at public functions to ensure the safety of patrons and visitors attending annual summer events in the City of Festivals. These additional efforts are being implemented in response to a series of incidents involving ‘mobs’ of young African Americans joining together in unruly and unlawful behavior. Reported crimes include physical assaults on fellow youth and innocent bystanders, damage to private homes and businesses, looting and allegations of potentially racially motivated attacks against white citizens. The most recent event occurred Thursday night at the Wisconsin State Fair Park, causing many   officials to say enough is enough. On Friday, Gov. Scott Walker dispatched State Patrol officers to assist with maintaining safety at the Fair. Many teens now gather together by tweeting and using social media, or are able to generate QR code about events prior to going that they can scan on their phones.

The string of incidents couldn’t have occurred in a more racially sensitive area-with Milwaukee being the most segregated metropolitan area in the nation. One report claims “Hundreds of young people left the fairgrounds and made their way down 84th Street and the surrounding neighborhoods, smashing car windows, throwing rocks and beating people who were leaving the fair.” Reports of this latest incident would cause none of typical anxieties, often felt throughout the African American community like a shockwave, upon hearing the reports of a major crime-‘hoping that wasn’t one of us’. This time, the news was like déjà vu, adding new life to the July 3rd incident, which took place in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood and characterized by Police Chief Ed Flynn as “barbaric”. There was no speculation needed, in regards to the racial and age makeup of those behind the State Fair incident-young African Americans.

Undoubtedly, these incidents perpetuate the most negative stereotypes about African Americans and there is no justification for the reckless and unlawful conduct by this small segment of the community. In several press conferences following the incident, African American officials- including Common Council President Willie Hines and local NAACP Branch President Atty. James Hall, Jr. have called for the full prosecution of those individuals found responsible for any possible hate crimes against white citizens. For now, other city officials are understandably being tightlipped on their beliefs about the potential of the existence of hate crimes.

Other community leaders are renewing calls for the community to increase their efforts toward fighting some of the contributing causes of the out of control behavior of some of the African American youth in the area-namely the historic disparities in education, incarceration rates, single parent homes, and unemployment. When asked for his reaction, during a phone interview, community leader Jeffery Roman-Planning Officer for the Milwaukee Development Group- characterized the behavior of the youth last Thursday as “culture shock, resulting from a generation of youth who did not inherent a consistent set of values and other resources from our previous generations”. Roman added that, “What you see are the behaviors of young people who haven’t had enough access to opportunities. Youth are essentially out here fending for themselves, because our senior leaders have turned their backs on us.” He suggests that African American men in the community need to all come together and develop of cultural movement, of which the youth can look to for strong role models and leadership. He also noted that the African American community in Milwaukee should start holding accountable those leaders who get into positions of power then proceed with ‘business as usual and merely holding a title’.

Access to opportunities is certainly a catalyst to a productive adulthood for all youth. That is precisely why it’s essential that we don’t allow the behaviors of a few to ruin access for everyone else. Nevertheless, the State Fair incident immediately prompted an adult-accompany policy effective at 5pm everyday for the remaining schedule of the Fair. Additional measures will also be implemented at the African World Festival, the one-day event occurring today-Saturday, August 6. While the measures are intended to ensure attendees that they are free to enjoy themselves and the festivals, the extra measures further perpetuates the stereotype that African Americans cannot peacefully assemble without incident or the assistance of a designated security force. Thus, African Americans must collectively be out in front at events and functions where our youth plan to gather, and demonstrate the appropriate example of public behavior and be prepared to immediately mediate any potential incidents involving our youth.

Video Here; http://www.fox6now.com/videobeta/c3396404-051a-431e-b3e3-8c614cf71b0a/News/RAW-VIDEO-Cell-phone-video-of-State-Fair-midway-incident

Staff Writer; Joe Kellam

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25 Responses to “Black ‘Youth mob’ attacks in Milwaukee brings summer fun to a halt…”
  1. sankofa says:

    Didn’t have to read much of the response to over stand what they would be and the hint of coloration there in. A great man once said of an incident in 1960.

    “chickens coming home to roost”. When Caucasian youth act barbaric, there is less outcry than when African youth do. Young Caucasian mobs, less outcry, no chicken little’s running around screaming the sky is falling. Young African mobs, well….

    “Chickens come home to roost”… but y’all putting band aid on the gunshot and killing the effects and not the cause, even while the KKK disguised as the tea party, continue to set an example for the high tech lynching of Obama. I guess that secret service guy who had a wet dream of killing Michelle, can sleep tight knowing that this corporation called America Inc. will never be saved from the hell it is going to.

  2. Lee Ann says:

    Great article and packed with info. And to poster JJ, you rock. However, if this was to happen to me, i have had a concealed/carry for over a decade now and would not HESITATE to use it. And i know HOW to use it and am a good shot and would NOT aim to “injure”. My husband, father (who is now retired), and and brother are all police officers, so i have been taught, and still taught, by 3 of the best. Plus i practice a lot. I always have my hand at the ready, so to speak, when leaving somewhere, especially at night. Had i have been there, i would have taken out or seriously injured some of those thugs, black or white. I may have been hurt in the process, but it sure as heck would have leveled the playing field. I do not advocate violence, but I am in no way going to be a victim and would not have thought for a moment about pulling the trigger on one of those little black (or white) thugs and with no guilt of remorse what-so-ever. It is bound to happen, i am sure it already has, that some little thug from the hood is going to mess with the wrong person, black or white, and buy him/herself a face full of bullets and and get what they deserve and meet their maker. And no, I am not from Texas either. But i am white. There is an old saying: “Better to be tried by 12, than carried by six.” Of course in cases like these which would clearly be self-defense, i doubt it would get anywhere near a trial. Maybe at most if your gun was not registered or legal. That’s about it.

  3. Broncswon says:

    If this is not prosecuted as a hate crime it will be a travesty! How could this not be a hate crime when the little punk said they were targeting whites because they are easy targets. Give them all guns and let them kill each other….in fact maybe we should give them all shooting lessons and gun handling education so they are more accurate when shooting at each other and not kill innocent by standers.

  4. cletis bermuda says:

    This is why it is so important for us to continue to have our right to bear arms…..thats why we don’t have these problems in texas

  5. Joe says:

    I thank everyone for being respectful. Over the past several days, I’ve been burning the midnight oil, working with leaders from every level in the Black community to address ALL of the conditions surrounding these circumstances and immediately begin to take more effective approaches to deal with these root causes. There will also be efforts to reach out to our brothers and sisters from all walks of life to deal with these issues together as a community.

    God Bless

  6. milesaugust says:

    Goodbye civilization, how depressing. The 60’s peace and love generation was for nothing. Civil rights was for nothing. Black president was for nothing. If people don’t have personal values and stand for something, all is lost. Not to mention my trip to England in November is now tainted by the realization that they are as stupid as we are. Maybe stupider. Oh yean, and f___ social media, what a disaster.

  7. neparms says:

    I am white (caucasian) and thank you for covering the story the way you do.
    If someone like you would go on a ain news program (I dont watch a lot of news so if you already did ..) and explain the views expressed above more “white people” could see that the values of Whites and Blacks are not that much different/ pretty much the same. Some white people will here about these riots and believe that “All Black’s are out to get us”.

    Wrong is wrong no matter what the color. Ironic its being ignored by the general “mainstream media”, but here on ThyBlackMan is being covered unfiltered , the way it is.
    All media should cover events as is and not be afraid to tell it the way it is.

  8. ERIC says:

    Perhaps if you had everyone carrying concealed weapons permits and Glocks several of these hoodlums would have been killed. Then would the headlilnes read “several mob members killed by inncoent bystanders that were threatening harm to them?” Where is all the medial attention this deserves. What is our society coming too. This kind of anti-social behavior won’t happen here in South Carolina as folks here carry weapons to protect themselves. They might get me but I know I could take out at least 6-10 of them before I fall and wit only 7 or 8 more like minded folks we could eliminate the whole lot of them.. Black or white this tyoe of antisocial “wildin” must be stopped. They need to get the videos I know they have in this area arrest these folks and string them up in public.

  9. joshua says:

    I always see alot of finger pointing at fathers when it comes to young black males or black kids period. Well while we are pointing the finger lets talk about the large group of females that fly around the states in an attempt to get knocked up by an athlete or entertainer (their only goal in life) or the mothers that are only old enough to buy a pack of cigarettes and would rather taste menthol then take care or their child.

    It’s plenty of instances where the mother fails here children and the father can only sit back and watch. There are alot more fathers that don’t get an opportunity to raise their child only because the mother doesn’t allow the child to see their father and visa versa.

    What happened to, “It takes a Village to raise a Child”….? Well too many young parents think they are grown enough to raise their own child. Especially young women….I run into more young mothers that think their child is all gold and can do no wrong. While their is an alarming rate of single parent homes lets take a look at the entire picture instead of the age old “Well his daddy isn’t their?” scapegoat crap that is consistently spewed out by the media and our own community. Lets talk about the women that obviously would rather chose a drug dealer or just straight up criminal over the hard-working construction worker. Yea, lets talk about that. Seriously people open your minds.

  10. JJ says:


    I have to say that the ignorance of some of these posters is astounding.

    Genetics? Savages?

    Please learn your history somewhere other than the textbooks they give to you in high school.

    This isn’t an issue of genetics. This isn’t an issue of savagery. This is an issue of an oppressed people, who have been oppressed in this country since slavery, not knowing who to strike out at. So instead of striking out at the government, the police, and all the other forms of oppression they strike out at innocent people.

    This is an issue of class warfare. I think the only thing these young people need is direction and education. They need to limit their violence against those who are innocent, and bring it full front to those rich, powerful white males that dominate politics (shhhh, Obama is just a puppet), money, power, and land.

    “White youth” would act exactly the same way if they grew up in ghetto where the government gave crack and guns to them in order to further oppress a population that they deemed dangerous. Where the music industry furthers the stereotypes of angry, violent “white” men in order to keep the populace “savage.”

    You all need stop following yor left/right/center political beliefs and learn for youself the science of and history of life. Stop being ignorant of the power structure and how it brain washes youth and especially the oppressed, to act a certain way and then be shocked when they do.

    PS: For one of the arguments of genetics please show me proof. I have a masters degree in Biological Human Genetics and despite your claims to the contrary it is more “nurture” than “nature” that turns one violent. Read some books that aren’t so “left/right” centric and understand yor own body and your own world.

  11. bunit says:

    i come from Africa..i mean my family immigrated here from South Africa when i was 10. im white/cuban (odd i know coming fro s Africa) my point is im an African American. the people who did this are black Americans or just Americans as i like to call them… is it me or is this case of political correctness incorrect? what happend at the fair is going to set us all back 50 years…or more

  12. GuyNextDoor says:

    Unfortunately an event like this will someday end with a new story such as “Man uses deadly force and guns down multiple attackers during mob riot.”

    Who are we going to blame if the shooter is white and the mob is black? Not good.

  13. Bill Waters says:


    “Black Racism: The Hate That Dare Not Speak Its Name” By: Ying Ma
    FrontPageMagazine.com | Sunday, November 01, 1998

    Note that after author Ying Ma wrote her essay on being victimized by black racism, she was herself accused of being a racist. That’s how America works in our era.

  14. JTW says:

    The other news story is that the hypocritical liberal media is ignoring this entirely. Just go to google news and search for news stories on Milwaukee state fair. You’ll see the lack of coverage.

    Before long, the whole thing will be squelched, just like “beat whitey night” at the Iowa State Fair. Just as the racial angle of the black-on-white attacks in Philadelphia is squelched while those attacks are called “random”.

    Then next we’ll hear how those oppressed thugs need community centers built for them so they won’t commit violent crimes. It’s society’s fault.

    The odds of hate crimes charges are zero, not in our reverse-racist country.

  15. Rich says:

    The solution to these problems is to top having children. No kids, no riots. What type of future can these little idiots have, anyway?
    I would take away welfare and instead give $2,000 to each and every person who agrees to be sterilized. That way, the world would never have to worry about reproduction from morons in the first place. Do not give people incentives to have a lot of children.

    If that were implemented, every crack-ho would be in line for a free sterilization and they could receive the $2,000 after they had healed enough to be able to go to their local crack dealer and buy 40 hits for their next orgy-party.

    And the reason racism exists is because of such actions. The fruit never falls far from the tree, and soon we’ll have worse, I think. People can’t even get the money to eat these days, let alone to blow for some smoke.

    But it’s not the color which determines the racist word. It’s the ACTION. A kike is not every Jew, just the greasy ones who cause crime. It’s the same with white trash, or any other group. It’s not about describing an entire RACE, but rather the undesirables of ANY race.

  16. Pankaja says:

    There are things that can be done at the political, social, and cultural levels to combat the problems with the lower class.

    However, I’d argue that the root of the issue is genetics. If you read twin and adoption research, that really separates the effects of environment from the effects of genetics, you can see a significant casual impact of genes. I’d also argue many undesirable traits are outbreeding desirable traits, and this is obviously completely across ethnic boundaries (responsible black families have very few children, while the completely irresponsible have many).

    My favored solution is genetic engineering: give people who want better lives the real tools to achieve them! It’s the perfect happy, win-win solution.

  17. SM says:

    Mr Unite, unfortunately, the Vancouver riots was a lot of idiots raging against anyone/everything in the area. It got a very lot of press, but I don’t think race played a part in the situation. After the fair in Milwaukee, the violence was (from what I’ve read) a small amount of black-on-black fighting followed by prolonged black-on-white attacks.

    Vancouver riot = idiots & vandals. Milwaukee incident = hate-crimes & racism.

  18. MrUniteUs says:

    Photos: Riots, fire, destruction after Vancouver’s loss


    In reporting and articles about the riots that took place in the Vancouver the the word white was not mentioned.

    Why the double standard.

  19. Ed says:

    Why is this a “news” story? There is nothing new here, move along and continue pretending it is something other then what it is — our of control, young black savages who were predominantly raised by single mothers on government assistance. Who is responsible: 1) The Black Community and 2) Democrat politicians coddling to their most loyal voters.

    No real personal responsibility being taught or expected in the general black community.

  20. Ron Wagner says:

    I don’t think this rioting got much coverage at all. The politically correct media do not want this to come out. Well thanks to the Drudgereport it did. These were black on white hate crimes. If it had been the reverse it would have been all over the media. I will be less likely to continue visiting Milwaukee. Multiply that times many thousands. This will not help anyone. Milwaukee is a beautiful city. These youths are ungrateful for all the blessings they have been given. If this continues it will spark a reaction that no one wants.

  21. ciosafeteam says:

    (community leader Jeffery Roman-Planning Officer for the Milwaukee Development Group- characterized the behavior of the youth last Thursday as “culture shock, resulting from a generation of youth who did not inherent a consistent set of values and other resources from our previous generations”)

    MSNBC 11/2010 http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39993685/ns/health-womens_health/t/blacks-struggle-percent-unwed-mothers-rate/

    To understand why all of this is occurring is not rocket science any more. 73% of all black children today are born out-of-wedlock without an actively engaged father or father-figure in their life to support and guide them side by side with their mother.

    Dads, you have a huge role to play in the raising of a child. When you do not take responsiblity for your role, the statistics do NOT lie: http://www.fatherhood.org/media/consequences-of-father-absence-statistics

  22. Alan says:

    Well said. The story isn’t even being mentioned on CNN. And the lack of commentary by prominent civil rights leaders (at this point) is disappointing, to say the least.

    This event will only bring further attention to the disparity in violent crime rates. It’s time this sort of hate crime is recognized (there has been a double-standard in recent years)…it happens A LOT more than is reported. This event was simply big enough to finally get some attention to the issue.

  23. BK says:

    Since David Clark won’t tolerate this crap along the lake front these folks have gone inland. They demonstrate every time that many,not all, are hoodlums looking for a reason to riot.

  24. SM says:

    Have Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton called for a boycott, or march, on Milwaukee to protest this wave of hate and violence?


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