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Why I’m Not A Black Conservative…

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( THE TOP REASON WHY I’M NOT A BLACK CONSERVATIVE has nothing to do with opposing personal responsibility or private sector initiatives, two points I practice and promote. I don’t buy the fiction that only this side of the aisle has a monopoly on these values.
Conservatism has always been White nationalism, plain and simple.
Since Obama it’s White nationalism without prozac.
The good conservatives I know never seem to be the type at the movement’s higher echelon. Now it even has a smattering of other folks forming a reliable non-White Amen corner to soften its image.
White nationalism assigns folks like me eternal junior partner status so long as we repeat by rote only its tenets and distance ourselves from a strongly  opposed community. Books; speeches; and ” favored few ” slots on FOX NEWS await those willing to tow the White nationalist line while Black.
While a proponent of Black bipartisanship I draw the line at robotic support of either party. I see precious little deviation from what these brothers and sisters offer and stuffy people from across town.
I see them faithfully serving White nationalism but doing little in their community.
THE NEXT REASON WHY I’M NOT A BLACK CONSERVATIVE is an aversion to Christo-facism, the right wing brand of politicized religiosity that as infected some on my side of the tracks.
Islam is evil according to these bigots and any of its American adherents automatically assigned second class status. Black Conservatives talk alot of Jesus but very little justice when it comes to police bruality; racial profiling or religious freedom.
Its stranglehold on the ( not so good ) ol days and overlooking America’s socialist-lite economy prove it’s on life support and needs the proverbial plug pulled.
Claiming American exceptionalism while overlooking exceptional wrong doing within its institutions is out of step with progress. Having seen the back hand of the Republic I can’t then join in patting it on its back.
We need Black bipartisanship. We also need Black conservatives who aren’t afraid to tell their White brethern when they’re being racist or arrogant.
Since sudden reversal of these three reasons is unlikely, I cannot now nor ever consider myself a Black conservative. I’m my own man; I’m not Christian and I don’t see conservatism as the cure for America’s ills, where would I fit in?
I believe in faith; family; private solutions; support the 2nd Amendment and limited government.
Just not the brand Black conservatives endorse.
That’s why I’m not one.

Written By Nadra Enzi

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2 Responses to “Why I’m Not A Black Conservative…”
  1. xOdemon says:

    Check out A user on Feb named mrenigmatic opinion. He spews venom and says that the n-gger class has to be killed off.he’s black

  2. Desmond says:

    This was so on point a laser beam couldn’t compete.

    Great article.

    Im so tired of the Black conservatives mouthing empty abstraction just to please the crowd. These dudes and dudettes are nothing but the flip side of the same coin as their liberal counterparts. Turns out they take money(Armstrong Williams) and just as immoral in some cases(Clarence Thomas).

    Black people don’t need to be loyal to any party, ideology, or person. Just platform that serves our self interest.

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